Busy Busy Busy

I’ve been busy. And if not I’ve been lazy. Usually I be busy full speed ahead get out of my way and then I crash. Two hour nap. Is it a nap if its more then an hour? When I sleep, I sleep.

I always think sleep is healing. So I’ve very healed because I sleep. LOL

Work has been a whirlwind, in a good way. Some people don’t have a job. So work for me is always good. I know the feeling of no shopping and creditors knocking on the door kind of time. So yeah, work is work its all good. ¬†I know how it is to have zero income so I am more then grateful to have a regular paycheck.

I had a good 3 day weekend. I think all weekends should be 3 days. I miss doing 4/10 workdays. I loved doing 4 days 10 hours. And our boss told us we could only have 30 minute lunches we were like, “excuse me?” LOL We loved our hour lunches. So we kept our hour lunch and did half a days on Friday. That work out really well. We go in, do what we gotta do, nobody called or bothered. We got more done in 4 hours then in 1 regular work day. Even the boss admitted that it was a good idea. Yes, well people who do work know these things because we don’t TRAVEL. ūüôā

I actually cleaned a hoarder pile I had going on. I cleaned out old statements from 2009 & beyond. Had piles to shred. I found books. Well they were never lost, just unread. So I have a pile of books I need to read. Use to be I’d get a book start reading it and be done. Obviously I’ve not done ¬†that but just pile the books up. I found blank books, notebooks, journals what have you. I should journal more. Oh isn’t that what this is? Whatever. I just need to write. Like hand written cause my handwriting sucks and I’m thinking it’ll improve right? Or it should improve if I write regularly. I hope so anyway.

I found stuff I don’t know why I have. I found writings I have no clue what the hell I was thinking about. I found list I couldn’t imagine what was I thinking. I read old journal writings and did not remember or care about what I was writing. ¬†Obviously at the time it was important and relevant but now, I’m clueless.

I write because it unclutters my mind but those blank books adds to physical clutter. Its a vicious circle. ūüôā


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.

AWOL – Random Thoughts

I know I was supposed to write and I didn’t write; for whatever reason. I would look at the blank page, be blank, blank out. No not really but yes blank.

Must be a mood thing. I was not in the mood. Kind of like sex. LOL But not really ok yes, really. Well, sometimes anyway. It just is, right.

I don’t watch the news on TV. I don’t read the newspaper. So I basically get news online. I assume it is real news, if its fake it’s not news, its bullshit. Right. Lots of bullshit online right. One has to read and read more and compare to judge what is real & bullshit. Kind of like we all have a friend that’s a bullshitter so you don’t believe anything until its verified by other sources.

Did you hear about the Congressman or politian dude who body slammed a reporter? No video just audio. WHAT? Nobody had a camera rolling. Come on! I wanted to see the fight! Truth hurts right, he just acted on his impulse and his impulses said slam him & he did. Can’t make this shit up. There’s audio. I’m waiting for the video.

They say its a traditional to wear black to the Vatican or to go see the Pope. You know, there is happy black and look like you are at a funeral black. If you’re not going to a funeral why be all that somber funeral black looking. You know what I mean. You can wear black and look normal happy. I do. nah nah nah ok yes. A pop of color people. ūüôā

b8a1a05527016bbd1cfa56477044a06f vatican

What’s up with that black veil, you didn’t go to ¬†mass. I grew up going to mass and FEMALES had to cover their head. If you did not have a veil or beanie or hat or something; some Grandma or Aunty would come behind you and put a tissue on your head. God forbid. Then after mass all the kids be teasing you “kleenex head kleenex head”. I think a short veil would have looked cuter. With a big comb. Yes, a mantilla huh? I have both. LOL ¬†I don’t get it, you cover your head in the vatican but you don’t in Saudi Arabia. I would so rock a hijab. I always admire this one lady I always see who talks hands free because her cell phone is tucked into her hijab. I think thats cool but thats me.

The Pope made stink eye! LOL Just had to throw that out there…..

22947bb6bf2f8de346c9820f14928ecd - pope

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Not Korean drama-ing.

So my new binge of the week, month, whatever is….. making pow wow shawls. ūüôā

Basically tying a shawl. It just the basic kind, I don’t know how to do designs or what not, I just know how to tie fringe on 2 yards of material. I’ve know how to do it for a long time. I only do it when I need to. Or if ¬†given ¬†money. LOL

The most I’ve done consecutively is 12 or 15, I forgot. There was a giveaway and that’s how many shawls were needed for ¬†give away.

So SIL was having a give away and daughter asked if I could make one for their giveaway. Just send me fringe and yes I can.

Fourteen inch chainette fringe is not something you can find at Wal-Mart or not even JoAnn’s. You can get it from Crazy Crow Trading online, plus S&H of course. I found some on Amazon, but do I really want to spend that much. NO. So never mind.

So I made 2 shawls and SIL said, I should be doing it year round. I can do that, just send me fringe.

I am working on one now and I have 4 waiting for my fringe supplier. Basically you get 2 yards of gabardine material, hem the edges, individually add on fringe piece by piece. You have to undo the chainette fringe and sew on 2 pieces every inch or so; then you tie it in a knot. Whaluh! Pow wow shawl.

You can go to Pinterest and search pow wow shawls and see are the outstanding colorful creative Natives creations. Mines look nothing like that. LOL Mines is just one color fabric and one color fringe. That’s all I know how to do. Don’t know how to do ribbionwork or applique or fancysmancy, just generic. ‚̧

I learned to do this because I couldn’t afford to buy them for me and my daughters. I thought it was something hard to do till I saw someone making one and I was like “oh can do that.” So that’s how I got pow wow shawls for me and the girls. So then I went on a binge and made them for Christmas, for all the women in the family; for the aunts and cousins. ¬†That was my first shawl binge. Back then fringe cost $3-5 a yard. Now it’s more like $8-12 a yard. I’ve seen it as high as $18. Which is nutz. ¬†You need 2 yards or less for one adult shawl, depends how far apart you space them.

I forgot to take pictures of the ones I made, I just sent it off. Must remember to take a picture of my current binge batch. ūüôā


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




Obsolete or Nostolgia

Both? ‚̧

Telephone books…. they still make them , they still give it away – you find it in your driveway or doorstep BUT does anyone use them nowadays?

Payphones/Phone booths…..I haven’t seen any phone booths lately. Payphones I’ve seen and wondered if anyone still uses them. You would need a bunch of change ain’t it? Or is it modern and it will take your debt it card? Just walked by it did not read the fine print.

c3f00951c67b005bc428dea5fc6185f8 - phone booth

Remembering phone numbers! I don’t even remember my own sometimes. Who needs to remember if you have a smart phone, or a dumb phone for that matter; its called the contact list. I use to know peoples phone numbers. Now… I couldn’t tell you more then the area code. I even get that wrong sometimes. I know some of the last 4# of some peoples phone numbers.

Address books……. who still uses a physical address book? I have an old one I keep, just for reference & nostalgic purposes. LOL ¬†Most people have moved but some are still at the same place ¬†I think the phone numbers are changed for sure.

If you know what this is you are old. If you used one of these you are older! LOL

ee4100dd8fcd1347aa0d781512eb8070 - sprinkler

ff3f6112dbecfb8d2ce7a42cf848aec4 copierYou are also way old if you remember the smell of the¬†memeograph¬†machine. Is that what it’s called? The back-in-the-day copier. Remember when worksheets were handed out the first thing you did was put the paper on your face and inhale. Yeah we were all sniffers.

Typing class. Who remembers typing class? I believe these days it’s called keyboarding, whatever. My kids thought I was making crap up when I told them, I learned on a manual and you had master that before you were allowed on the electric. I want a working functional Selectric typewriter, just because. LOL When my son was in grade school we were at a yard sale and there was a manual typewriter, the old big clunker black ones. There was paper in it, so my son typed on it and at the end of the line his eyes were searching the keys. Finally he asked: Mom, where’s the return key? I cracked up laughing and as I returned it for him; I said: Right here, its called your hand! He was so fascinated¬†by it, he just kept returning till the paper came out.

3a650ee820d96ea54fab1e17a1903ec2 - royal

My kids think I’m nuts when I tell them some of the stuff WE had that is long gone. They think I’m making stuff up. So I just say Google it or search it on Pintrest. LOL

f0629258c4c453a05ef3c2c1adf7c306 iodineDo they even still sell this? Kids would probably be mortified if you had to use it on them. I always thought it was a pretty color.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


AIN’T Gonna Lie ~ I am addicted to POP.!

I stopped drinking diet soda. YAY Then I had a drink and I can’t stop. LOL

I drink regular not diet now. I drink ice tea too but  sometimes Рa lot of times; I just want that carbonation.

I need to invest in some Pierre or Palagrino – mineral water, seltzer. Something.

I’m good all day then about 3:00 pm – I just can’t help myself. I’m so bad.

Well I remember when I use to drink 2 or 3 cans of pop. Now its one, okay sometimes two. But I’m better than I use to be. Way better. ūüėÄ

I’m addicted to sugar, ain’t it. Dessert first and that sorta thing. One of these days I’ll get it right. Moderation! Who am I kidding? I lie to myself all the time.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I have been diligently doing my 30 minute walk during lunch. I work in an historical area, so the homes behind the office are all these little homes from way back when. Each one different, built before HOA’s were invented.

I’m proud for doing something right. Even if it doesn’t look like it right now. LOL I know its the right thing. No matter what I always think I’m fat so its a mute point just keep walking. ūüėÄ

fb27495dee962084d655ad6253e24efc 30min

I can say I do this 5 days a week. It has kept my weight in check, it hasn’t gone any higher. Check! I really enjoy my walks and miss it when I don’t do it. I walk with out earbuds stuck in my ears because I like listening to nature and cars going by. ¬†Crossing the street one day, I waited & ¬†watched as a car slowly crawled to the stop sign and of course her head was bowed down TEXTING. She got to where I was standing ¬†and it startled her that there was a human standing there. ¬†That is so common these days, people just rolling with their heads bowed down to their all mighty phones. ¬†I can barely drive and answer the phone, cause I can find it much less text & drive. I take forever texting sitting down and I can’t do it while I’m walking I get motion sickness. But yeah, people stop it.

For once I think I’ve developed a good habit. Too many times we focus on our bad habits. Proud of myself for developing a good habit. LOL

e7a166c6db5de19e6f2b7c6077e42114 walking

Good to know that I’ve been upping my life expectancy. I’m just excited about lowers, weight, BMI & blood pressure.

7fe458cf344a59e144caaedda1a0a1da benefits

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Mother’s Day

Everyday is Mother’s Day!

When my kids were Jr Hi/HS I would tell them: Mother’s Day should be the ONE day you are disrespectful, talk back, act ugly, be more stupid then stupid, and totally contrary; the the rest of the year y’all are perfect angels!

And of course they were like: C’mon MOM you know it doesn’t work that way!


That was then, this is now. LOL After all that Jr Hi/HS attitude they are good people, productive citizens. ¬†They are not in jail or addicts. Two out of three have their own children and I remind them regularly of the “family curse.”

Family Curse:  Wait till you have kids!

LOL They have children now and I just crack up at them.  Although truth be known I think they are way better then I was as a parent.

Truth is I faked it till I made it, and I am proof that prayer works. That is no joke. Parenting make you do stuff you don’t want to do but you know its right so you do it, it ain’t about YOU no moe, its about them. Us. We. Family. Ohana.

I laugh when my kids freak out at what their kids do  because once upon a time they did the very same thing.  I get out of saying kick saying: What about the time you did such & such?  And they look at me and roll their eyes, like how I use to do them. LOL Paybacks a bitch and its fun watching too.


Had a great Mother’s Day. Anytime your children feed you its a blessing. Well everyday is blessing because everyone is basically healthy and well and so far drama free.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


My Mom has it. My older sister is showing signs of it.

How do you help someone who doesn’t want help? Even more so, how do you help someone who is in denial. Sister knows there is something wrong or things are NOT the way it use to be, times one hundred give or take some. She just gets all defensive and pissed and what not, depressed. In the mean time her weight is going way up and that just adds another problem ¬†to the problem.

I don’t live close to her. So I’m just basically texting & emailing my niece/her oldest daughter. I’m like there is a PILL for this, its still early this can be managed. Yes but the person needs to want IT to be managed.

So I was reading the list of stages of Alzheimers and ALL I READ WAS “forgetting where they park” AND I was OMG I have it! Ain’t gonna lie, I forget where I park – like at the airport or underground parking, I take a picture on my phone for reference. That’s why its called a smart phone, it remembers where I parked. LOL

I think awareness its key. So I’m wondering about me. Need to have the conversation with the husband and kids now while I’m relatively sane. ūüėÄ

Knowing my family they are going to say “we’re just gonna thru you in da crazy house.”

I think because for the past 10 years I’ve been going to the doctors regularly, quarterly; I’m more inclined to tell them if something is changing or different. I’ve been seeing the same specialist for the past 8 years, hopefully they would notice if I’m going bonkers although my Doc all ready thinks I’m bonkers for asking for pakalolo. LOL

This makes me wonder if/when happens to me it does, do I recognize it, what would I do? Would I know? Y’all must tell me. LOL

ad87e454989fa1834cc2e4e965404ec6 - alzheimer


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Paycheck To Paycheck

I live paycheck to paycheck. I am grateful I have a paycheck.

I need to learn not to spend. Easier said then done. I need to quit buying snacks, fast food, french fries <3; I need to stop with the  french fries.  As always, easier said then done.

I am not ¬†good with money, saving wise but I’m good at spending. I do that real well. The saving part, not so much. But I am improving. I use to be way worst. LOL

Its bad the few days before payday is such a downer; cause it’s that I gotta wait till payday time. supposedly one should have funds budgeted right, so as to not be in that predicament. Again, easier said then done.

I think being aware is good. I’m aware, there fore I’m good.


Be Blessed. (\O/)

Malama pono