Death & Dying

Found out today that one of my coworkers aka friend; her husband died. Just outta the blue. I don’t know the circumstances. One of those, one day they are here and the next they are not. I can’t imagine the sadness NM is feeling, heart breaking.

Life has not been easy for them. I know just recently one of the adult kids, stole their vehicle and left the baby there. Stupid shithead kids, I swear. That was very depressing for her as Baby cried for his Momma. Now this. Such sadness. All the heartbreaking things those kids have done and now what? Sorry doesn’t even cover it.


If it happened to me, today; financially I couldn’t travel to my DH’s funeral out of state. Sad to say but such is life. I’m suppose to have a stash fund for stuff like that. I think I did and I Christmas-ed it. LOL Truth hurts like that.


Perhaps I’m at “that age” where friends dying is a common thing. I remember my parents always having to go to one funeral or another.  So duh, I guess I’ve reached that age. In a denial phase maybe, but none the less “that age.”


What can we do but offer prayers and hope and support. I have a lot of tears to give too.  Did you know that flowers are the one thing we buy and we know they are going to die.  Just stating the obvious.

It saddens me that there are a bunch of emo children, doing the some kind of whale challenge, Blue Whale challenge? Its not a fking challenge, its flat out killing yourself aka suicide. Challenges  have winners & loosers.  Call it what it is. There are no winners in sucide, stupid kids! How ungrateful! Bratty kids. It just pisses me off to know and hear these stories. Its the kind of anger that you want the dead to come back alive   so you can beat them within an inch of their life, but you wouldn’t kill them.  People if you are not going to talk to your kids, don’t have them.  I know its not your fault but as the parent, its always our fault, ain’t it?



Once upon a time way way back in the day before suicide was called any kind of “challenge.” My 16 year old nephew put a gun to his heart and pulled the trigger. Till this day, no one knows why. Till this day the family still speculates. Its caused  chaos. Chaos that still lingers. Along with the unanswered questions.

I pray life gets better but I know it gets way worst before better and its how we handle the worst part that brings us to a better day. That is a challenge!



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono