Old Friends

I have some old friends. Like older than me friends. LOL  Just had to throw that out there.

I have many childhood friends. Like elementary school friends from the old village that has become a vague memory in history but when we get together it comes alive in our talking story. The innocence we remember and laugh over. Classmates who still look like my classmates and not the adult that they have become. 🙂 We all age differently and to see a classmate who still looks exactly like our high school annual picture, its kinda like wow. Especially since its been decades. And I do mean decades, many decades. LOL


I have my class photos from 1st grade to 8th grade. Its hard to believe that we have all grown up.  Back in those days I thought old meant 30. 30 years old was old and then you die. Now its like, Okay NOBODY dies, I hate the thought of friends dying. I’ve had more then a few  pass away and I will cry if I think about them. I’ve always had the thought that “I’m suppose to go first, it was suppose to be me; not them.”

I’ve lived in several places and every where I’ve lived I’ve made lifelong friends. The Internet and Facebook has made it simple to reconnect. Assuming they choose to use the computer. I say that because I have a few friend who have gotten off the grid of FB and I commend then. More time for real things right. But the Internet has kept me in touch with friends I would other wise not be in contact with. Who still does pen pals? Well, I do; kind of, if you snail mail me, I will snail mail you. 🙂 I love getting mail that is not asking me for money.


Friendships are precious. I don’t always appreciate them as much as I should. I kind of take it for granted sometimes. Bad friend! But life works like that ain’t it? A lot of attention, not so much, a little less, loose track, I wonder it they’re alive, reconnect, OH there you are!


There are a few people who are high maintenance types. The ones that expect things of you or demands, I mean ask you favors and only know you well when they want something. We all have one or two, who are not family. LOL Gladly they are few and far between.

Cheers! To all my good friends, OLD friends, older friends, classmates and acquaintenses; I would not be who I am with out you. Especially in the prayter realm, y’all have been precious. I thank you for being there, for being here, for being my friend.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



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