Today at Safeway is: Senior Discount 10% day – 55 and older

Me: Is every Wednesday Senior Discount?

Cashier: No, only on the first Wednesday of the month.

Me: I’m senior-ish.

Cashier – laughs, rings up my 2 items and hands me the receipt with no 10% discount.

Well, I’m laughing too and I realize –  Soooo I’m not getting the 10% discount? That’s ok, I’m rich like that I can handle not getting my Senior Citizen discount. Besides I took it as a compliment. LOL

I once got carded at a casino buffet for not looking old enough to get the Senior Discount.  Come on now, who lies about that? Ok, yeah there are people like that, but I ain’t one of them. I’m not gonna lie about being 55 or older when I ain’t. Shhheeeesh At that casino buffet that I got carded at, the cashier called her Supervisor. In the mean time the line got longer and longer. I was kind of embarrassed & DH totally annoyed. Supervisor lady looked to be 80-ish. 😀 So together cashier & Supervisor scrutinized my drivers licence and did the math. Ok yeah she passes as the line grew longer & longer.

What can I say, I’ve been blessed with good genes, thanks to my maternal grandmother. I just recently realized my oldest sister is 70! When did that happen?  I don’t remember 70 looking like her or my idea of 70 does not look like her. Then again I am really bad at guessing peoples age.


I don’t get carded at bars anymore. Not that I’ve been to one lately, but I use to always get carded. I don’t know why the bouncer dudes couldn’t even calculate my birth date on my drivers license, isn’t that a sign I’m not lying maybe. AND the number they come up with, that is not a number I would choose.

I’ve never lied about my age. I may not say what it is, but I don’t flat out lie and give a false statement. Lying about my age takes too much math. I am bad at arithmetic. Also to deny my age would be to deny my classmates. We’re close like that. LOL

9d11f39a531bc3658f450ab13c873e2e See this is something my classmates would say. Okay yeah,  this would be me calling somebody out like that. Of course after I roll my eyes.

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono