So really?

I have questions:

Is having sex with a ghost the same as or different from masturbating? Well, first off is there sex involved in the physical sense, I sure there’s the mental aspect there I mean since it’s a marriage and all that.

I find it kind of confusing, or maybe cookoo because to me there is no substitute for a warm body, a warm body getting hot & heavy with;  you know what I mean? Yeah you do. 🙂

We all say we shouldn’t be judgemental; but we all  are in our own little or big way.  LOL

I’m not so much “judgey” as I am curious. Why am I laughing? Because I thought of a dead person I’d like to get jumped by – or something to that effect.  I was thinking if he had any friends or you know normal people stuff – as oppose to “spirit” stuff. Oh wait, all this is “spiritual” right? Dealing with spirit stuff is spiritual – so okay yeah.

I wonder if “Spirit Husband” is bragging to his friends: I got me a wifey 300 yrs younger then me.  Wonder if all the things she is saying, he is saying to his friends too. Like maybe there’s a club or organization of Ghost, excuse me; Spirits With Live Wives, or something like that. I mean if live people do it then wouldn’t “spirit” peeps do it too? Oh wait, there’s a different between ghost & spirits. Learn something new everyday.

He’s energy. So is there MORE energy? You know, compared to the human in person type of dude. This sex is like totally in you mind on the next level way past tantic?   I must be hung up over the “physicalness” of this ‘spirit marraige”  ❤

Interesting. Told you I had a lot of questions.


Be Blessed

Malama pono



I love weekends. The bad thing about it like everything else; it comes to an end. Oh well…

Just when I was getting comfortable, sleeping in & staying up late and not thinking; Sunday evening comes with the realization that, “I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Not complaining, just stating the obvious. I’ve been unemployed when every day is a weekend and there was no payday. For me the choice between being employed and unemployed is always employed. I love having a check every two weeks. It beats getting zero. If somebody paid me every two week to just stay home – I would.  But no Sugar Daddy in sight, so I work.  I think Sugar Daddy’s are over rated. LOL I just made that up, what the hell do I know – I’ve never had one.

I cherish my weekends because it means I have a job. But like with everything else; when you don’t have it you want it and when have it you think uh? Its another love hate relationship. You have to not have it to want it more. Then when you have it you have to be grateful regardless. Grateful is always good.

Weekends go so freaking fast. In a blink of an eye or couple of loads of laundry later its Sunday.  The “I can do it tomorrow” excuse of Friday & Saturday doesn’t work anymore. Uuuuh – I knew I should have done it yesterday. Hmmmm 🙂

It’s Monday and I made it safe to work – Thank you Jesus. Traffic can be such a bitch. I bet there’s some one it traffic who called me that.  Probably the person I called a MF! LOL

Gotta go and earn my paycheck. Its payday week! Hurrah! WalMart funding. I need to stay out of there. Yeah I should go to Target!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I always have my keys.  I always know where my keys are. I throw it into my purse. Always my ass.

I had one of those I can’t find my keys morning. You know when you are all ready to leave, you pickup all what you need to take and you grab your keys… BUT there are no keys. I searched my whole purse, you never know what can be found in the depths a big bag. Where the hell are my keys?

My mind back tracks, I came home & I didn’t go anywhere THEREFORE its in this house! My bedroom! I do have a tendency to throw it on the bed sometimes and forget about it. So I search all around the bed, high low, you never know. LOL

My work bag; equivalent to a backpack but its a just bag with work homework and stuff I don’t put in my purse but I take it to work just in case. The work bag was filled with junk, I mean stuff I wanted to take to my work world aka desk. No keys in the work bag.

I finally think to physically back track and walk back to the front door. Walking walking and wah-luh. FOUND IT on the couch. WTH Always know where my keys are? LOL

I get paranoid when I can’t find my keys.  🙂



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



Somethings I Don’t Get

There are a lot of things that I don’t get. I mean I sort of do get it but why? I don’t know how to explain it is something I don’t get. I’m special like that. LOL

For instance:

The Khardasians – Why are they famous? Stuff like that I don’t get it.

The Secret!  – Obviously I’ve not gotten it yet. 🙂 But soon; I am hopeful & thankful.

Electorial College – who invented that and it sounds out dated but what do I know, I don’t get it. I know I should google. But its more fun to ask.

Common Sense – If it’s so common why do so many people not have it. Uncommon sense? More like stupid sometimes. Craycray. 🙂

Reality TV – How real is it to have a camera crew in your face, all the time, most of the time.  Even the how to survive in the wilderness type of shows – there’s no one here for miles and miles  blah blah blah. You and the camera man or crew.

The Batchelor or Bachelorette – Maybe I’m old school fuddy duddy but that is not how you find “love”. I think it comes off kind of slutty, man whore-ish. Kind of germy too, mouth to mouth with all of them. But that’s me. Probably cause I don’t like drama (although I do like Korean dramas LOL). Love is not a winner takes all kind of game. They are in front of a camera, please. “We had such a connection” and I didn’t get a fkng rose. Boohoo. Yeah but he/she got to make out with you! Some one got something.  Do they go all the way? I’m assuming. Maybe the guys judge by who goes DOWN the best.  Imagine, you did not get a rose because you suck at sucking. LOL Do women care about who goes down the best? Sensations are sensations – LOL I crack myself up LOL It’s not about s-e-x, uh-huh that’s what they all say.




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono



I like to think I’ve been doing really well with this NO SUGAR business. Even if almost everything in the store has sugar. Oh fruits & vegetables, okay fine.

I understand not having sugar but that doesn’t mean I like it. It’s my addiction and I am dealing with it. 🙂

I saw this sugar-free ice cream and I bought it.  I haven’t had ice cream for a month or more.  I had me a cup, okay a big cup of ice cream. Later on I felt sick, like lactose intolerance. I think my stomach went into shock or something.

I also now understand that rice, noodles/pasta, bread and any dessert will spike my sugar something fierce. Well I kind of knew it before but you know its kind of ‘outta site outta mind’ kind of mentality.  Selective. Anyway I shouldn’t be eating rice, noodles/pasta, bread and desserts.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t.  If I do its for lunch.  Hehehehe

The awesome thing is I lost 3 lbs. But I know that could come right back in a heart beat and a scoop of rice.

I had an ultra sound today, NO I ain’t prego. Ultra sound of the neck. I passed. LOL No surprises. I’m normal-ish!  I remember the first time I had an ultra sound of the neck/my thyroid. Some rookie messed it up so I had to go back in and have it redone. The Tech left the picture on the screen and I was looking at it.  I told her I know she can’t tell me nothing but I just wanted a yes or no and she said OK.  My question was, the left side and right side should look the same right? YES. My right was a bit fkup. 🙂 Then I asked the Tech, do you ultra sound yourself?  We were just cracking up, she was like – oh hell yeah – I see all these weird things in people I want to know if I might have one too.

So now I know I’m addicted to sugar and I am going thru withdrawals but I’m handling it. Maybe I need to attend a Sugar Anonymous meeting or something? Nah, I think I got this. LOL


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



It’s FEBRUARY! HTH? I’m still trying to remember to write 18 instead of 17. Time flies when you are part clueless, ain’t it?

I thought WalMart was joking when they put Valentines stuff up in January. Should have realized THEY dictate the holidays. St Patrick’s stuff are out too so hey, when’s Christmas?

February, noshit; a whole month has passed and I’m still halfassly changing the 7 to an 8 when I write a check. LOL Who still writes checks? I do. Never at the store though; don’t want to be THAT person holding up the line. 🙂  Yes, I send checks in the mail. I like that excuse and I have checks & stamps so I should use them.

I know some people who pay everything online, or get it deducted from their account; good for you. Not me. I’m insecure like that. I want THEM to do it, I don’t want THEM touching my account. LOL But I digress…

FEBRUARY WOW! Happy Easter too!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Definition of Friend

Friend:  a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.  Or someone to that effect.

To me a friend is for the most part someone I’ve met in person & I know personally. Although I have to admit I do have good friends I’ve never met in person. Yet through the social media world; remember message boards; I’ve learned a lot about other people and they’ve learned a lot about me.  Therefore bonding and friendship ensues….

I think I have a little over a hundred FRIENDS on FB.  Where as a lot of people have hundreds & thousands. There are a few people on my list, I have no clue who they are. It’s a friend of a friend or a friend of a relative. It’s from when I thought being asked to be Friended  meant you had to accept. LOL I’ve had a lot of request from people I don’t know but they know someone in my family. I always ask my kids if I should friend their frined and they say “why?” That’s my thought too; why do you want to be friends with me?

I take the word friend in the literal real world sense.  I don’t think of it in the Social Media sense. Maybe I’m too suspicious, conspiracy theory oriented,  and what people’s ulterior motive.

Facebook can be/is a source for “stalkers.” Unscrupolous people use FB – cyber bullies! I kind of was confused by the cyber bullying issues, I understand it now more but maybe its me; my thought is delete your account or block everyone. Isn’t there a don’t take comments feature or something or other. I don’t know.

I look at bullying as, find the leader and punch’um in the face.  That’s what I told my son. For at least 2 years this gang of 4-5 other little boys would say shit to my son. We talked about it blah blah blah. To the point I said, Pick the leader and punch him in the face. Well my nice 2nd grader said he would get in trouble etc. I told him I got your back. One time I took my son to school late because of an appointment. The kids were lining up for lunch. As my son and I walked pass the kids in line, one kid said out loud; LOOK THERE’S SHAMU!”  And I turned around and walked towards that kid and my son pulled me back the other way. (I know TitaMom)

Fast FWD to 4th grade and son comes home and tells me; Remeber that kid & his friends that always teases me – I punched him in the face today.  He said it was recess and the teasing started and they started physically fighting. My son said he was swinging his arms  like a wind mill and then he remembered I said “punch’um in da face.” So he pulled back  and threw a right cross. The kid fell down and all the rest of the kids ran away then the bell rang. I was so proud! But I didn’t want to be too excited, condoning violence and all. I asked “Where were the teachers on duty?”  He said they were in an are the teachers can’t see from where they stand.  My thought was; Dude if you had punched’um in the face in 2nd grade we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but lesson learned; right.

Oh but I digress….what was I talking about…. oh yeah the online Friend thing….

I haven’t been friending people lately. I haven’t searched for any.  Unless its a classmate, long lost friend, pen pals LOL remember pen pals, or relatives I don’t usually friend people.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono





Everywhere I look there is temptation and my will power is lacking. 🙂

A coworker gave me 3 homemade cookies. I couldn’t say no, I couldn’t NOT eat it. That would be rude, right? Miaculpa. Miaculpa.  Tasted soooo good. Felt soooo guilty. But I’ll live. LOL

This morning in the company kitchen; cake & pie. It’s a freaking test!

I am a certified dessert first kind of person. Well obviously not now but I was and hope to return to be one. I have such a sweet tooth.  Eating a banana just does compare to piece of banan cream pie. Two different ends of a spectrum.

I’ve been grocery shopping conscientiously and reading labels blah blah blah AND like I said; Everything has sugar in it!

I think grocery stores should have a NO SALT  section and a NO SUGAR section.  Help me out here.

I am searching for sugarfree Ding Dongs.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono




via Daily Prompt: Tardy

I hate being late. I grew up with “15 minutes early means you’re late.” Blame my Dad. That is kind of rare I think.

I always feel guilty when I’m late for an appointment; like I did something wrong. Again, my Dad.  Like it’s a total sin or something to that effect. Yes, I am a sinner. WTH

I try my best to be on time, leaving early blah blah blah. But crap happens and lateness happens, it’s not such a big deal. Just don’t make it a habit. LOL

For me being early is better than being late. I don’t mind waiting. You know, hurry up and wait. Story of my life so waiting is fine. Most of the time.

Waiting…. there’s an APP for that!  Nowadays with our ever-loving devices; you play a game no biggie.  Just when you are getting into the game and getting to the next level you will be interrupted for your appointment.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono

Feeling Cute

You know how some days you get ready for work or to go out and you just feel cute? Ok today is not that day but there are those days right.

Sometimes I think it’s just hormones; imbalances or surges. LOL I think sometimes its the clothes; when everything fits right and feels good.  Then other times it the good hair day. When all of that fall together then you have that “I feel cute” day. 🙂

Everyday cannot be a “I feel cute” day. Well I  suppose it could, depending on your mindset. I’m sure there are people who think they are cute everyday or they work at it. Cute is in the eyes of the beholder. What’s cute to one person may not be cute to another.

For example:  Pajama pants on little kids at the mall. Cute. Pajama pants on elderly people at the mall. Look like they forgot to change clothes to go out.  You know what I mean.

With me its hit or miss. Lot of misses, a hit now and then. LOL Ok with me it’s MENTO az why! 8)

It’s a mind thing ain’t it? If you think it, you are. Too many days I don’t think I’m cute enough, then again – WHY do I need to think this? LOL I crack myself up…

It’s about being a positive person. The hell if my shoes are older then my co-workers.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono