Lawyering Up

I don’t have. A lawyer. I know a few. They have their own jargon and can talk circles around circles. Do I want to listen to that. No.

But they are interesting because they know all the good words. Kind of sort of.

I took a law class once. Torts. I learned I can write it but I can’t talk it. Who talks like that? Lawyers! 🙂

Case in point; aggravated assault. Isn’t all assault aggravating? As if there is good assault and worst assault. An assault is assault, right? Lawyer dudes will argue it huh? Speaking of arguing; if you can’t argue you can’t be a lawyer. They do argue well. Irritating well a lot of times. We should all practice our arguing, so we can end the conversation with: I REST MY CASE!

But anyway I noticed Junior is lawyering up. The way I read it, “these people” are not smart enough to go up against the KGB. LOL That’s my opinion. I read an article that went one way and another article that went the other way and I was like: He said, she said and HE ain’t smart enough. So he brings in a lawyer that’s defended the mob which just raises more red flags.  I read into it, Russian Mafia but I think it was Italian. I just inject my own craziness. And you know truth, is stranger than fiction; so you can’t make a lot of this shit up. I expect the obvious may start to happen like in Russia, people start getting into accidents. Sad that we are even reading these political dramas.

Myself, I’m still waiting on tax returns.  I’m still waiting on  golden shower videos. Maybe all this stuff is to distract us from tax returns & golden shower videos. Okay so  I don’t really want to watch the videos but if they exist it will be posted on Facebook and yeah I will end up watching it.


Be Blessed (\O/)

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