I’m not in the mood. Whatever mood that I’m suppose to be in? Just not feeling it. What ever IT is?

Mood. Moody. Moodful. Okay, MoodLess!

Lethargic maybe? No I have energy. Energy to do what I’m not suppose to be doing. Energy to do other then what I am doing. 🙂


Yeah no mixing bad words with bad moods. And its not so much bad as it is, maybe INDIFFERENT. You know when you do what you gotta do, but thats not what you want to be doing, but you gotta cause that is how it works. That kind of yeah I’m doing it but if I had other choices, other would win. LOL

You know how you are driving to your destination and before getting there, you think and go, wait let me go here first and you go there. That’s where I’m at today. Not at my destination but at where ever I’ve been distracted to.


Maybe I was thinking too much. I shouldn’t think. I should just do. Too many times I do what I shouldn’t though.  LOL What can I say, hormonal imbalance? More like just, unbalanced!

Ok going to do what I gotta do because I ain’t suppose to be doing what I want to do right now.





Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono