Dead Phone Brought To Life

So my phone died Tuesday night. Could not turn it on. At first I thought it just needed to be charged. Didn’t think much of it. After an hour or so I tried to turn it on again.  Push two button together at the same time whatever. Still nada.  I know it was charged.

Gave it to Son to try and kick start it.  He did all he knew, went on for some references and tips and tricks. Did all that. Nothing.

I guess its off to the AT&T Store tomorrow. At work I told everyone I had no phone. One co-worker said let me try. She did what she knew. Went on for some references and tips and tricks. Did all that. Nothing.

So on my way to the AT&T Store I had to pick up the 4th Grader.  She usually plays with my phone while I’m driving. We jump in the car and I giver her the phone telling her its dead, no one seems to able to turn it on, so we are on our way to the AT&T store.

Five minutes! She works her magic. Does what everybody else has done and BOOM the white screen with the apple comes on. We are screaming and yelling. We stare at the phone…. wait for it….. YES! it came on, I logged on, WE HAVE CONTACT! How the hell!

How did you did it? You just have to press this and this. Yeah well all the adults did that and it did not start. Woohoo.  I tell her to text her Mom & her Uncle; let them know my phone is working. So happy. LOL

So I guess I owe you a reward. What do you charge for fixing phones?  $30.00! I was like, you are going to have to wait till payday for $30; how about $20 at WalMart, we’ll go there right now? DEAL.

Lesson learned. Give the kid the phone when it malfunctions. 🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.



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