Stick In The Mud

Some people are just a stick in the mud. Too rigid to move, alone in the mire. Stuck in their ways and their powers that be. Working has to be in dead silence. Those are the kinds of people that need their own office with four walls so they can lock themselves in silence but hello its cubicle city. LOL

Okay, so that’s why “everybody” where’s headphone/ear buds to tune out the stick in the mud. Duh? Yeah I’m old school, I always think wearing earbuds at work means/looks like I’m tuning out people. What you’re tuning me out? LOL

I wonder about people like that, those who demand silence to work at work in a cubicle setting.  As I pound on my keyboard extra hard! I think my silence is different from their silence. HTH?  LOL I mean, I can tune out people & everything going around me if I’m focused on an assignment or project. Oh, probably because I am the one making the noise.  In general I’m a noisy person. 🙂

I wonder about people who need that complete silence thing in working, the need to focus in silence; does that carry on at home with spouse & kids. Its like telling a child to keep still. When do kids keep still? I always said, “go in your room and play.” I can’t sit still sometimes so why would I tell a kid to do it.

I wonder about people who need that complete silence in working, do they need that kind of silence & focus when doing it in bed? No moaning, no screaming, no grunting, that’s distracting, I’m working here. OR are they just complete freaktards when it comes to doing the deed, letting all primal sounds release.

All this running thru a silenced mind……


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono





Why that came up as a title I have no idea. Subliminal. I just let my fingers do the walking/talking on the keyboard and that’s what came out. Hmmmm

What does that mean?  I’m ok with it, but that’s because I have a high tolerance for bullshit? What! Yeah you know you do. LOL

I’m not the disagreeable type. I go with the flow, whatever that may be. Even if I think otherwise, I think I’m the only who thinks that way so I don’t want to impose on others blah blah blah. Yeah, I’m a follower like that. 🙂

Maybe that’s is why I don’t mind being by myself. I don’t have to listen to other opinions. I do what I do and have no one to blame but myself huh? Goofy like that.

I think I just need one of those vacation by myself and I’ll be all right. I am all right but I’d be more all right then I am now. LOL



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Catching Up

The downside of being off from work – like 3 days worth; is catching up.  In other words I’m so behind.

Spent the the first hour catching up on emails. Lots of deletes. I know; I should unsubscribe, I know. But certain times of the year I need to know & I sort of use them & every now and then they do have info I need.

All this going green thing, I’m sorry I need to print certain emails so I can follow up on them in the order I want to, research etc. Maybe I’m old school like that. LOL

I’d like to take 3 weeks off next year, but okay maybe two. But the catching up thing bothers me. My mind would be blank, like starting a whole new job. 🙂

Yes but I’ve done it before. LOL




Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Monday Morning Coffee

I drink coffee but I don’t usually drink coffee. OK I drink coffee BUT only if I buy it. I’m phroo phroo like that or maybe a coffee snob? LOL

I love Dutch Bros but I’m sorry I am not waiting 10 cars in line or 10 people at the window in line. I know, no patience. Once upon a time I could drive up to Dutch Bros and be the first or second car. Not no more. I asked the kids there why is everybody here NOW. They told me ever since the Dutch Bros big boss dude went on Undercover Boss business has been booming. Ok fine, but I’m still not waiting in line with 10 or more cars/people in front of me. BUT if I see 3 or less, I’m there! So I did that the other weekend; saw three cars so got in the line for my small anialator. OMG the one person infont of me ordered like 8 drinks! WTH! I wish I had someone to do a coffee run for me.

In general I’m a tea person. BUT Monday mornings I need a kick start so I get a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Safeway. Only because its down the road from work, I go get something for lunch or breakfast anyway and just because its there.

My usualy order at Starbucks is a small white mocha misto. I refuse to say TALL because its  not. Its like calling Little People tall, they are not. Why are they/Starbucks changing the definition of size. Is that a man thing? Instead of a small dick its now a tall dick?  Yeah I want a tall dick! LOL

So this morning a barrista – fancy smancy word for person who makes coffe – made me my usual order. Its my first time ordering from him. Never saw his before. My coffee was exceptionally good. Or was it becasue it was Monday morning? Well not all barrista’s are created equal. Even though they use the same recipe it comes out different. My daughter brought home an order once and it tasted watery.  She complained about her hot chocalate not tasting right.  I told her mines tasted watery. She said thats what it is!

Anyway Monday morning coffee done, time to get my rear in gear and work!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Holey Jeans

Ripped shredded jeans use to be a fashion statement back in the day – 60-70’s. BUT it wasn’t bought in the store. It was really worn & ripped naturally. You didn’t pay extra to get torn up britches.  You ripped it yourself, spilled bleach or film developer or something or other. Or go to Goodwill or Salvation Army to buy holey jeans. Usually  one produced ones own holey jeans.

How hard is it to slice up your jeans? Slice it and sand paper it.

I have one pair of jeans from high school. When I bought it, it was a nice thick denim. Gradually it thinned out. Like paper-thin. So I patched it. And patched it. I have it in a trunk somewhere, haven’t been able to toss it.

Fast FWD to yesterday, I wore this one pair of jeans that is worn out thin. And yes there is a hole but it WASN’T that big. About an inch of the back hip seam above the pocket unraveled. Quick fix. Accept I didn’t fix it. I just wore them britches. The back pocket seam was also hanging by the threads but nothing obvious, when I put them on….

I ran errands all morning here there & everywhere; in and out of the vehicle. I guess it took a toll on my behind. LOL So then at 11 a.m. picked up G’daughter & took her to lunch & malling.  We got home and G’daughter says “do you know that you have a hole in your pants?”

“yeah, it’s just little.”

” No it’s not!”

Oh – I tell her to take a picture of it. OMG the whole side of the pocket seam is shredded ripped open about 5 inches. Luckily it was a nice color panty day. Turquoise!

I tell her “Um’ its fashion!”

She shakes her head, only slightly mortified; “NOT ON YOUR BUTT!”

I thought it was hilarious myself.  🙂  Now I am forced to patch it!



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




Busy Random Thoughts

I’ve been so busy I’ve not been writing. Excuses excuses excuses huh?

I am in Conference Mode – trying to pull together aka get things done. Rooms, check, no wait there’s a cancellation. Menus, whats the cheapest; chicken.  Dessert or no dessert? Budget wise, NO dessert because “just say no.” Speakers, yes, no, ok, maybe, yes, then spouses dies. So that’s a definite no. Programs, at the printer, back 2 days before the conference. Why wouldn’t people freak out. Its like crisis management on a sane level. Crazy.

I don’t know if I should love FB or hate it. Kind of in between. Kind of like a 50 year marriage, there’s a blurry line between love & hate and you tolerate.  LOL Poet & didn’t know it. There are some of the freakingest things posted on FB. Don’t click it don’t click it, ahshit I knew I should not have clicked it. Idiot.  Now you can’t UNSEE what you just SAW!

Prayers to Puerto Rico. I am an islander.  I know feeling. AND truly I don’t think in the beginning of all of it, I don’t think Pospotus knew Puerto Rico was part of the United States, I’m thinking he thought it was a bunch of Mexicans on an island. They all speak Spanish right. LOL Spanglish?  There is a definite difference between Mexican Spanish and Puerto Rican Spanish.  Like there’s a difference between tamales and pasteles.  I love pasteles, with lots of olives like my friends mom use to make. aaaahhh

Prayers to Las Vegas. OMG – Crazy people. Beware of Lone Wolves. There are no words to express the horror and sadness. I don’t get it. There is no way to prepare for craziness like that. And what is the point of taking off your shoes in the airport? Why did I just think of that. Cause I’m loosing it too? How? Why? Where’s all the videos of what transpired before HIS shooting spree…. Casinos – camera’s everywhere… hello. I’m thinking the Investigators have tried to replicate how to bring 23 rifles and ashitload of ammo into a hotel room. The 32nd floor? Why that floor, is 30 too low, 33 to high; I don’t get it; 31 was not available?

Maybe its me because I don’t know jackshit about guns, but my first thought when I saw the pictures, clips of where the shooter was to where the concert was; I was like bullets can go that far? DUH? Well I know about “snipers” and 1 mile away and the likes, but that’s ONE bullet. This was machine gun rapid fire, Gaitlin gun or something or other. Crazy. SAD. WHY?

Now the conspiracy theories. I agree, some one else knows something. Also I think people are making things up as they go along. Facts blurred by BS or is it BS stirred with facts?

Pray for sanity and peace and sane politicians. Two outta three be good.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.

Scarey Scarey Scarey

Why I shy away from crowds in places where I don’t know where my exists are…

I’ve been to festival & concerts and such but not lately….

We live in a really scarey time. While the news and politicians are telling us about all the bad foreigners when in fact its the everyday weirdos you have to be aware of. There are  lot of weirdos in the world,

Long long ago, I went on a cruise ship and we did the fire drill man over board drill. As I stood in line with others decked out in life jackets; I looked around and asked myself….. Do I want to die with these people? Hmmmmm NO!

When I see freeways clogged with evacuating peoples, I think; I’ll just die at home.  I guess I have an attitude like that.

Last night in Las Vegas was the largest mass murder in modern history.  The actually largest mass murder was Wounded Knee.

Its true nowadays you never know if you are going to make it home or not. Sad that we live in this kind of certain uncertainty.

How fast POSPOTUS reacted to this tragedy as oppose to Puerto Rico.  And why am I politicalizing this incident. Probably because it is all related. Ripple effect. Domino effect. Copy cat eat the rat effect. Whatever its called…

The human variable is unpredictable, you can profile someone up one side and down the other, there’s always that one that’s off the chart & unpredictable as all shitheads.

I am saddened by this assault on humanity. How crazy is all this? So now more people  understand post traumatic stress syndrome.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Misdirection Again

Nuclear war, natural disasters, health care…..

NO,  lets focus on football….

Things that make you say WTF!

Like I said I’m waiting for tax returns and the golden showers video. Which do you think will come first?  If at all…..

Regardless, HELP Puerto Rico, TX & FL!  The Governor of New York has done what the person in the White House should be doing.  You are going to help them when, in the next couple of weeks? Do you even understand what a natural disaster is, what it means to have  no water, food and electricity.  Go stand in there shoes/place and see how you cope with no water, food & electricity;  YOU wait to two weeks!

I was wondering if he knows if Puerto Rico is part of America, they are US Citizens. Kind of like Guam and American Samoa. But they ain’t white, you know that part right? Its a sad thing to say but its seems like an example of  “white privilege” prevails.


AND the protest is NOT against the flag, its about keeping the minorities down, inequalities, exclusion vs inclusion.  The people kneeling are way more patriotic then then the people who only know one color. White is right. Really?

America was/is built on the lives of many races.

So tell us MrManInCharge, why are you ranting about the NFL? At this time of natural disasters and people in dire need; how does the NFL fit into this scheme of life.

And how about that pissing contest with North Korea. You know  y’all  should just pull out your dicks and compare, who ever has the biggest one WINS. Done! No ones son, father, kid, uncle, mom, daughter, sister, aunt gets killed.

No lives are hurt, maimed or dead over your EGOs.

If the white house reactions to the natural disaster in Puerto Rico is so lacking, can you imagine the reaction if there is a nuclear blast! He would be safe in some freaking bunker and we can just kiss our ass goodbye.

I believe in karma MF!




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



I love jewelry. Most women do ain’t it? A little BLING never hurts.

Way way back in the day, I use to think; men are suppose to buy ME jewelry. Whatever male person in my life whatever. WTH did I get that idea? I’m thinking it was a Catholic thought or something. The being raised Catholic thing & my Dad with the only boys do that and girls can’t or not suppose to do that. That always bugged me. So I’m thinking its from there. LOL

Fast FWD to now. I buy my own shit.  Okay so it’s mostly/all costume jewelry and not hundreds or thousands dollars a piece. But its shiny & blingy!

I have a lot of jewelry from Avon. Its affordable and trendy and I like it.

I saw something on Facebook where they sell jewelry via FB Live and its $5.00 a piece. Everythings $5.00. I watched it but I did not participate, aka buy anything. I can see where you can get sucked in because if you buy 5 pieces, its free shipping & handling. So you may as well buy 5 pieces right. Tempting but I’ll stick with Avon for now.

When I hit the lottery or maybe a Sugar Daddy with unlimited resources money is no object type, which ever comes first;  I have a whole list of jewelry pieces I would like to purchase.

I NEED one good diamond, nothing over the top just a simple serious real diamond. I like Tahitian pearls myself.  I like turquoise and silver, not the kind you see in stores but the ones directly from the artist, or the artists family.  The ones in the Galleries are way over priced.  Although I would buy from reputable sales establishments like Navajo Arts & Crafts and the gift shop at the Pueblo Cultural Center.

I use to wear a lot of rings. Total HS phase. I only wear 3 now.  I know I’m loosing weight when my thumb ring comes off easily or just slides off. Sad though it’s just my thumb that looses weight, not my body. LOL

I have a turtle ring that I bought from anarts & crafts vendor back in the 80’s I think.  I get a lot of compliments and lots of offers to buy my turtle ring. I think its made with tortoise shell and silver. Very simple and cute. I think it has a lot of fung shei or good vibes or great energy or somehthing…. don’t know what it is, perhaps it carries the good energies of the artist or something.

I know very few women who don’t like jewelry and I don’t think its so much they don’t like it. They just don’t wear it.  As oppose to me who puts on two necklaces, can’t decide and wears both of them. Some how it works.

Definitely though part of my lottery winnings is going to go to buying REAL Jewelry.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



First Impressions

Do you believe in your first impressions?

Its kinda a weird, even for me; met  a person and the first thought that came to mind was …. well I’ll not say for now.  It was just that, it thru me off and I wondered why did I think that.  It will take a while to prove if my “first impression” is for real or not.

I suppose it just thru me for a loop because it’s a rare occasion that such an impression like that happens to me. It’s usually this or that, but this one was like someones ulterior motive. Why would I know or feel this? Am I that perceptive? WTH? LOL

I just can’t shake the thought of having a “premonition”.  It probably take a few years to prove this “premonition” right or not. By then, will I remember? Duh.

Anyway sometime I get these I told you so feelings. But its with my kids so that’s expected. But stranger wise, stranger danger. Yikes? Well its nothing dangerous or mean or ugly. Okay maybe a little ugly, more kind of undermining.

AH,  WE shall see?  Yes, but will WE remember?


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono