I like a good pen. I like the the Pilot G-2’s. Maybe its the gel ink that makes it glide or feel smooth. Some pens feel to scratchy or stiff, some just aren’t comfortable. I think there are a bunch of us who are suckers for a good pen and paper.  Anyway I know I am. Even the Dollar store has some good pens. Its the feel of when writing that makes it a good pen or an okay pen. I think I’ve only tried the top 2 pens listed below. I tried a sharpie once, not this one in the picture but it felt scratchy when writing. I only use it to address packages or do labels.


I hate loosing a good pen. Ain’t it the one you really like is the one you misplace or someone walks off with it, or the kids! LOL


I have a lot of pens. Yet when I really need one I can’t find it. I once had 5 or 6 pens in my purse and now it down to two. Where did the rest go, they ran away, what?

I have a bunch of Papermate color pens I really like. I use the pink & purple like I would a highlighter. Then I still highlight and it looks prettier. LOL I always buy purple ink pens and someone keeps kakaroaching’um. 🙂 I think its Ms Mo’opuna.


I need to hand write more. Using the computer so much, I don’t hand write as much and when I do dang it there’s no backspace. It comes out all scratched out X-ed out. I like days when I’m hand writing and comes out with out scratching out words. LOL I never cared for my handwriting, always thought it was on the messy side. It’s big and round like me, oh it is me. Then I look at my #2’s handwriting and dang did I write that. We have pretty much the same handwriting. My #1’s handwriting is very neat and legible and if she prints it looks like typing. Disgusting. Even her signature was so precise looking it was easy to forge, if you have the patience to write that neat. She finally figured out to do a more messy signature. But I digress….

I am always on the look out for a good pen.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono