I haven’t been writing. Well obviously, but even when I don’t write, I think of writing.  Writing is a habit. One of those good habits, never a bad habit. Unless what you write is nasty bad or you write where you shouldn’t like the public restroom walls and such.

There are always excuses for NOT writing. Kind of like NOT exercising – LOL. Same difference, ones physical the other mental.  Writing really helps me mentally, uncluttered the cluttered mind.


I think FB and social media in general has everyone who is on social media become either more concerned crazy or totally desensitized. Whatever your opinion is on whatever topic its in your face. Sometimes too much, rarely too little unless of course you get the hell off social media.

I know a few people who have gotten off of Facebook and don’t miss it.  Me, I’m nosey. How would I troll my kids? But I have to admire the ones who have gotten off of FB and don’t miss it.  They have given themselves so much more time, useful time. Time not to read all the crazy opinionated BS, political pissing contests, stranger than real like videos, oh wait that is real crazies. LOL

If you area a social media/smart phone addict, like me, like many of us; not having your phone within reach causes anxiety.  Who would have thought? But there’s that consistent checking of updates of whatever and sometimes, too many times I have to same something. Not as much as I’d like too, but at least and emoji. 🙂


Being a part of social media is a choice. You can’t be bullied on social media if you are not on it. playing on my phone has taken time away from writing. I am a closet Candy Crusher. I suck at it but hey it kills time standing in line. It also makes me late sometimes but that’s another story. I don’t play Candy Crush a lot, I just play candy crush types of games a lot. Like Yummy Cookies, Flower Crush and Tasty Treats. I know, lame huh? As much as I play, I can’t beat my cousin who is on level 2,324 or some crazy number like that. I got a new phone so I’m like on 97 maybe. Who knew there were that many levels?

But yeah, I should write more.  Good for the soul. Even better for my mental health. Right?




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


One thought on “Writing

  1. I was soo addicted to Facebook. It was crushing me a bit from the inside… I took a few breaks and pushed to view my timeline less over the course of a couple of years… But it really never got much better because I’d fall back in to it hard so easily. It pushed me towards INSANITY (lol)! I took the plunge the Friday before New Year’s day and quit. I don’t see any bad side in quitting! When you delete your account, it’s gone… No turning back… It didn’t take long to realize how much less stress I had. And it didn’t take long to love not being trapped by my phone (as much)… There’s more empty space of time for me to do other, more productive and creative things. It doesn’t take long to forget what it’s like being on Facebook either. I was born in ’78, so I remember the time before all this… I’m honestly more connected now, more focused, happier–life became more exciting! The best part is forgetting about it, like it’s never been there. It’s like creating a blank slate (maybe like starting over). It creates the need to connect to the world in a much more real way, and that’s very fulfilling compared to being the slave I was.


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