Today’s Random Thoughts

I just had this thought:  Random thoughts translated into Pidgin English is Da Kine!  What isn’t, yeah? LOL

As usual, I’ve been writing in my head so when I looked at when the last time I wrote, I was like; REALLY. 🙂 Goofy ladat.

Ain’t gonna lie, I’m a Match3 game player on my devices. Mindless time waster. Swear to gawd. It’s not candy crush but its made by the same people; candy something.

I know a bunch of people who have dropped out of Facebook. Respectfully so, and I have to admire them for not being sucked into the cyber addition of being nosey, unlike myself. Total niele-ness sometimes; like I have nothing better to do then be a troll. I get sucked into that, how the hell…. oh look and omg, I wonder, let me search, hmmmmm. Although I have to admit there are some educational stuff. But more so THEY want to sell you something. And me the shopper…..

I like to think I KNOW who all my friends are on FB. But every now and then a “friend” will pop up and I’m who the hell is that?  Or how are we friends now?  I take the word “friend” literal. Unlike kids nowadays who I think think it more like “virtual”.

FB helps me keep track of my kids lives and going ons. In the same sense that it helps them keep track of “their mother.”  I can’t believe how much crap I post or share, okay mostly share.  I want EVERYone to know what I just read. LOL

America held hostage.  That’s what it is isn’t? Work for free? Are you F’en kidding me? My heart hurts cause I know the feeling of NO funding and bills need to be paid.  When you tell somebody, you can’t have your job back till I get my gazillionjillion funds for some inanimate object; isn’t that extortion. You can’t pay the national debt but you think you can buy something as much as or more then what your debt is; isn’t that living beyond your means.  I think its pretty sad cause its the families that’s hurting the most and these frking SUITs don’t give a ratsass. They can say all they want about caring but they are getting a paycheck and they ain’t financially hurting. So STFU.

I feel bad for America because other countries must be shaking their heads and laughing; what the hell happened….. AND America is like don’t get me started…

Oh and another thing, McDonald’s at the White House! From class to trash. WTH I woulda walked out and go to restaurant.  I go visit the White House and you give me MickyD’s.  How insulting to the Chef is that? OMG you couldn’t cook. A buffet would have been nice. I bet the fries were cold too. I did not see a chaffer in the pictures. Like that would make a difference.  These guys don’t know what embarrassing is. Is there no hope? That is the sadness of it.

This new year, does not feel all that new. I’ve been working on 2019 stuff since August September 2018 so now that 2019 is here its like, so what else is new? LOL I think its my attitude. All about perspective right?


Be blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono


End of the Year Random Thoughts

Cold:  I’m cold.  Early on my endocrinologist told me:  “If people around you are feeling cold, your are colder. If people around you feel hot, you are hotter. You have no thermostat.” Fine –  that has been my normal for more then a decade. So yeah, my cold is colder then your cold and my hot is hotter they your hot.  But I don’t say anything, I just deal with it.  Such is life, ain’t it!

Today:  Last day of the year, no shit; followed by the first day of they year. Is it too early to say I’ve made it through this year?  There’s still a few more hours. Don’t want to 2nd guess myself. Cross the street and get hit by a truck or something? I think like that. LOL Ok so I’ve made it thru MOST of they year and hopefully I will wake up in the morning and start the new one. God willing.

Shopping:  I was not in the mood to shop this year. Well ok I’m always in the mood to shop; BUT this Christmas not so much. I wanted to but I actually paid bills. I did buy gifts but mostly for immediate family. I walked around the stores enough but I was not compelled to buy. You know what I mean.  In fact I didn’t even get a cart because my thought is I might fill it up.  So unless I’m there for groceries, I don’t get a cart.  My thought is if I can’t carry it myself, I can’t have it.  So I buy fabric. LOL

Fabric:  I have 5 aprons to sew. I’ll probably do it all in one day. LOL Or think I can do it. The most in one day I’ve done is 4.  I think it came out to 1 hour each, give or take some. Depends on how focus I am. Whether I stop to eat or not?  🙂 has been fueling my want to sew feelings.  People are so creative. I need creativity to kick me in the ass to get me going.

Time:  Time flys when you’re having fun or when you aren’t thinking about it.  It was like yesterday we were all complaining about the summer heat. AND now it’s past Christmas. HTH!  Kind of like Y2K ain’t it?  Now 18 – 19 years later I’m wondering if those PREP People food stash is still eatable. Me thinks they should eat what they have and start a new stash. They at least need to check expiration dates right.

NY Resolution:  Who’s idea was that? I don’t make them.  Well I do but I don’t tell nobody.  I don’t need people telling me “I told you so.”  LOL New Year resolutions are mostly the same right? Lose Weight, Save Money, be more tolerant, be less of an asshole. 🙂 Just because everyone HAS an asshole, does not mean one has to ACT like an asshole. What else kind of NY resolutions are there? Drink less alcohol. Good luck with that alcoholics. LOL I can talk trash cause I don’t drink. Now. But I use to. Every weekend. Then I had kids and I drank every day. Nah nah nah, just kidding. Their father did. LOL Just calling the kettle black.

Happy New Year:  Has anyone said have a Sad New Year? I know there are people who are having a sad time or hard time. Telling homeless people Merry Christmas and a Happy Year is kind of a double edge sword.  We only wish for the best. Respectfully so.


Happy New Year to Alla’y’all.

Hauoli Makahiki hou!  Hana ho tomorrow maybe.  🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono



I’ve Been Scanned

I got scanned this afternoon. MRI? CRT? Bigassdonut? I should ask more questions and know correct terminology. LOL

I was a little anxious. My stomach kinda queasy. Ok, maybe thats a lack of fattening food or the feeling of feeling lean. Just a little ner-jess but not really.

So I know the drill since I’ve done it a few times. I always wear socks. Wear nothing with metal & no jewelry. Make sure you shi-shi before they put you in da machine.

I lie on the sled and the thing I notice is the music; soft and classical, violins……. and it reminds me of a scene from Soilent Green – the movie. Edward G. Robinson watching the screens of beautiful fields before he becomes Soilent Green. Yeah well that kine of music.

The Tech is telling me about the camera is going to be really close blah blah blah. I don’t want to know because I’ve learned to keep my eyes shut the whole time.  The first time I got thrown into one of these machines I made the BIG mistake of opening my eyes, just out of curiousity. Wrong move…. it was 2 inches from my face and I about had a panic attack. Claustrophobia attack, I started hyperventalating, I wanted to jump out and I got really scared. I think if not for my “sublimal tapes” excuse me healing APPS now, I would not have figured out to focus on my breathing. That and pray.

Praying is always good. Cause it is really, Let Go and Let God. I mean you can stress and worry all you want, it just makes matters worst and it takes a lot of energy.  You don’t need to be wasting energy on stuff like that.  With that said…..

About half way through…… I futted! LOL I farted! I almost started laughing but I’m not suppose to move.  That messed with my mind. I started thinking:  I wonder if it captured a picture of the fart. Can gasses be filmed. What color would it be? A white cloud, a black could or radioactive green? Is it a cloud or a bubble?

I’m so easily amused like that. LOL

I get so focus on my breathing, I think I fell asleep. Took a nap.  I tell myself I’m meditating but I snore myself awake. My style of meditating is very questionable. LOL I’m thinking its from all the APPS I listen to when I go to bed. I may have insomnia but when I sleep, I sleep hard because “the voice” is giving me instructions on how to relax and “the voice” or background music truely makes me  crash out.

The APPS I use the most:  Self Healing, Sleep Easily and Health Hypnosis.

The way I see it; when you get put into a “scanning” machine after taking radioactive meds; its 50-50 that they will FIND something. If there is something there, they will find it.  Which in this day and age is a good thing right, early detection. I’ll find out in two weeks what the results are; good, bad or indifferent. I’m never surprised when the Doctor tells me of my “anomollies.”  It’s that “we can’t tell if you were born with it (or without) or if its related to your thyroid or lack of thyroid issues.”

I once asked my Doctor, so how did they handle it in the “olden days”  before all these synthetic thyroid medications, xrays, ultrasound and MRI machines.  He said “it was not treated because it wasn’t known, so you die.”  All righty then…..


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono

Not Glowing In The Dark

Took my radioactive iodine pill yesterday – RAI-133 or is it 131?

This is maybe the 4th time I’m doing this? Every couple of years? I really need to writes theses things down cause I ain’t remembering it. Outtasite outta mind you know. But anyway it ain’t my first rodeo. Yeehaw!

It doesn’t make you glow in the dark but I always check. Ya’never know.

The first question they always ask is: are you pregnant or is there a possiblility of you being pregnant?  Yes, if you believe in the Immaculate Conception. I could be Part II. But not really. So thats a NO. Check.

Then there’s all these other rules:

Don’t cook for any one but your self. Not a problem, I rarely cook. 🙂

Sleep by yourself.  Ok, fine.

Stay away from pregnant people and little kids. Ok, I can do that.

Stay at least 6 feet away from people.  Ok, I can do that too.

Drink lots of water, until our your pee is clear drink plenty of water. Ok, I will do my best – I still see a tinge of yellow, am I a failure at this – must drink more water.

Flush the toilet twice after you use it.  I can do that, I just have to remember to do it a second time.

Wipe down the surfaces that you’ve touched, like the bathroom sink etc.  I knew I forgot to buy some Disinfecting Wipe; but yeah got some now, surfaces wiped.

The funniest thing about this “treatment” is that they made me put on gloves. Nothing funny about that I know. The thing is THEY don’t want you to touch IT but THEY want you to put IT in your mouth. Now if that doesn’t say a man invented it, I don’t know what does! Just put it in your mouth….. Don’t use your hands….. You have to swallow…..



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono


It’s A Bread Thing

I love bread. Good bread. Homemade bread. The smell of fresh baked bread. hmmm

BUT I’m not suppose to have bread. Like rice, pasta and ice cream and anything that has sugar, you know the good stuff that I need to avoid. But you know when the doctor tells you; you can’t HAVE that, you kinda of fudge it and say “well just a little bit.” 🙂  Hmmm and that little bit makes you crave it more. Such is my life. LOL

I keep telling myself; I’m killing me. And me responds, “yeah just a little bit.”  I’m kind of slow like that. I think I’ve improved. I don’t go HOG wild. oink oink! Yeah I’m just a baby pig now, as oppose to the big pig that I was. 🙂

It doesn’t help that I work in a company that bonds over food and people bring food to share. If its on the kitchen table, its first come first serve help yourself.  Which is dangerous for people who have very low will power.

We have people who come from communities where they bake bread in outdoor ovens and make more then enough bread for the whole community.  My friends bring bread all the time. Their bread is healthier than store bought I think. No preservatives.  Ancient recipes from way back when.  Bread and buttah! I love bread and butter. ❤

I don’t think anyone has died from eating bread but I don’t think it helps the blood sugar thing, so eventually yeah it could lead a person to expire from the intake. So I should stop.

I write this while having a thin bagel and cream cheese. I was thinking THIN bagels are better/less bread then regular size bagels right. But I’m eating two thin bagels and I think that equals one regular size bagel.  FAIL 🙂  Note2Self:  YOU should not eat it all!  Okay fine, DO NOT eat bread, pasta, rice and sugar but everything else knock yourself out. LOL

Note taken. Okay after I finish this last bagel:)



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Ice Skating

I had never ever been ice skating. But my #1 Granddaughter had her birthday at a skating rink. So I participated.

The Ice Den has two skating rinks and a couple of party rooms. It was really nice, they decorate and do the pizza, drinks and cake thing. I thought it was pretty awesome that they really catered to the kids. They served the kids and I think the kids were kind of in shock. They all got up to get pizza and the Workergirl said no, sit down I’ll get it for you and all their eyebrows went up as they sat back down. LOL

After eating, playing & singing happy birthday and opening presents it was time for the ice skating to commence.  I didn’t know there was a difference between figure skates and hockey skates. Something about  the blade in the front?

Anyway I chose the figure skating skates. Thinking I would channel my inner Christy Yamaguchi or  Michelle Kwan. Did not  happen NOT even come close. 🙂

I already had/have a “broken ass” excuse me sprained hip flexor and I was wearing one of those big back belt brace.  I had been using it to work and it helps me keep my posture and made it less painful.  Without the brace I felt myself leaning forward from the pain or leaning back with my hand on my hip. The back brace helped keep me straight LOL well it felt good at least, I didn’t think about the ache that I was feeling.

So for the first time I put on some figure skates. Its more like heavy boots. But I had to walk from the party room to the rink; which was 3 doors down. I was off balanced then I was balanced and I figured out I could walk IF I copied Frankenstein. So I walked with my arms out and stiffed legged and I reached the rink.

So birthday girl got to ride the Zamboni; part to the Birthday Party package deal. We stood on the side of the rink waving and after standing for about 10 minutes I was like, ok I must sit. My ankles started to feel the strain of my weight. 🙂

Finally everyone got on the ice.  I made sure to be last one because I was very unsure. So they have these walkers that you can take onto the ice.  Its suppose to prop you up and help. So I gingerly get on to the ice with the walker making sure I’m hugging the wall. Mean while the everyone else is zooming by and probably on their second lap all ready.

I’m at the wall, inching myself forward. Literally. The slippery-ness makes me tense. As I move forward I scream. Thinking I’m gonna fall but I didn’t fall but I felt like I would. But my body would tense in anticipation of crashing. And I stopped. LOL I was maybe 10 feet from the gate entry and decided better quit while I’m ahead. So I  turned around and scooted back to the entry to exit.  Still screaming and startling the kids. The kid handing out the walkers was at the entry exit  and he helped me out and took the walker. I said:  I’m too old for this shit. We just cracked up.

Now I can say confidently say;  ‘yeah I tried ice skating.’


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono

Random Rants & Thoughts

@Office:  Just freaking put paper in the copier! Don’t tell me you need to call IT or something is wrong with the copier blah blah blah. The reason it copied onto letterhead is because Tray 1 was empty! If you keep Tray 1 filled it won’t kick into Tray 2 – Letterhead. Swear to gawd people it is not rocket science. If its empty, fill it!

@SupremeCourtshit:  Democracy undermined? Sad state of the nation; well its a reflection of the leadership or lack of whatever. Regardless of the frkng politics our everyday lives moves on and we as people perservere inspite of the richpoliticos. We work & pay our bills & taxes & vote. We do the right thing.  Unlike those who try to hide their money offshore somewhere, try to not pay any taxes as much as possible, act like they so better than their constituents, say one thing and do totally the opposite; say they care with words but not with their actions. I feel sad for America. 😦

The 51 Senators who voted YES represent 143 million Americans and the 49 Senators who voted NO represent 182 million Americans. Democracy undermined. 😦

@Facebook: My dear FB friends, am I the only one who has not been hacked, duplicated and whatever else you have been posting at me.  Its a pyramid scheme, you know like a chain letter. Take your name off the list and  your tell your 988 friends. WTH

@Twitter&Instagram:  My bad, I’ve been using Twitter like Instagram and vice versa. Hope y’all don’t mind.

@Twitter: I have 35 Followers. Sooooooo? Does that mean I’m not popular? Not that I need to be or anyghing. Having followers is not a priority or necessary. I think of the word “Followers” in sort of the same sense as “stalkers” – so yeah I’m okay with the least amount of stalkers, I mean followers.  I’m always suspicious if/when someone I do not know in person wants to “follow” me. Where do you think I might take you? I retweet a lot, ok maybe I retweet more then I tweet. I’m retweeted like that. LOL

@Instagram: I love looking at pictures.  I should use it more. I always forget its there. 🙂

@Snapchat:  I don’t get, by the time I do its not there. What is the point? I’m slow like that.

@iceskating: I tried to yesteray.  Too hilarious. Will write about it later.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



Brokenass well not really broken but sure as hell painful, so Painindaass 🙂 Yes, I am Badass. LOL

Every time I say the word “ass” or “shit”, Granddaughter is on me:  LANGUAGE!

Stretching out helps. Sitting doesn’t.  Sitting for a long time sends a surge of pain across my hips or down the outside of my leg.  Did I mention I do an hour commute? Yeah so I’m very careful getting out of the vehicle.

I figured out part of the problem is me getting in the vehicle.  So graceful. LOL I get into the vehicle ASS first. Its a small SUV so its higher than my ass LOL I have to remember to step up into the vehicle not ass in first into the vehicle.  I’m learning.  I use to drive the Fast&Furious, Toyota Celica. Or Toyota Cecelia Granddaughter calls it. Its low to the ground right so I just lean on the seat and slide down. So with the SUV I guess I was leaning on the seat and trying to slide up, even though my ass didn’t reach that high, I tried anyway.  Hence the Painindaass. LOL

When I lie down and don’t move its fine. So I guess I’ll just lie down and not move. Good luck with that.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Pain of the Week

The other week it was my shoulder. Rotator cuff?  I woke with an ugly pain in my shoulder.  Could not figure out what I did. Figured it out later. I don’t know how to sleep. I slept with my hand over my head something I don’t usually do. If it hurts when you do that don’t do that. 🙂

So this Saturday I got outta bed and was like WTH. A pain in the ass? No it’s not my behind, it the side, the hip. How the hell? Again I don’t know how to sleep maybe. Total achey breaky pain at the top of hip; right where I put my hand. The pain has been draining but it feels better when I stretch out and walk. Although getting started is slow and painful. I can do it! LOL

I haven’t taken any drugs for it. No Tylenol no nothing.  Glutton for punishment like that. Pain is a reminder I’m still alive. Good luck with that. All part of hypothyroiding, just deal with it.

This morning I woke up stiff but feeling better than Saturday and Sunday. So I’m confident I’m healing blah blah blah. I do an hour commute to work. Actually it is 45 minutes but you add crazy drivers, accidents, traffic in general and rain; its closer to 1 hour.

I stop at Safeway before going to work; I get out of the car and ohmylord pain sliding down my quad. I stretch out, I walk, I feel better. WTH LOL So its not my kidneys, kidneys don’t send pain down your quad right? Its a hip flexor muscle. I’m not hip and I ain’t flexible so I need to work on that.  Think hip and flexible. LOL

If its not one thing its another. My new normal.




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Pinterest Panic Attack

I had like a little time to kill because I did not want to start something new and it was almost time to clock out.  So I was Pinterest-ing, pinning pinning pinning and I clicked up in the corner. I noticed I had 2 accounts. Vague memory of one of them till I looked at it and there was no pins no nothing, just my name. Oh, it was when I first started  and for some reason – usually cause I couldn’t figure it out so I just started a new one.

Anyway I was thinking oh I can just deactivate it right? Wrong. Well yeah you can, but in my case – I do not know WTH I did because I must have clicked what I wasn’t suppose to click because I was totally deactivated, nowhere to be found.

I kind of panicked. My first thought was, Ohshit my funeral pictures! LOL Retarded I know. Let me explain; you know how Pinterest lets you have 4 SECRET boards, it’s not really secret it’s just not public. No one can see it unless you add a person specifically. So its just me and my kids.  Well I have a BOARD of selfies – or pictures of just me and I told my kids – those are my funeral pictures. 🙂  They said I was morbid but its a good idea. LOL So thats why I had a brief panic anxiety attack.

Anyway I had to leave work, pick up grandkid, run errands THEN when I got home I told myself no Netflix till you find your funeral pictures. LOL (gawd I crack myself up) Anyway I figured out how to deactivate the deactivation and I am good to go now.

I did not realize I have 3,446 followers. Hey I could make money on this right? Wrong 🙂  Well I probably could but I’d have to jump thru a bunch of hoops and I’m not it a jumping mood right now. LOL But I do to need to learn how to milk it, cause I need revenue.

If you are ever Pinteresting around look for: OH Linda – that be my Boards.


I like to think my Boards are diverse and interesting. Learn something new everyday.  I always think no need to add anymore boards, then I see a topic or picture and yeah, it deserves a board.

Pinterest is a public kind of place, in a free for all sense; so it creeped me out when some woman “told me” – I was being blocked because I pinned more then 10 of her pins. WAIT WHAT? My thought was – how do you police who, what, when & how much a pinner pins? The way I see it Pinterest is an open “scrapbook” virtual that it is. But IF YOU put something out there in Virtual Scrapbook land it is open to be pinned so if you don’t want it pinned off, don’t put it out there or put it in a locked board. You know what I mean?

Like being blocked is a bad thing, geezelouise; get a life. I pin because I like the picture or information. I always think I have it on a board then I know where to come look for that information or whatever. Mostly I just like looking at pictures.

Speaking of pictures I have a naked man board, ok not really; just semi nude. No pendelum swinging or anything LOL – (gawd I crack myself up) – search for -Eye Candy- I thought there was suppose to be no nudity and stuff like that on Pinterest. Excuse me, there is tits and ass all over the place. Where’s the Prude Patrol when you need them?

Every now and then I get a comment on items I’ve pinned. Dear commenter: I have no idea, I just pinned it cause I like the picture. I am not the originator so I am clueless. 🙂  Oh BTW I never answer comments. I am not there to  be social with someone or have a discussion on an item. I just wanna look at pictures and read inspirational stuff, ok?

I have one board entitled “What’s wrong with this caption?” Well if you don’t know I can’t tell you.  One person sure got on to me, I think it was her picture thats why? She wanted to know what was wrong with the caption – she did not see anything wrong. I didn’t tell her but I will tell you guys LOL – There is a difference between hula and tahitian dance, especially the customing. Tahitian is not hula and vice versa.  There is a difference between Native beadwork and African beadwork,  Native is Native and African is African, yes they may look similar but its a cultural thing, just cause it looks like it doesn’t make it that.

OH an I found this “clip” a youtube thing – which is totally disrepectful and  just plainass wrong.  It is labelled Hawaiian Wedding Song (hula dance)  – When in reality it is Arianna Tseu performing her kahiko at Merrie Monarch and some smart ass – put it too the Hawaiian Wedding Song. Hewa. So wrong.  And another one has a powwow dancer and it is labeled Hopi Kachina dancer.  For one it is obviously a powwow dancer and not even close to a Kachina dancer. The girl might be a Hopi but she was not a Kachina dancer.


I think I pin most every day. There are alot of good ideas on Pinterest. It’s also a go to place for recipies.  Not that I’ve been cooking or anyting, but if and when I do I search Pinterest.

Happy pinning to all who pin.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono