Lost & Found

Misplaced. Spaced out.  Where the hell?

I was looking for a file. I knew it existed, hello I created it and I put it over….  (searching every where on my desk).  Looking in between stuff. So I last saw it…. and I started reading it… and I put it over …. which pile?  Searching piles. Its current, it shouldn’t be buried. Yet! Searching. Searching.

Ooooohhhh it was personal work related, DUH? I took it home to read. Which I never do when I take home work stuff, hence no sense take stuff home. Which I shouldn’t any way because what if I croak and it is in my possession. Nobody would know but me. 🙂 Hate to upset the flow of paperwork. So yeah work stuff should not be taken home. BUT I needed to read up on this new system dilly we are starting and I figure homework. Teacher I lost my homework. LOL

I hate when I loose stuff. I’m very paranoid about my keys. OK OCD about my keys. Even when I have to travel. Even on vacation when I dodn’t even need it I make sure I have it.  For that reason I usually put it in the same place every time. Not! I try to. But you know how sometimes you get in the house and literally drop everything. Yeah that would be me. Than I have to back track. I got in the house so it has to be in the house, as I check if I left it in the door coming in.

I’ve been misplacing stuff a lot lately and my first thing is “alzheimers” – knock on wood! I need to be neater, is what it is. Way neater.  Everything in its place, a place for everything. LOL Easier said then done.  I am aware that I am loosing things so I’ve improved in finding things. You know how you’re looking for something but you find something else that you couldn’t find. Such is life. ❤


Be Blessed (\O/)

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