I don’t usually write review but I usually read them. In this day of Google and Yelp its just what I do.

So I had this “incident” where my phone became possessed. Of course it starts after an update. First it told me it couldn’t update, fine. Then I got these bullseye target looking icons instead of the app icon, then my contact list was wiped out. WTH I only knew it was wiped out because when I went to text, there was no pics just phone numbers. What? Whose numbers is this? So I went to 3 AT&T stores and 2 Apple stores!

I know. Cause like my son explained it to me; “MOM you’re not a bitch enough, if they can’t help you ask for the supervisor.” When I know someone is not going to help me. I walk away, because I can feel their uglyass badjuju vibes. You know what I mean? Confrontation just transfers their uglyass attitude to me, I don’t need that.


So anyways, I learned AT&T people know they don’t know. But they’re helpful as hell when you want to BUY something. Apple store employees – hit or miss. I just showed the Apple store guy my phone screen, he saw all the bullseye icons; he said “Oh you need to call Apple Care.” He proceeded to put the phone # in my phone. He handed me the phone. I looked at the contact list. Blank. I showed it to him. “Oh yeah Apple Care can help you because they have the tools.” As he turned & went to the next customer.

Ok call me retarded, but the people on the phone can help me better then the human in front of me who has the phone in his hands? Not! I walked away from the uglyass badjuju vibes.  My phone at this point was still functional, I could call, people could call & I could text, they could text me back. But since there was an AT&T store in the mall also, I went there. Maybe there’s a smarter person there. Wrong. Person powered off my phone and pau! It would not come on anymore. He’s like “yeah you’re gonna have to go to the Apple Store.” Which I did not tell him I just came from there. Because I’m not bitchful enough. LOL

I go home and call Apple Care (with my son’s phone). So I tell Apple Care the issues, we go back & forth about what to do. Which basically is NOTHING because at this point all I get is a white screen & an Apple. Apple Care says: “You need to take this to an Apple Store they can run diagnostics.” Well duh? I told him I just came from one and they told me to call you. He was like they should have run diagnostics there. Thank you, you need to teach your Apple Store employees some customer service.  He tells me he’ll make an appointment for me and can go into the store tomorrow, July 4th. Ok fine, but not the store I went to, I want the other store. Fine.

In the mean time, I go online and read reviews of the Apple Stores. Wellcrap, I’m gonna be in for a long afternoon. Both stores had sorryass stories like mines. A lot of rants about these frkng kids blah blah blah. Sad really. One even had a picture of about 6-7 EMPLOYEES standing around talking to one another, not a one helping customers in the store. But really it was 50-50. They either got praised up and down they are the best OR I will never go to that store again, they suck!

I go to my appointment, with backup. My son came with me cause I’m not bitchful enough. LOL Anyway I lucked out because I got the bestest good nerd kid who knows customer service, in other words he treats people like he wants to be treated and explains stuff in “normal” terminology. So the kid tells me; let me run these diagnostics and there are three scenarios that can happen. One, everything just reboots & your’re good to go; 2) it will reboot but it will wipe what you have in here and 3) we won’t talk about 3  unless we have to.

I say, its still under warranty and I’m good with getting another phone. He laughs, that’s 3. He works his magic, wha-lah; here’s your phone, I think you are good to go. I look at the phone and open the contacts and its blank. I show it to him and he says, ok I need to work on it more. He runs more test blah blah blah. Something is wrong with your modem, I’ll get you a new phone. Done!

It took an hour and a half or less. But we had fun shooting the breeze. Making small talk. He said something about raising the phone up from the dead, like a phoenix. I asked, what sound does a phoenix make? My son, “ka kaw ka kaw” I looked at him  and was like, “I think that’s Rio, a McKaw.”  We were all cracking up.

Needless to say I had a good customer relations experience with Sean at the Apple Store. I should write him a good review.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono