Fragrance – The Smell of You

via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

I saw this daily prompt and it reminded me I need new perfume or I want a new perfume.

I tend to buy Channel or Este Lauder just out of habit. Although I really like Burberry’s Body. BUT DH does not like the smell of any of it. So I told him buy something you like & I’ll wear it. So of course he doesn’t so fine. I’ll buy what I like.

Men’s sense of smell and women’s sense of smell are different. It just is. When you initially smell a fragrance it may smell nice but then when you actually wear it, the chemistry of your own smell(s) and the fragrance does not smell the same, yeah.


I just buy what I like. Then after a while its like “I dont’t like it” after smelling it all the time the feelings change. LOL


I thought sillage had something to do with being silly.  So is it pronouced: sill-LAAAHGE? I think its a not so good thing, when you smell someone coming. Physically not sexually. LOL Like when they enter a room/office their whiff preceeds them. Signature scent is one thing, having a trail of scent before & after you is another.

I need to invest in Scentbird –  Seems like a good idea and I like the size.

As long as you have proper hygene, take a bath and are clean, THAT scent matters the most. Clean. Why does there have  to be a “smell” to camouflage clean?  Follow the money.  One of the best smells is a man right out of the shower.  Perhaps the best smell is a newborn baby, they haven’t started sweating yet. LOL




Be Blessed (\O/)

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