Good At Nothing

I’m really good at doing nothing. I’m just one of those people that can just chill or fall a sleep or zone out watching a K-Drama. LOL

I can go on and on saying nothing.  🙂 Sometimes words get in the way right? Some people just have to talk and talk and talk. I can do that too. But I do silence too.

My kids think its weird that I can stay home and not have music or TV or nothing on. I can just read or sew without background noise. I think because there is a lot of noise in my head and I’m listening to me go on and on about nothing. LOL I guess I can be weird like that too.

I like silence is public places. Which is rare because if its public there’s a whole lot of other peoples around. I like to go to the beach at 6 or 7 in the morning and sit and read a book or just stare at the ocean. I suppose that’s also called meditating. I just like to sit and listen. Usually within an hour or so the public shows up and the noise levels go up and become distracting and that’s like a signal to go eat or go to the mall. If I’m gonna be around people and noise, it may as well be at the mall.

Once I was sitting at Sunset Beach at 7am. Nobody around. A person and a dog walking down the beach. I was sitting there contemplating nothing and a stretch limo pulled up. A couple and their 3 kids, came out, walked to the edge of the water, snapped photos. Then headed back into the limo, I’m assuming to continue their tour.

I thought it was strange, they didn’t even touch the water. Didn’t even make the sign of the cross with the water. LOL How non-practicing Catholic, am I? It was like whats the point, why even come. In a limo no less, taking up space and just taking pictures. You could have just googled it. Pinterest. You’ll find pictures of Sunset Beach. I think the family was there for 10 minutes, give or take some. They just interrupted  MY nothing time. 🙂

I always tell myself I’m going to write when I’m at the beach. I bring a journal and don’t even touch it. I think I’m afraid I’d write too much truth for myself to handle, I would just interrupt my nothing time cause Lord knows I be writing a whole lot of something, right?

I like to go to botanical gardens when they first open. There will always be a few early birds but not a whole lot. The last time I went to a Botanical Garden there was hardly anyone there but within the hour it was bustling. I was on one side of a path and on the other side of the path I heard this big booming voice scolding his wife: GAWDdammit  don’t tell me you’re gonna take a picture of every frking plant in this place! I didn’t hear her answer but I did say YES out loud. But yeah having to listen or hear the public in public places can be a killjoy sometimes.

A lot of people don’t know how to do nothing. They don’t know how to say nothing. They have to go on and on about whatever there is, and if there’s nothing they would go on and on about there being nothing to go on an on about. Again whats the point? To listen to yourself speak? Sometimes I don’t mind listening to trivial play by play but a lot of times I’m thinking, how polite I am to listen to this ranting and raving and next thing you know, I’m sucked in to doing the same thing. Just contributing to the noise level.  LOL

Well, NOTHING is calling my name I must stop this clattering on the keyboard and listen to the nothingness of life.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


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