Fake Reverse Parking

I am the first to admit I suck at parking. I suck even more at reversing into a parking space. I’m okay with nobody parked on both sides, but I have no confidence if there are two cars on both sides. Or even one for that matter.

I come from a state that people generally reverse park. I in general don’t reverse park in because I’m afraid I hit the other cars. My sister always nags when I’m parking, “reverse park, reverse park” and I always tell her I don’t know how when there are cars on both sides. It freaks me out, so I don’t do it.

One day we she was nagging me as we drove thru a parking lot looking for a space; “reverse park, reverse park!” Soooo I turned into a parking space where there were no cars at all and I pulled all the way into the front unoccupied spot. “There! Fake Reverse Parking! you happy now!”  LOL We spent about 5 minutes just cracking up laughing.

I did my fake reverse parking this morning. I started laughing…..   🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

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