Spirits In The Building

I work in a historic building. Its on the Historical register  list or whatever. When the company bought it was an old delapidated building that would have been bulldozed. It got rescued.

I’ve heard the “spooky” stories that people have experienced here. Spooky is defined differently by different people.  This building has a courtyard, an old Spanish style type. It is secured by fences and alarms and what not when we are closed.  Yet sometimes you see small shoe prints here and there.

I’ve always thought the “spirits” were kids. Just because, that was  my first impression. They do “playful things.” It is non-threatening and it ain’t scarey. Not to me anyway.  For years I worked in one of the offices where I was by myself alot since my boss traveled most of the time. The water cooler would gurgle  like someones getting water. The air bubbles would make me look towards the back of the office.  The first time it happened I didn’t think anything of it. Just air. I ignored it.  Later it would happen again and I looked over towards the water cooler and just yelled “y’all need to quit it” and started laughing. Just because I thought it was funny. Me yelling at “nothing.” Then I had the feeling of two or three little ones running past me. You know the wind created by running children. I knew it wasn’t just one.

Then there were times when things would just fall off a shelf or stuff moved around.  I always blamed the “playful spirits.”

It got spooky, in a good way; during Halloween when I had one of those motion detector candy bowls with the hand in it. When you got close to the bowl it would say “Have some candy” and when you reach into the bowl the hand goes down. Well a couple of times I’d be by myself and nobody wiykd be close to the bowl. The bowl would say “Have some candy” and the hand goes down. The first time it happened I thought, maybe the wind or something triggered it. I let it go. Hours later it happened again.  And again. So I went to the bowl to turn it OFF.  It was OFF. That’s when I had to yell “y’all need to stop it!”  I would always laugh after I say stuff cause I was by myself and I would think “crazy lady” yelling at nothing.  My boss worked late one night and the bowl went off on its own. Again. It scare the crap out of her. She took the bowl and put it back in the cubbard. LOL When she told me the story, I told her  “its just the kids you just gotta yell at them STOP IT.”  She was like ok you “crazy lady”.

Now I work in a different part of the building. I usually get to work early because thats how I do. LOL I’m usually by myself for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I hear paper rustling or sounds like someone is in the next cubicle and I know its just me there. I just talk like I’m talking to my own kids. I have a calendar hanging that every now and then is tilted to one side. The first couple of time it happened I  was thinking it was just unbalance  and then I remembered oh,  “the kids”.

For my birthday I got this helium balloon and it was tethered to the shelf. There was also this stand up tall banner poster – the kind you use for tradeshows. Got it new so I put it up and it looked good and we just left it. So two weeks go by and the balloon is still floating and the banner is still up. I go on vacation. During vacation I get a call saying they had to take it down becasue it was setting off the motion dector alarm system. My first thought was “those kids.” I was telling a coworker this and she said, ‘balloons, kids!’ 🙂

Its nothing threatening. It just is. Don’t know how true it is but one person told me that a long long time ago this place was an apartment building, there was fire and kids died in that fire. That made me sad. But at least I know that they still are having fun, pranking me!



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono