Little Vacation

We left of Tuesday and was back on Saturday. We got this trip down to a science. Leave at 6am and at our destination at midnight. Give or take some.

Went to visit the Grandsons, ages 6 & 3. Fun age. Most of the time. As long as they’re not throwing a hissy fit or whining. I have a whiner Grandson. He cracks me up. I just laugh at him. The he says to:  ‘Quit being hilarious to me.’ 🙂  And I crack up more, so of course he has to tell his mom. And she cracks up. So we are cracking up except him, who says “you guys are being hilarious to me.”  LOL YES we are.

Its time away from work, so its a vacation. My children have traveled AZ to OK all their lives.  They know I-40. Most of our vacations, springbreak & Christmas break was to Grandma’s. As adults now they can do the drive like its going to work.


The reality of vacations is you have to go home and go to work still. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but the catch up part at work. It takes a while, hard to switch mindset some times. Moving a little slower, when it should be a little more faster.  LOL

Vacations are good however short it maybe, It refreshes are mindset and relaxes our soul.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono