Old Friends

I have some old friends. Like older than me friends. LOL  Just had to throw that out there.

I have many childhood friends. Like elementary school friends from the old village that has become a vague memory in history but when we get together it comes alive in our talking story. The innocence we remember and laugh over. Classmates who still look like my classmates and not the adult that they have become. 🙂 We all age differently and to see a classmate who still looks exactly like our high school annual picture, its kinda like wow. Especially since its been decades. And I do mean decades, many decades. LOL


I have my class photos from 1st grade to 8th grade. Its hard to believe that we have all grown up.  Back in those days I thought old meant 30. 30 years old was old and then you die. Now its like, Okay NOBODY dies, I hate the thought of friends dying. I’ve had more then a few  pass away and I will cry if I think about them. I’ve always had the thought that “I’m suppose to go first, it was suppose to be me; not them.”

I’ve lived in several places and every where I’ve lived I’ve made lifelong friends. The Internet and Facebook has made it simple to reconnect. Assuming they choose to use the computer. I say that because I have a few friend who have gotten off the grid of FB and I commend then. More time for real things right. But the Internet has kept me in touch with friends I would other wise not be in contact with. Who still does pen pals? Well, I do; kind of, if you snail mail me, I will snail mail you. 🙂 I love getting mail that is not asking me for money.


Friendships are precious. I don’t always appreciate them as much as I should. I kind of take it for granted sometimes. Bad friend! But life works like that ain’t it? A lot of attention, not so much, a little less, loose track, I wonder it they’re alive, reconnect, OH there you are!


There are a few people who are high maintenance types. The ones that expect things of you or demands, I mean ask you favors and only know you well when they want something. We all have one or two, who are not family. LOL Gladly they are few and far between.

Cheers! To all my good friends, OLD friends, older friends, classmates and acquaintenses; I would not be who I am with out you. Especially in the prayter realm, y’all have been precious. I thank you for being there, for being here, for being my friend.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Lawyering Up

I don’t have. A lawyer. I know a few. They have their own jargon and can talk circles around circles. Do I want to listen to that. No.

But they are interesting because they know all the good words. Kind of sort of.

I took a law class once. Torts. I learned I can write it but I can’t talk it. Who talks like that? Lawyers! 🙂

Case in point; aggravated assault. Isn’t all assault aggravating? As if there is good assault and worst assault. An assault is assault, right? Lawyer dudes will argue it huh? Speaking of arguing; if you can’t argue you can’t be a lawyer. They do argue well. Irritating well a lot of times. We should all practice our arguing, so we can end the conversation with: I REST MY CASE!

But anyway I noticed Junior is lawyering up. The way I read it, “these people” are not smart enough to go up against the KGB. LOL That’s my opinion. I read an article that went one way and another article that went the other way and I was like: He said, she said and HE ain’t smart enough. So he brings in a lawyer that’s defended the mob which just raises more red flags.  I read into it, Russian Mafia but I think it was Italian. I just inject my own craziness. And you know truth, is stranger than fiction; so you can’t make a lot of this shit up. I expect the obvious may start to happen like in Russia, people start getting into accidents. Sad that we are even reading these political dramas.

Myself, I’m still waiting on tax returns.  I’m still waiting on  golden shower videos. Maybe all this stuff is to distract us from tax returns & golden shower videos. Okay so  I don’t really want to watch the videos but if they exist it will be posted on Facebook and yeah I will end up watching it.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



I’m not in the mood. Whatever mood that I’m suppose to be in? Just not feeling it. What ever IT is?

Mood. Moody. Moodful. Okay, MoodLess!

Lethargic maybe? No I have energy. Energy to do what I’m not suppose to be doing. Energy to do other then what I am doing. 🙂


Yeah no mixing bad words with bad moods. And its not so much bad as it is, maybe INDIFFERENT. You know when you do what you gotta do, but thats not what you want to be doing, but you gotta cause that is how it works. That kind of yeah I’m doing it but if I had other choices, other would win. LOL

You know how you are driving to your destination and before getting there, you think and go, wait let me go here first and you go there. That’s where I’m at today. Not at my destination but at where ever I’ve been distracted to.


Maybe I was thinking too much. I shouldn’t think. I should just do. Too many times I do what I shouldn’t though.  LOL What can I say, hormonal imbalance? More like just, unbalanced!

Ok going to do what I gotta do because I ain’t suppose to be doing what I want to do right now.





Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



I don’t usually write review but I usually read them. In this day of Google and Yelp its just what I do.

So I had this “incident” where my phone became possessed. Of course it starts after an update. First it told me it couldn’t update, fine. Then I got these bullseye target looking icons instead of the app icon, then my contact list was wiped out. WTH I only knew it was wiped out because when I went to text, there was no pics just phone numbers. What? Whose numbers is this? So I went to 3 AT&T stores and 2 Apple stores!

I know. Cause like my son explained it to me; “MOM you’re not a bitch enough, if they can’t help you ask for the supervisor.” When I know someone is not going to help me. I walk away, because I can feel their uglyass badjuju vibes. You know what I mean? Confrontation just transfers their uglyass attitude to me, I don’t need that.


So anyways, I learned AT&T people know they don’t know. But they’re helpful as hell when you want to BUY something. Apple store employees – hit or miss. I just showed the Apple store guy my phone screen, he saw all the bullseye icons; he said “Oh you need to call Apple Care.” He proceeded to put the phone # in my phone. He handed me the phone. I looked at the contact list. Blank. I showed it to him. “Oh yeah Apple Care can help you because they have the tools.” As he turned & went to the next customer.

Ok call me retarded, but the people on the phone can help me better then the human in front of me who has the phone in his hands? Not! I walked away from the uglyass badjuju vibes.  My phone at this point was still functional, I could call, people could call & I could text, they could text me back. But since there was an AT&T store in the mall also, I went there. Maybe there’s a smarter person there. Wrong. Person powered off my phone and pau! It would not come on anymore. He’s like “yeah you’re gonna have to go to the Apple Store.” Which I did not tell him I just came from there. Because I’m not bitchful enough. LOL

I go home and call Apple Care (with my son’s phone). So I tell Apple Care the issues, we go back & forth about what to do. Which basically is NOTHING because at this point all I get is a white screen & an Apple. Apple Care says: “You need to take this to an Apple Store they can run diagnostics.” Well duh? I told him I just came from one and they told me to call you. He was like they should have run diagnostics there. Thank you, you need to teach your Apple Store employees some customer service.  He tells me he’ll make an appointment for me and can go into the store tomorrow, July 4th. Ok fine, but not the store I went to, I want the other store. Fine.

In the mean time, I go online and read reviews of the Apple Stores. Wellcrap, I’m gonna be in for a long afternoon. Both stores had sorryass stories like mines. A lot of rants about these frkng kids blah blah blah. Sad really. One even had a picture of about 6-7 EMPLOYEES standing around talking to one another, not a one helping customers in the store. But really it was 50-50. They either got praised up and down they are the best OR I will never go to that store again, they suck!

I go to my appointment, with backup. My son came with me cause I’m not bitchful enough. LOL Anyway I lucked out because I got the bestest good nerd kid who knows customer service, in other words he treats people like he wants to be treated and explains stuff in “normal” terminology. So the kid tells me; let me run these diagnostics and there are three scenarios that can happen. One, everything just reboots & your’re good to go; 2) it will reboot but it will wipe what you have in here and 3) we won’t talk about 3  unless we have to.

I say, its still under warranty and I’m good with getting another phone. He laughs, that’s 3. He works his magic, wha-lah; here’s your phone, I think you are good to go. I look at the phone and open the contacts and its blank. I show it to him and he says, ok I need to work on it more. He runs more test blah blah blah. Something is wrong with your modem, I’ll get you a new phone. Done!

It took an hour and a half or less. But we had fun shooting the breeze. Making small talk. He said something about raising the phone up from the dead, like a phoenix. I asked, what sound does a phoenix make? My son, “ka kaw ka kaw” I looked at him  and was like, “I think that’s Rio, a McKaw.”  We were all cracking up.

Needless to say I had a good customer relations experience with Sean at the Apple Store. I should write him a good review.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Four Day Weekend!

WHAT?! Surprise surprise surprise!

So I knew we were getting Tuesday off. A day off is a day off. Kind of weird though huh to come in on Monday, off Tuesday and come in Wednesday. Short weeks feel long anyway sometimes.

This morning we found out because we are good girls and boys 🙂 and because there’s some construction thingy happening; we get Monday off too. Cheehoo!

So like I’m outta here. No big plans. Just being a hermit I think. LOL

Have a safe and peaceful holiday. I should celebrate my birthday. ❤


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Good At Nothing

I’m really good at doing nothing. I’m just one of those people that can just chill or fall a sleep or zone out watching a K-Drama. LOL

I can go on and on saying nothing.  🙂 Sometimes words get in the way right? Some people just have to talk and talk and talk. I can do that too. But I do silence too.

My kids think its weird that I can stay home and not have music or TV or nothing on. I can just read or sew without background noise. I think because there is a lot of noise in my head and I’m listening to me go on and on about nothing. LOL I guess I can be weird like that too.

I like silence is public places. Which is rare because if its public there’s a whole lot of other peoples around. I like to go to the beach at 6 or 7 in the morning and sit and read a book or just stare at the ocean. I suppose that’s also called meditating. I just like to sit and listen. Usually within an hour or so the public shows up and the noise levels go up and become distracting and that’s like a signal to go eat or go to the mall. If I’m gonna be around people and noise, it may as well be at the mall.

Once I was sitting at Sunset Beach at 7am. Nobody around. A person and a dog walking down the beach. I was sitting there contemplating nothing and a stretch limo pulled up. A couple and their 3 kids, came out, walked to the edge of the water, snapped photos. Then headed back into the limo, I’m assuming to continue their tour.

I thought it was strange, they didn’t even touch the water. Didn’t even make the sign of the cross with the water. LOL How non-practicing Catholic, am I? It was like whats the point, why even come. In a limo no less, taking up space and just taking pictures. You could have just googled it. Pinterest. You’ll find pictures of Sunset Beach. I think the family was there for 10 minutes, give or take some. They just interrupted  MY nothing time. 🙂

I always tell myself I’m going to write when I’m at the beach. I bring a journal and don’t even touch it. I think I’m afraid I’d write too much truth for myself to handle, I would just interrupt my nothing time cause Lord knows I be writing a whole lot of something, right?

I like to go to botanical gardens when they first open. There will always be a few early birds but not a whole lot. The last time I went to a Botanical Garden there was hardly anyone there but within the hour it was bustling. I was on one side of a path and on the other side of the path I heard this big booming voice scolding his wife: GAWDdammit  don’t tell me you’re gonna take a picture of every frking plant in this place! I didn’t hear her answer but I did say YES out loud. But yeah having to listen or hear the public in public places can be a killjoy sometimes.

A lot of people don’t know how to do nothing. They don’t know how to say nothing. They have to go on and on about whatever there is, and if there’s nothing they would go on and on about there being nothing to go on an on about. Again whats the point? To listen to yourself speak? Sometimes I don’t mind listening to trivial play by play but a lot of times I’m thinking, how polite I am to listen to this ranting and raving and next thing you know, I’m sucked in to doing the same thing. Just contributing to the noise level.  LOL

Well, NOTHING is calling my name I must stop this clattering on the keyboard and listen to the nothingness of life.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I like a good pen. I like the the Pilot G-2’s. Maybe its the gel ink that makes it glide or feel smooth. Some pens feel to scratchy or stiff, some just aren’t comfortable. I think there are a bunch of us who are suckers for a good pen and paper.  Anyway I know I am. Even the Dollar store has some good pens. Its the feel of when writing that makes it a good pen or an okay pen. I think I’ve only tried the top 2 pens listed below. I tried a sharpie once, not this one in the picture but it felt scratchy when writing. I only use it to address packages or do labels.


I hate loosing a good pen. Ain’t it the one you really like is the one you misplace or someone walks off with it, or the kids! LOL


I have a lot of pens. Yet when I really need one I can’t find it. I once had 5 or 6 pens in my purse and now it down to two. Where did the rest go, they ran away, what?

I have a bunch of Papermate color pens I really like. I use the pink & purple like I would a highlighter. Then I still highlight and it looks prettier. LOL I always buy purple ink pens and someone keeps kakaroaching’um. 🙂 I think its Ms Mo’opuna.


I need to hand write more. Using the computer so much, I don’t hand write as much and when I do dang it there’s no backspace. It comes out all scratched out X-ed out. I like days when I’m hand writing and comes out with out scratching out words. LOL I never cared for my handwriting, always thought it was on the messy side. It’s big and round like me, oh it is me. Then I look at my #2’s handwriting and dang did I write that. We have pretty much the same handwriting. My #1’s handwriting is very neat and legible and if she prints it looks like typing. Disgusting. Even her signature was so precise looking it was easy to forge, if you have the patience to write that neat. She finally figured out to do a more messy signature. But I digress….

I am always on the look out for a good pen.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

At A Lost For Words

Been wanting to write since this morning. I know if I just write to be writing the writing comes. But I’m also distracted by other things. So I went and do other things. Then I came back and looked at the white screen. Then the light bulb went off in my head: Pinterest! Aaaannnndddd I got nothing…. Don’t think these count as writing but I was thinking it.




I’ve always thought something was wrong with me, always thought I needed therapy but who can afford and I really don’t want to talk to a stranger. Friends are the best shrinks, they just tell you how much of a dufus you are. LOL Anyways writing has always been therapy for me. Free therapy that’s how I roll.





Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Going Gray

Truth be told I’ve always been semi gray. I learned the women in our family gray early. Oh is that why I’ve colored my hair regularly? Duh!

So I always say I’m not gonna color my hair then I pick up some hair color at WalMart. Or if I’m feeling rich I go to hair salon. I’ve just done it so regularly, its like that’s what I’m suppose to do.

My sister’s hair is past the gray phase its white. Its uniformed white, ok all white. It looks platinum blondish white. So I was like I want my hair to come out like that. She asked me, “Do you color your hair?” Yes! “Stop coloring your hair. Duh?”


I’ve always had this sorta kinda white streak on the right side, sometimes on the left too. My horns. LOL I always say I’m not gonna color my hair then I dance at a Festival once a year and 2 weeks before the the performance I color my hair.

So this year I’ve decided not to color my hair. Now I’m at that awkward in between time where you can see I’ve not colored my hair for at least 2 inches. 🙂 You can see the salt & pepperness. If not for the “brown” color I know it would look “distinguished. ” LOL

Why is it when men start to go salt & pepper, they look distinguished. But when women or I go salt & peppery, it looks drabby. Perception? Vanity? All of thee above!

My Grandma had long down to her ass hair, all silver, gray, white and pretty. So that’s kind of what I want. Emphasis on the long. My hair doesn’t grow. I think its all the treatment, reg meds, radiation, nuke meds and a vitamin D deficiency that hinders it.

I see car loads of Grandmas with short permed blue hair. You know what I mean. I’ve never wanted, neither do I aspire to short permed white blue hair.  Especially the short part. Maybe cause my idea of Grandma, is my long haired Grandma huh?

I’m kind of looking forward to the stripping away of young brown color and see what underneath the chemical induced youth. LOL


I am looking forward to shining bright like a diamond. Maybe its all the chemicals that have hindered the growth. So less chemicals perhaps more growth? Hmmm we’ll see.





Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Who doesn’t like Fridays? OH –  if you have to work weekends than, ok never mind.

My second favorite F-word is Friday. Friday means weekend. It means sleep in. It means stay up late. Well I do that anyway…. but yeah Fridays have a better reputation then Mondays. LOL


Funny how I have all these plans in my head but in reality I totally do  something else. But for sure I need to do laundry. That’s just a given. I don’t have any hot dates or fun activities or plans in general.



I want to say this should be a no spend weekend but if I’m go to JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby, I’m spending. IF I leave the house I’m spending money. WTH lol

I just sort of fly by the seat of my pants. That’s code for “I’m home.” I have a bunch of projects I need to finish. That’s code for I’m going to JoAnn’s and or Hobby Lobby, most likely both. I have lots of cleaning to do and obviously that’s code for “no you’re not cleaning!”

Well what ever it is I do this weekend, I just hope I finish it.



Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono