Tattoo Thoughts

I’ve always wanted one since I was little. As I got older my thought was; where would I put it and what design? Just thoughts in the back of my mind. In my 40s, because I’m slow like that; I finally figured out where I would want one. No point mentioning it now, it is a mute point? So then what design?

Something original. Something I’m the only one who would have it. There are a lot of designs that I like. But if I’ve seen it on someone then I don’t want one like that. You know what I mean. I asked my son the artist to design me something. But you know when you TELL kids to do something then that’s what they are NOT gonna do. Yeah its like that.

I don’t like color. It reminds me of the newspaper cartoon pages. Remember those? Y’all probably too young. Well color is okay if its like a Yakuza piece, cause its traditional. It is just something I myself do not prefer. I dislike random pieces placed here, there and everywhere. It may makes sense to the owner, but I just seen randomness and not something I would choose. I know I’m being judgemental and we all do that; see certain tattoo designs of peopole and wonder “why?”  Wonder what story goes with that.

Have you ever seen an ugly ass tattoo? I mean the kind you ask, you paid for that? I almost told someone I know,  “that was a junk artist you went to” but NO I bit my tongue. Did not go there. But you know what I mean; with all the really great art out there, if the art on your body is even just mediocre, its noticeable. If you are paying for it, pay for the good ones man.

I like the Polynesian art. Some people call it Tribal, but when I hear Tribal I want to know what Tribe; so I say Polynesian or Ethnic. I’ve seen some really pretty Tahitian pieces. A friend of mine went to Tahiti and he got this fishhook on his ear, small & unassuming very intricate.  And yes there are distinguishing designs between Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian and Maori designs. Then there are ones that are combined, depending on the artist. Then there’s the different Asian country artist. Regardless, great artist are great artist.

I listened to a well know Polynesian give a lecture on his work and his lineage of tattoo-ing. So interesting from the cultural relevance of it all. His philosophy of the client does not choose or tell him what to tattoo, HE chooses and tattoos you of what design he envisions after spending time & interviewing the client.  I’ve also heard this very thought from another elder traditional tattoo-ist of another culture.

I find that very interesting because it involves a lot of trust. Ok, complete trust to have someone permanently draw on your body something not of your choosing. You are buying something sight unseen, no take backs ever!  Am I that trusting?  Maybe when I was younger, I woulda been like “oh yell yeah do whatever I’m ok with that.”  Now, not so much; I’m jaded. But with that said,  on a goofy day I maybe in a “hell yeah go for it mood” and it just may happen.

Tattoos I like:

I know if I had a tattoo when I was younger; I wouldn’t like it now. I have grown and changed so much having a reminder of my stupid young self would frking irritate me. I would want it changed. I know how fickle and attention deficit I am. I would change my mind in a decade or so and not want it no more.  Its like jewelry right? You get a diamond ring 20-30 years ago, then decades later you want a way better one. Well you can take off jewelry, not tattoos.

For me, now would be good time to get a tattoo. I mean how many decades do I have left? LOL I now understand now what “permanent” and forever means and  my growth of “attitudes” have stabilized. Kind of sort of. Whatever that means.  LOL

I don’t see me getting a tattoo anytime soon. It use to be a novel idea and I like being novel like that. Nowadays its mainstream common and  I don’t need mainstream common at this time. 🙂  Nowadays being tattoo-less is the novel  thing. IF my friend the tattoo dude offers to do a piece on me that he thinks is appropriate, I would consider it. Last chance right? Because he does know me and I trust in his mana’o, experiece and skills. I  THINK I would say “yeah lets do it.”

In the mean time; my body remains a  blank canvas and I like it like that.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Gained Weight On A Diet

MOST people loose weight on a restricted diet. Not me. Its just a pound or two. Water weight? Who are we kidding.

I should stay off scales. I know this but WTH it couldn’t hurt. My feelings are really hurt hell. I was saltless, soyless, dairyless, chocolateless, eggless (egg whites ok), restarantless (I cheated – fries with no salt), anything from the ocean-less, breadless (unless I made my own & I don’t have the Betty Crocker gene) and process foodless and still I inhaled fat? AND I walked at least a mile or more a day.

AND that BMI chart says I am OBESE. I am not obese, just a Beast!  I read it as, I should be taller! When I grow UP I will be in tuned to this BMI chart dilly. LOL Who da hell invented that BMI chart anyway, I bet it wasn’t a fat person.

3612b7d420210925e420c51eced3eb17 bmi

So much for being on freaking diet. Well I know all this stuff but still I was thinking maybe this time it will be different. Nope, same story, different date. 😀 I’m okay with it, such is life. You gotta roll with it and not let it roll over you.

I still fit in my clothes! So there! LOL I think clothes is a better indication than the BMI chart. The point is to eat right & exercise. Quit being hypnotized by Korean Dramas. 🙂 Walk more. Lift weights some. Dance more, cardio!

0968612f9eb1c3e090ae1f393ba78fea memes

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

My Bad

You know how you know better, but you do it anyway just because. Experience tells you one thing and you do it anyway. Hard headed is when you don’t even listen to yourself. AND there is no cure fo’hudhead!

So my rant is: I ordered a free sample. How free is it when you have to pay shipping & handling right? I know this, so fine.

Then I get an email receipt with details of the $4.95 AND it lists two more invoices numbers for May and June. Like I’m subscribing or something. I just wanted the free $4.95 samples.  I email SUPPORT and tell them to stop it. I do not want a membership or subscription or even their product now because they have irritated me.

Then I see a transaction for $42.43 on my credit card. BTW its a prepaid card, that I use for online purchases. So really its a debit visa. The balance is relatively low, that way no money no purchase and if I really want it I have to put money in it to use it.

So anyway, then I get an email from the company saying purchase denied for insufficient funds. $4.95 was denied! YES because you charged me for the higher amount I did not want. Duh?  More emails to support. And their phone # on the email 844-MOREBEAUTIFUL. Where the hell am I calling? It’s a fricken sign right.

I call the credit card company. I tell them my issues. I tell’um can I block these people? She says with all the Internet scamming going on its better that I just get a new card. Ok sounds good to me.  Expect a new card in 7-10 business days, I’m good with that.

Note to self: Quit with the free sample buying, nothing is free and free comes with hassles, time, and sometimes even more money.

Hate to put people on blast but stop it!

And props to – they have been really straight up and helpful.  I think I’m calling the Phillipines. I hear plenny manungs in the background and the operators have a faint familiar accent and yeah they really do sound like Maria and Rosa. Unlike Ali-ver sounds like from India.

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




Fasting not by choice but cause I have too. Having a WTH moment….. 🙂

Today I take my nuke meds. Just pop a couple of pills, easy peasy on that part.

BUT  NO eating 4 hours prior taking it, I take it at 1:30pm. And NO eating 2 hours after.

Not a bite. I can drink the usual. I forgot to ask about alcohol and beer but lets just asume that’s a given, I should not be drinking during daylight work hours especially since I’m driving myself.

So I’m starving. I drank coffee. I drank tea. I drank water. I’m having a 7up. I’m going to the bathroom.


F is for WTF. A is for Acceptance, I agree, I need to accept this as part of treatment, it beats Chemo.  S is for Self-Control, yes I can do this; listen to the doctors & nurses. T is for Truth, the truth hurts and you know this so roll with it. I is for Integrity, but I cheated on my diet but yes I have integrity, some, alot; just not when I’m on this dieting cruise. N is for Nourishment, yeah I’ve only been eating nourishing foods, no salt, no chocolate, no soy , now bread, lot of no no’s but I eat so I’m good. G is for Grace; yes by the Grace of God I’ve lasted this long and hopefully will last a long long time because I’ve fased therefore I will live! 😀


Yes I pray I will eat well after I’m done with this treatment.  Fasting and praying has brought me to today.

I am blessed, no doubt.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I’m kind of embarrassed by the leadership of this country. Do you know what I mean?

Like you can’t teach an old dog new tricks or what, more like the old dog does not want to learn. YOU have access to tutors and I’m sure your staff can probably tutor you or hire some one who can. YOU can read a teleprompter, right? So why not TRY that. It beats the badly speech of repeating oneself and glaring generalities. Could you be more specific sir?

Our leader being compared to Kim Jung Un, I mean hello, is that not a sign. Are we doomed yet.? World leaders playing chicken with nukes. I’m sure these guys have their bug our bags packed, shelter is  all stocked and good to go. Mean while who suffers their consequences?

America sees/watches what is going on in Syria and think, oh it won’t happen here. Think again and look at who’s in charge. What are the odds?  Preppers are ready and I am not.

On national TV with a world leader and there is war, death and destruction going on and you bring up OBAMA. Get a grip. That is done with. Its your turn, step it up. The past is the past, learn from it and do the right thing. Can you handle that? Evidently not so much cause you keep bringing up other people? Do your job and lead, not golf?  JFC

Read the dictionary or something. Start with looking up NEPOTISM!  You are running a COUNTRY, not your personal business. Oh wait to you its the same thing, to hell with what other people say.

Perhaps I am being melodramatic. All I know how to do is pray.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Today at Safeway is: Senior Discount 10% day – 55 and older

Me: Is every Wednesday Senior Discount?

Cashier: No, only on the first Wednesday of the month.

Me: I’m senior-ish.

Cashier – laughs, rings up my 2 items and hands me the receipt with no 10% discount.

Well, I’m laughing too and I realize –  Soooo I’m not getting the 10% discount? That’s ok, I’m rich like that I can handle not getting my Senior Citizen discount. Besides I took it as a compliment. LOL

I once got carded at a casino buffet for not looking old enough to get the Senior Discount.  Come on now, who lies about that? Ok, yeah there are people like that, but I ain’t one of them. I’m not gonna lie about being 55 or older when I ain’t. Shhheeeesh At that casino buffet that I got carded at, the cashier called her Supervisor. In the mean time the line got longer and longer. I was kind of embarrassed & DH totally annoyed. Supervisor lady looked to be 80-ish. 😀 So together cashier & Supervisor scrutinized my drivers licence and did the math. Ok yeah she passes as the line grew longer & longer.

What can I say, I’ve been blessed with good genes, thanks to my maternal grandmother. I just recently realized my oldest sister is 70! When did that happen?  I don’t remember 70 looking like her or my idea of 70 does not look like her. Then again I am really bad at guessing peoples age.


I don’t get carded at bars anymore. Not that I’ve been to one lately, but I use to always get carded. I don’t know why the bouncer dudes couldn’t even calculate my birth date on my drivers license, isn’t that a sign I’m not lying maybe. AND the number they come up with, that is not a number I would choose.

I’ve never lied about my age. I may not say what it is, but I don’t flat out lie and give a false statement. Lying about my age takes too much math. I am bad at arithmetic. Also to deny my age would be to deny my classmates. We’re close like that. LOL

9d11f39a531bc3658f450ab13c873e2e See this is something my classmates would say. Okay yeah,  this would be me calling somebody out like that. Of course after I roll my eyes.

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



LID – Day 3

8 a.m. and I haven’t cheated. Yet.  Its in the evenings when I’m tired of munching on fruit  and veggies that I mess up.

I’m feeling skinny only because I’ve not eaten bread or rice or meat. No wait yes I did eat some meat last night. 😀 I haven’t had all the junk I use to munch on, so that’s a good thing. Patting myself on the back for that. I was so tempted to eat ONE potato chip, HELLO liar liar pants on fire, NO ONE can eat just ONE potato chip!

I have to carry nuts & fruits around. As long as I graze all day I’m ok, but then the sun goes down and I want cake or something to that effect.

Then I was thinking, I would loose weight right; if I always just grazed and ate one big meal.  What a novel idea.

I keep making these plans about WHERE am I going to go eat once I’m done with this Low Iodine Diet business. I was thinking: Winner winner chicken dinner; when I’m done right? So maybe some chicken and waffles. I especially like Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles, I love their smothered chicken and sweet potatoes and koolaid. One of the few places if not the only place that has Kool-aid on tap. LOL


Well enough about food, as I finish a pack of blackberries.  This too shall pass or maybe I will continue to east just fruits, veggies & nuts. Ok the nuts must be making me nuts.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Day 1 LID – Cheater Cheater

Pumpkin eater? Whatever.

I was doing soooo good, eating all my rabbit food, vegan delights, vegging out…. AND I had a carrot cake! Would not have been bad if I had made it myself. Like I’m Betty Crocker or something; but it was from a a restaurant.

Hello no restaurants, no eating out. Yeah well in this day and age and undisciplined me….. I went out ok, could not say no and be the party pooper of dining out person.

I will live. Just failing myself but not really. I have been eating so much veggies & fruit, I will probably live longer now. LOL

Its about discipline, which I kind of lack. I’m goofy like that. Its about  life today and I picked carrot cake. Hell is that about? Quality of life. Like right now right now. 🙂

Oh the choices we make. I kind of don’t think I’ll croak over a piece of carrot cake. Ok a gigantic piece of carrot cake. But I’m messing with my test results no doubt. Its day one and I fail but I’m ok with it because I’ve eaten better today more then I ever have so won’t let a guilt trip over carrot cake ruin it. LOL

Today is Day 2, 7:30 a.m. and I have not failed yet! Winner winner chicken dinner. Only if I cook it. Its usually in the evening I go crazy. I have watermelon this morning for breakfast so I’m good.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Low Iodine Diet

Aka LID. Tomorrow I start a low iodine diet in preparation for a Thyrogen procedure, therapy, treatment? Whatever it’s called, that Thyrogen stuff. But first need to do the LID for 2 weeks. Before Thyrogen was available the diet was 6 weeks. Been there done that.

It consist of day 1 a shot in da ass, day 2 shot on the other side, day 3 some serious nuclear pills, day 4 nothing just glow in  the dark – ok not really; but I always check, then day 5 you get thrown into one of those full body scanner machines that can trigger claustrophobic paranoia. Or something to that effect.

I think the hardest part is dieting. I need to deplete my body of iodine. Soooooo I can’t eat anything from the ocean, no sea or iodized salt ( kosher salt ok), no soy, no chocolate, no restaurants, no eggs (egg whites ok), no dairy, no process food. Meat is ok if it’s free range. Oh no rice. So basically vegan-ish.

I can do this! 😜 it’s hard but it’s doable. Oh NO ice cream! But sorbet is ok. YAY for sorbet!


I use to think oh this is going to make me skinny. Yeah well fat chance to skinny. No metabolism means skinny is hard to come by. Well work in progress anyway. So we we will see….

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



I read some where that if you have 3 or more of something, its a collection.

For some unknown reason I use to have a collection of coffee mugs with my name on it. I think people, my kids bought them for me and sentimental value I could not give it  away or throw it away. Until one of our notorious moves and I said forget this shit, I ain’t packing it and hauling where ever. Goodwill gottem’.

I have way too many purses. Bags for my bag. I givem’ away so I can buy more. WTH LOL I have 3 or 4 evening purse. Haven’t been out lately where I would need an evening bag but they are too cute fancy smancy to give away. So I’m ready if I get invited to any hoity toity function that requires an evening purse. I have bags I use for the work week, bags for the weekend, bags for hula practice and bags to catch-all including the purse I’m using. So yeah the bag, for the bag.

Speaking of bags; I am waiting for a name brand-purse-that-I-can’t-afford hand me down from daughter. I can’t see spending more then $29.99 for a purse that I usually be carrying two dollars in it. Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Dooney Burke, all nice but its not in the budget. I always try to NOT  yell: Areyoufrkingshittingme? as I look at the price tag of a Coach or Dooney Burke purse. I always try to see if I can find the “cheapest” one – nope, no $9.99!

I have a collection of flash drives. Junk drives? Yeah that. I have a bear, a turtle, a penquin, and some other cute animals. You pull off the head, and wha-luh flash drive. Its in one of my purses somewhere. LOL

I like good pens and good paper. Not that I’ve been writing on paper lately, but if I did I would want good paper. Like I like this M brand found at Staples, the notebooks with the round disks the you can take out & add paper. Its a heavy weight paper so its really nice to write on; especially you have a good pen. As many pens as I have and I know I always have 2 or 3 in my purse; I can never find them when I need it. What is up with that? Then when I’m not looking for them I find it instantly.  Duh?


I have collections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings. Then there’s clothes and shoes; and the all mighty fabric that I’m going to make something with one of these days soon. 🙂 In other words I have accumulated way too much stuff.


I think my best collections are on No hassle, no clutter, no dust.

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono