Airport Observations

Got to the airport early just because… I hate being rushed…. I hate long Disneyland- like lines and I was ready to go so I went….

I’m at DCA…google it.

I enjoy people watching. Everyone has a story and I wonder what it is. In the mean time I’ll just randomly make something up. 🤪

I was sitting close to a young family. Baby in the stroller was babbling up a storm. So cute baby talk. What disturbed me was; not once did either parent respond nor acknowledge baby’s story. Call me an old fart, but I believe parents need to be talking to their children even if the don’t know what the hell they are saying. It’s called interactions. You want your kid to you when they are older, you need to talk to them when they younger first. Common sense. Oh wait that’s just my common sense.

Another family had a 7-8 year old wearing her long flannel night gown. Cute but not. What are you teaching your kids. I was thinking what if this becomes a trend? Remember pajama pants. People wear pajamas pants like it’s jeans now. Little kids cute, elders not so much. They look like they forgot to change. Early onset of dementia maybe. Flannels are in?

One person is reading a newspaper. Old school no doubt. As I scan the crowd around me, people are either eating or on their DEVICE. Including me! Everyone has devices. 🤓

I recognized some one from out meetings except I couldn’t figure out why I knew him. It took me awhile to figure who it was because he was not in a suit.Duh. Everyday I’ve seen him in a suit. Now in jeans & tshirt, I’m like ooooh it’s you. They probably think the same of me. Who flys in a suit? LOL

A bunch of people are charging their devices. Do I need to charge mines? Nah I’m not gonna use it on the plane. Or am I? No I think I’m good.

You have to admire women who travel dressed like they are going out clubbing. I always find airplanes cold so prepare for that. More power to you if you can handle cold.

I need to get my ass out of this chair. I will be sitting for 5 hours so I should not be adding to my future stiff ass.

Be blessed. (\O0/)

Malama Pono


Cute Day

Do you know how sometimes you think you’re having a cute day or an ugly day. It usually happens first thing in the morning, I think the mirror induces those thoughts. For me its a no brainer I’m not even thinking, just doing stuff as usual. But every now and then I get all “judgey” with myself. LOL Most times its just the rolling of the eyes or shaking my head. Staring into the mirror realizing the true meaning of “it is what it is”. 🙂

Today is a cute day. LOL Or maybe its a good hair day, same difference.  I have not colored my hair in 14 months. Why do I know exactly how long?  Because I keep debating to color or not to color, that is the question.  The longer I do with out the more I get use to seeing gray, white, silver, light black, salt and pepper, white pepper. LOL It dawned on me this morning its the colors of my Grandmas hair.  But she had long ass hair, literally hair down to her ass usually wrapped up in a bun. I want long ass hair too.

It’s the hair that frames my face that are all silvery & gray, the ends are still chemically brown that looks reddish and the middle is I think my real color, maybe? I think I screwed up hair coloring it for decades so now I don’t even bother. But I do think about it.

As I walked into Safeway this morning, the maintenance man who I see every time I go to Safeway says, “You always look good, young lady.”  I just laughed and said “thank you.” For one, I think I’m older then him and me as “young lady” sounds oxymoronic to me, in a good way. LOL  Perhaps its cause I’m wearing white, looking part virgin-nee and all. (I crack myself up)

Anyways, y’all have a cute day. Everyday should be a cute day.  We should all be so blessed. ❤


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Flying Out

Just as I’m about to embark on my one and only travel across the country for work; an airplane malfunctions and blows an engine.  Such a tragedy, my condolences to the  family who lost their daughter, sister, mother, wife, aunt, friend, coworker.  RIP  But also kudos to the pilot who brought down the plane safely.

So I’m thinking, I’m praying WE have a sharp cool headed pilot too. What are the odds of it happening again? I don’t take it for granted. If that is they way its suppose to be then so be it. But I rather it not be, you know. 🙂

I enjoy traveling, especially since its paid for not by me. But I’m kind of mental in the sense that, when I get into “close quarters” like that; I look around and think “are these the people I could die with?” Morbid I know but its a valid question. Pessimistic yes; so much for optimism right?

I enjoy flying, getting from Point A to Point B in the most direct way.  Assuming, knock on wood; there are no flight delays. But just in case; in my backpack I always have one set of clothes, tooth brush & toothpaste. Ya’never know. I’m part Boy Scout like that; always be prepared. LOL I even have my “prayer blankie” or it could be used as a scarf but mainly a small blanket I made. Ya’never know.  Airplanes are always cold to me and I ain’t paying the airlines for a blankie. I will also have my big coat cause I’m headed east coast.

A friend of mines is in the east right now and she’s from Nevada where its cold. On FB she says its cold there. Well if its cold for her, I imagine I’m gonna think of it as freezeass freezing. I live in the dessert.  It’a a working travel, I’ll be indoors working it. They have heaters right.

Please no snowmageddon. Or flight delays. Hope I didn’t jinx me by writing this.

I’ll come back and tell you if there were any crying babies. I have my “noise canceling” headphones ready. 🙂



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




For whatever reason, I see this happening. But I pray that it doesn’t.

The rhetoric though is to the point of “put up or shut up” – somebody’s gonna snap. You know what I mean. It will probably be the stupidest thing, a minor piece of bullshit that will blow up –  pun intended into a freaking nuclear fall out. You can play “chicken” for only so long. Sooner or later testosterone overflows and it like “oh yeah watch this!”

In the mean time the innocent suffer from the consequences of you know what and you know who. Its the military who serve who get to suffer the consequences of war first hand. Its the families and innocent who suffer the losses. Politicians sit in there leather chairs and talkshit. They can talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk, they stay in their bunkers.

What will it take to stop the bullshit that could turn into super deepshit in a heartbeat?

We all think/assume not in my backyard….. BUT what if…. WHAT IF WE do get attacked?

Ask Hawaii – they know the feeling of a false alarm BUT suppose it wasn’t…. Its an island, it can get blown to smithereens. Bomb shelters are few and far between in Hawaii. I don’t think bomb shelters help when it takes a direct hit.  Bombs on a bomb shelter equals minus a bomb shelter. Anyway that’s my take on it.

I’m thinking I should have a bug out bag ready. But I don’t. But I think it. LOL But here’s my thought, IF/WHEN we are under attack. I’m staying home. I’m not evacuating anywhere BECAUSE everyone else will be on the road – road raging! Traffic! I just assume stay home and be comfortable, you feel me. Which reminds me I should have groceries & water.

My theory is IF we get  into a WWIII situation the ones who will survive – other then the hardcore survivalist who have their secret compound somewhere in the hills – the only other survivors will be the Amish. Since the way they live is off the grid anyway, and would they know we are under attack?  For them its just business/life as usual right?

I would go north and find them and hang out. 🙂



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I was having a good time doing nothing and BOOM it’s Monday.

Must be true, time flies when you are having fun. I was just kicking back…. and oh yeah you must go to go to work tomorrow. Not really complaining, just stating the obvious. LOL

Love weekends. It means I have a job that I go to from Monday to Friday and so yes, I am able to kick back on Saturday and Sunday. Its a love hate relationship, ain’t it? Well I don’t really hate it; although I kinda do hate how  time flies sometimes.

I would love a 4 day work week with 3 days off. I remember those days. Once upon a time I had those hours. I enjoyed doing 4-10. Did I complain? Probably. There’s always something. Then again maybe not. 4-10’s are good; work hard play hard or kickback harder. 🙂

I didn’t do laundry till late yesterday. Should have done it Friday night, but no, procrastinate smocrastinate. Shoulda getterdone but was feeling lazy…. what did I do Friday night? Not like I  had a hot date or anything.  Hmmmm oh yeah Merrie Monarch 2018 – live streaming…. just glued to the computer screen in bed.   I only nodded off a couple of hundreds of times, trying to stay up. LOL

I like weekends becasue I don’t have to think about waking up. So what happens, I wake up the same time as if I was going to work. But at least I get the option to not jump out of bed becasue I’m running late. I usually fall back asleep and don’t wake up till late late. The pleasures of sleeping in. Maybe  thats why I love weekends. 🙂



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I never wanted to be a teacher. I think you have to have a calling to be a teacher. Its not something you do on a whim I never wanted to be a teacher but if I did I was thinking I should be a Special Ed teacher then the kids wouldn’t know or realize what a dufus I am, you know what I mean. I have no confidence in being a teacher. What the hell could I teach you? See, teacher can’t talk like that. I’d have to watch my language. With me “shit” just comes out. LOL

We’ve all have had good teachers and bad teachers. We all have had that one memorable teacher who encouraged us to be the best at what we know. My memorable teacher was Mrs. Bowman, I think it was freshman or sophomore year ins high school. She must have been 80’s or I thought she was way up there. But she was kine and soft spoken and treated even us “goofy” ones like we belonged. Whatever that means.  She talked and really did teach us because we listened, we paid attention and  we learned.  Mrs. Bowman was the one person who told me early on that I could write. I thought she said that to all the  students. But for some reason I believed her and I’ve always written. Just cause, that’s how I do. Free therapy for me. LOL

Fast FWD – well it would be backwards now; but in the day Y2K I was hard up for a job. I interviewed for an administrative assistant position. Which is my trade, I’m a paper pusher kind of person. I interviewed at a school district and in that process the Superintendent asked me, “Can you teach English?” I said, “I’m not a certified teacher.” Although I did have an emergency substitute teachers certificate because I did do one day here, two days there sporadically. Not enough money to go WalMart though.

Anyways, Superintendent said “That was not my question, can you teach English.” Hard up for a job me said “If you trust me with your kids, I will do the best I can.” And I got the job and the teacher who was suppose to teach me to be his replacement bailed! They said I would shadow him for two weeks, he had the lesson plans all done for the year blah blah blah. Lies!

Two days OJT – on the job training – how to teach 10th graders. Just do this, that and whatever? Mr. Teacher took off and never came back. I was there winging it like I knew what the hell I was suppose to do. Well I did know, my way. LOL I was to teach these kids how to write and life skills, fill out forms and shit. They could say shit and I couldn’t, that is not fair, that’s why I’m not a teacher.

To learn to write, you must write. That’s just common sense. So children bust out your journals, everyday we write. Write something. “I dunno what to write!” Write about how much you hate school, how much you hate this class, write about what you know. Write about why you chose the clothes you are wearing. Write something. Three paragraphs! Just frkng write! 🙂

For filling out forms, I got a bunch of applications from different places and made them fill it out.  I know they’re kids but if there is one thing I taught them its that:  NEVER PUT I DON’T KNOW on an application. Write what you know, remember?! If you don’t know, find out. And if you really really don’t know and it don’t matter, put NOT APPLICABLE. N/A not I don’t know!  I like to think those kids remembered that.

Having not ever wanting to be a teacher to being a teacher for one semester was hardest most thankless most rewarding job I ever had. Don’t think I’d do it again cause I know how not so TEACHER I was. But the kids thought I was cool. LOL Only because I treated them no different than I treated my own kids with the exception of I could not whoop these kids like I would my own. I told them that, hell some of them had never been whooped and the others have been abused.

At the end of the week I was told I was suppose hand in my “Lesson Plan.” Me – have a plan, I thought the lessons plans were done, oh yeah liar, liar, pants on fire. I had to whip up lesson plans. On a side note I’m married to a Principal from another district. Principal started out as a teacher; so I had my own consultant at home. He advised me: “What you write in your lesson plan and what you do each day/week are two different things. Just write something.” Ooooh kind of like to learn to write, you gotta write. So to be a teacher you just gotta write like you think you are a teacher. Duh? I knew that. LOL

So I turn in my “lesson plans” – DENIED – “What are your objectives?”

I ask my ‘consultant Principal’ “I have objectives?”  He says: ‘Yes, just write down what they are suppose to learn that week. What you write and what they learn may or may not happen.”  Right? Just write……

Staff Meetings. I hated staff meetings. There’s always that one or two people who go on and on about something like its there therapy session and like we all care. We just want to go home, not listen to your dang concerns. That why the kids don’t like you, listen to yourself. LOL That’s how I felt in “staff meetings” sometimes they were worst then the kids.

Being a teacher is hard work. It takes a lof of energy.  There’s this responsibility that I felt I could not meet. It was cool that there was kids who learned and they get it. Then there’s the ones who did not even try and I could see that that would be how there life would go. No where. So in that sense it was sad and I take it personally that they did not learn something.

I am grateful for the experience but I couldn’t do it on a full time basis. I don’t have THAT calling and I’m okay with that. I have my 3 I am responsible for; they are grown now, productive citizens. My kids are not addicts, alcoholics or in jail. I am grateful for that. My son says “Geez Mom thats’s how you judge us we are not  addicts, alcoholics or incarcerated?”

Yes, you know how much less drama that is in life. If y’all were any of that I would feel like a failure. Seriously.

We are all teachers in one way or another!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.









I’m addicted to sugar. I’m not suppose to have sugar BUT everything has sugar. I know eat fruit, right?

Some days, I’m totally on it . No sugar what so ever – THEN  I put something in my mouth that has sugar and that’s ITS – more  give me more, want more. Its not gonna kill me; TODAY! Tomorrow will be another story though.

I’m thinking I need to get hypnotized or something. Something that keeps my hands from feeding my face with  ding dongs. Step away from the ding dongs. It’s really really hard at work because my co-workers have a tendency to SHARE. Share chocolate cake they made, share donuts, share too much homemade goodies they made, share bread they made. The smell of homemade bread wafting thru the air, ahhhhh. Butter, where’s the butter? They are so generous its killing me. Figuratively and literally. LOL Blaming my co-workers, how rude! Like THEY MADE ME taste it!  Will Power where are you gunnfunnitt!

Okay I’m killing myself. Is there a pill that makes you not eat sugar or crave sugar? Like a pills gonna help. Will I remember to take it?

WILL POWER – I need will power.  Obviously my “Will”  is not my “power”.  But I’m working on it. The least I can do right?

Its that crazyass mentality you know: If it hurts when you do that, than don’t do that. I am a glutton for punishment and I am only hurting myself by doing that -Eating sugar.

Slowly but surely I will learn. The hard way no doubt. There’s no cure for “hudhead” but perhaps I can delay the effects. 🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Granddaughter calls my purse “your luggage.”  Respectfully so, I concur. LOL

You know its a sign when your purse on the passenger seat makes the seat belt sign come on. Swear to God, I try to carry the least amount of “stuff” but evidently I’ve failed if my purse is turning on the seat belt sign, it weighs as much as a person? No wonder my shoulder hurts. 🙂

Although on weekends, I do switch to a small purse that just carries keys, billfold, and cell. Oh and pen & small notebook.  And tissue. And lip gloss. And another pen. And….and… and….LOL

During the work week I have my “luggage” then I have my work bag. That ain’t light either. My ipad, backup phone 🙂 couple of personal files, a folder of “I printed it, it must be important” stuff, charger, note book, bandaids (I’m always getting paper cuts), backup hard disk, usb drive, foldable bag, wipes, etc etc. etc.

Why do I need a bag for my bag? Bag lady!

The backup phone:  In case I can’t find my phone, I can call myself with my backup phone. LOL My iphone is my PRIMARY phone. But the iphone has pissed me off twice!. A week before the warranty went out, my iphone stop functioning properly. It got tested and what not. Its a hardware issue, you have insurance we’ll replace it. FINE. Done. Eleven months later, the NEW replaced phone starts acting possessed and again, its a hardware issue, you have insurance we’ll replace it.

Well this last time around I bought a BURNER. LOL Got me a no contract add as need time kind of Android. So there iPhone – no need for me to panic next time that piece of phone goes out.   But I digress….. LOL … what was I talking about…. Bag lady!

Yes, I am a purse person. Certified bag lady in that sense. But not like all these other peeps that are Coach, Michael Kors or Dooney Burke whores 🙂 – my purses are usually in the $40 range. LOL Or better yet, I wait for daughter who is a Coach/Dooney Burke/Kate Spade you know what to give me her hand me downs.  I’m ok with that.

I need to learn to purge! Why am I carrying all this crap in my purse. In retrospect, its a reflection of me… too much stuff… LET GO of the stuff lady…. downsize and purge!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Another Loss Friend

Another one of my friends died on Saturday. Massive heart attack.

Woke up Saturday morning and there was a post by his wife and I was like so saddened. WOW Another hearty sound of laughter lost.

This was the guy who out camping in the sand dunes of CA/AZ shot at his vehicle because the twinkle of the headlights looked like coyote eyes.  Too funny. Then decades later he posts a picture on FB of his favorite car. I asked, “Is that the one you shot?” 🙂 So crazy that I remembered that.

He was a big Eagles fan. Mention PA or anything Eagles and he would shout out “E -A-G -L-E-S, EAGELS”  We were in a restaurant and somebody said  “eagles” and here he goes yelling at the top of his lungs like we’re in a sports bar. A fun person.

I keep reading all the post on FB. Everyone mentions his laughter or his Eagle-ness, posting pictures of him in his Eagle’s wear.

Because of FB I now know sooner they before FB,  when someone passes away. Haven’t decided if that’s good or bad. A little bit of both I think. Always saddened by it. Remember when we didn’t know someone passed away till months/years later?

I still look up my dead friends on FB. Just cause… maybe they sent me a message. LOL For two of my friends who have died their page has been removed or you can’t post.  I think I’ll leave mines up.  I want people to still wish me Happy Birthday and shit like that.  My family will TAG me. LOL Yes, I think I’ll tell my kids to leave it alone and they can still talk/type to me via FB, its therapeutic for the living, right. Besides there’s all this “historical” stuff on there. They will be able to scroll back in time. 🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I am good at sleeping. I need to sleep more. I’m part insomniac. Nature of the DISease. 🙂

But when I’m sicko, oh no problem. I sleep deep and long. My body has a tendency to shut down; again nature of the disease. Sometimes it happens a lot, sometimes a whole lot less, ya’neva know. Or I never know. I don’t think I’m tired and my head hits a pillow and I am out like a light.

My kids laugh at me because a few time I’ve fallen asleep with one shoe on one shoe off. Or I’ll sit on the couch and I’m out like a light and they can tell I just walked in with stuff all around me. LOL

A lot of times I can’t fall asleep and I hate to try to go to sleep only to get up and do something. When I go to bed I want to stay in bed and not get up till I have to in the morning.

I need to listen to my subliminal apps. LOL Use to be CDs. They put me sleep. I have no idea what it says other then the breath in and out. How else, right? LOL When I’m really really sick I listen to them a lot.

Regardless of when I go to sleep, my body clock wakes me up at 5 a.m. That sucks when I just fell asleep at 2 a.m. I have an alarm for 10 p.m. – my go to bed signal. So why am I still up at midnight.

I need to fix my sleeping habits. Bad habit, staying up late.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.