Party of One

Superbowl – Party of 1!

I was home alone. Everyone went to their perspective Superbowl viewing, somewhere or other. Me, I’m fine home alone.

I did have the Superbowl on but I watched sporadically. Ok I watched commercials mostly. LOL I know I’m not the only one. I sort of, kind of watched the game as I turned the belts of an apron inside out.  I was sewing. So I only looked a the TV, whenever.

I thought the commercials were kind of ok? The one I liked the most was the NFL one, Fumble! Other than that, I don’t remember. That’s what youtube is for. LOL

Half time was kind of bland. Not interested in his tattoos. I guess I was not entertained entertained.  Nothing memorable.


Be /Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono








Pain In The Neck

I must not know who to sleep because on Wednesday I woke up with this kink in my neck on the right  side. Usually no biggy until I started pressing on it massaging it and then it dawned on me its on the side I had surgery and I could feel my scar. And I start letting my imagination run with it.

Thursday I had a 7:30 am dentist appointment. A filling on the upper right hand side. My body really reacts to anesthesia.  Just a little fast acting numbing agent, a little pinch; as I get stabbed in the gums. The noise of the drill is headache producing in itself. AND I was hangry. Sucking on a straw after with your face half numb is hilarious, especially while driving.

So all day Thursday I’m feeling a lot of pain with a major headache. But I can function. Till I get home and take my drugs and pass out. My head hits the pillow and I’m out like a light. To me sleeping is healing so I always think I will wake up healed. For most part I do. I think the goal is to wake up so yeah, so far I’ve met that goal. LOL

I woke up at 3 am. Brushed my teeth, change clothes, took more meds and back to bed.  Wanted to stay in bed too but I only ran 30 minutes late. My neck feels way better. The anesthesia must be out of system. I feel a slight kink in my neck, nothing like yesterdays. The pain has moved down to my shoulder blades. Swear to gawd, I don’t know how to sleep. If it ain’t one pain, its another. Hey but at least I woke up. 🙂



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Hardship is an understatement when it comes to the government shut down. People with “good” jobs undermined by their employer. This is so sad and bad. I know the feeling of no paycheck coming. But at least there was another person working, so I didn’t have to worry about food & rent. Credit cards though, I am still paying the price. I was on the verge of bankruptcy, now I just have bad credit.  But I’m okay with that. 🙂

I can only imagine the stress of a household with two federal workers “furloughed.” Which is a fancy word for “no work no pay”. Then there’s the people who “have to work and don’t get paid” That’s F’d up.

The governmenT does not a give care! Because if you cared, this should have ended weeks ago and not dragged on till now…. BUT nooooo ego turns this into  – a Mexican Standoff!  WTH! Playing with people’s lives and lively hood.

And do the Suits who run the government not get paid also? Are they not Government employees. How come they can get paid and the real workers can’t?

This “standoff” will create more homeless, more stress, and no doubt deaths related to some shutdowns of critically needed services. Am I exaggerating.

For those who HAVE TO Work and not get paid; isn’t that somehow breach of contract? Your work you get paid, not your work and don’t get paid because you’re essential. Paying rent, groceries, daycare and  bills are essential!

And then its a trickle down effect. No workers, no people frequenting eateries; all business feel the pinch. No shopping.  No paycheck, no daycare. Daycare is a major expense.

My thoughts and prayers ain’t gonna help none. The powers that be need to step up and do what they gotta do, to make this right. Will it ever be? This disruption is cruel and unusual punishment for those who do not need to be punished. Punishment should be to those who don’t make their tax returns public when they are suppose to. Isn/t that incomplete vetting?

How much longer can people handle these egregious times?


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono


I’m Sleeping And I Can’t Get Up

I have a really hard hard time getting out of bed. I have alarms going off every 15 minutes and I just way too comfortable to move my behind out from under the covers. Is it the temperature, is it my laziness, it is all of that and then some.

If it wasn’t for going to the bathroom and having to go to work, I would still be snuggled in bed. 🙂  Then I remember times when I didn’t have to get up and I had my ass up and going with no place to go to. WTH….

I have insomnia and I love staying in bed. Not gonna lie. Ok I love lying around but not really.  I always realize IF I had started earlier….LOL  When I do, do the rise up early and do stuff I’m always surprised how much I got done. DUH?

I’m most productive in the mornings. assuming I get outta bed. LOL I’m just slow in the mornings. It takes a little bit and then some to get my rear in gear.

I always assume I’m gonna wake up. When I do think, “what if I don’t get up” – I think of all the things I shoulda done before going to bed. LOL Than again, if I don’t wake up I don’t wake up. There is no debating. There’s alive or dead, no either or ain’t it?

Part of my lathargicness is my DISease, I think. Good excuse anyway. I rarely pull the “cancer card” but hey there are days…..  Doctor is always asking me if I get depressed and shit and I always say no. But if I think about it; doing nothing, is a form/part of depression, hello! Then again its not doing nothing, nothing. Its doing something when I should be doing something else. Attention deficit like that.  Well anyway I’m okay. I function all right. A tad bit slow but functioning no less. 🙂

Speaking about attention deficit. I think we all have it.  It’s selective attention span. Back in the day there wasn’t a “lable” for ADD; especially in school. You’re either smart, average or stupid. The “stupid ones” where the ADD-ish one. Reading about ADD in children I was like, hey I did that, I turned out ok.  I got whooped alot too but thats another story. LOL You don’t listen whack, you do what you are told, whack, whack. Different times, dfferent solutions. I survived.  As an adult I always wondered, where was Social Service when I was growing up. Water under the bridge, I know.  I’m a better person because of it, maybe? 🙂 I like to think so anyway.  I could have turned out to be a psycho, right? WAIT, I’ve been called psycho bitch before. OMG !


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono




Today’s Random Thoughts

I just had this thought:  Random thoughts translated into Pidgin English is Da Kine!  What isn’t, yeah? LOL

As usual, I’ve been writing in my head so when I looked at when the last time I wrote, I was like; REALLY. 🙂 Goofy ladat.

Ain’t gonna lie, I’m a Match3 game player on my devices. Mindless time waster. Swear to gawd. It’s not candy crush but its made by the same people; candy something.

I know a bunch of people who have dropped out of Facebook. Respectfully so, and I have to admire them for not being sucked into the cyber addition of being nosey, unlike myself. Total niele-ness sometimes; like I have nothing better to do then be a troll. I get sucked into that, how the hell…. oh look and omg, I wonder, let me search, hmmmmm. Although I have to admit there are some educational stuff. But more so THEY want to sell you something. And me the shopper…..

I like to think I KNOW who all my friends are on FB. But every now and then a “friend” will pop up and I’m who the hell is that?  Or how are we friends now?  I take the word “friend” literal. Unlike kids nowadays who I think think it more like “virtual”.

FB helps me keep track of my kids lives and going ons. In the same sense that it helps them keep track of “their mother.”  I can’t believe how much crap I post or share, okay mostly share.  I want EVERYone to know what I just read. LOL

America held hostage.  That’s what it is isn’t? Work for free? Are you F’en kidding me? My heart hurts cause I know the feeling of NO funding and bills need to be paid.  When you tell somebody, you can’t have your job back till I get my gazillionjillion funds for some inanimate object; isn’t that extortion. You can’t pay the national debt but you think you can buy something as much as or more then what your debt is; isn’t that living beyond your means.  I think its pretty sad cause its the families that’s hurting the most and these frking SUITs don’t give a ratsass. They can say all they want about caring but they are getting a paycheck and they ain’t financially hurting. So STFU.

I feel bad for America because other countries must be shaking their heads and laughing; what the hell happened….. AND America is like don’t get me started…

Oh and another thing, McDonald’s at the White House! From class to trash. WTH I woulda walked out and go to restaurant.  I go visit the White House and you give me MickyD’s.  How insulting to the Chef is that? OMG you couldn’t cook. A buffet would have been nice. I bet the fries were cold too. I did not see a chaffer in the pictures. Like that would make a difference.  These guys don’t know what embarrassing is. Is there no hope? That is the sadness of it.

This new year, does not feel all that new. I’ve been working on 2019 stuff since August September 2018 so now that 2019 is here its like, so what else is new? LOL I think its my attitude. All about perspective right?


Be blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono

Email Vibe

I deal with a lot of people/vendors over email. We talk over the phone only if we really really have to, its necessary emergency, crisis mode kind of a thing.

Over past two years I usually deal with one person, so we develop a history. So even though we’ve never met, STILL there is a vibe right? Or is that just me.

Because like one person I’ve been dealing with, she’s really good. She gets me or she’s been doing it so long she anticipates and knows what I’m thinking and asks me the right questions. I can ask her stuff and she finds me the answers or suggest/recommend things that are really helpful.  The emails are concise and quick. The timing just works. I think I may have spoken to her once, so long ago I don’t remember.  We pretty much can iron things out via email. It’s a good vibe kinda of feeling.

Whereas, another company that person kinda grates on my nerve. It’s not bad or nothing. It just so different from the ‘really good one”. LOL Case in point this morning the question was “do I want the logo in Reflex Blue or Process blue?” And I told her a couple of times I do not know what the difference is, but whatever is DARK BLUE is,  is fine.  So then she later emails and says you did not specify which blue. Again, dark blue because I don’t know the difference between Reflex & Process Blue.

So an hour or so later, I get the email with the color swatches. My thought was, could you not have sent that initially instead of 3 emails & an hour later.  So I’m looking at Reflex & Process Blue and to me Process Blue looks like Sky Blue or turquoisey. But thats me. The Reflex Blue is a normal Blue.

In the mean time, SHE calls me. So I’m talking to her while I’m looking at the color swatches email. I decide Reflex Blue. AND she says, ” thats the color your company usually uses.” Well hells bells why did you not say that at the get go and I would have gone with that and be done with it.

It irritated me. Ok decisions done. No mas! Maybe its cause I haven’t eaten yet. Hangry mode. LOL


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Quiet New Year 2019

It wasn’t quiet quiet. Fireworks were going on outside.  Some sounds sounded like a gun. But what the hell do I know. It was loud and it went BOOM.

For whatever reason it was quiet. Or maybe that was just me.  Nobody was around, everyone went out. I read a book. I finished the book.

HAPPY NEW YEAR as I look a the time and its 1 a.m. Duh?

Perhaps that is a sign that the upcoming year will be one of peacefullness. That this year, the year of pig will be quiet. Oink oink!  Or smooth. Or stress-less.  We can only hope.

I went into WalMart the other day and I think I’m sick; I didn’t feel like shopping around or shopping look or nothing. Went in got the toilet paper & stuff and done. It’s a sign I tell you, of I don’t know WTH though.  Maybe I grew up? LOL

I wasn’t even disappointed that I didn’t win the Lottery or Mega Bucks. 🙂  Yeah I must be growing up.

Happy 2019!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


End of the Year Random Thoughts

Cold:  I’m cold.  Early on my endocrinologist told me:  “If people around you are feeling cold, your are colder. If people around you feel hot, you are hotter. You have no thermostat.” Fine –  that has been my normal for more then a decade. So yeah, my cold is colder then your cold and my hot is hotter they your hot.  But I don’t say anything, I just deal with it.  Such is life, ain’t it!

Today:  Last day of the year, no shit; followed by the first day of they year. Is it too early to say I’ve made it through this year?  There’s still a few more hours. Don’t want to 2nd guess myself. Cross the street and get hit by a truck or something? I think like that. LOL Ok so I’ve made it thru MOST of they year and hopefully I will wake up in the morning and start the new one. God willing.

Shopping:  I was not in the mood to shop this year. Well ok I’m always in the mood to shop; BUT this Christmas not so much. I wanted to but I actually paid bills. I did buy gifts but mostly for immediate family. I walked around the stores enough but I was not compelled to buy. You know what I mean.  In fact I didn’t even get a cart because my thought is I might fill it up.  So unless I’m there for groceries, I don’t get a cart.  My thought is if I can’t carry it myself, I can’t have it.  So I buy fabric. LOL

Fabric:  I have 5 aprons to sew. I’ll probably do it all in one day. LOL Or think I can do it. The most in one day I’ve done is 4.  I think it came out to 1 hour each, give or take some. Depends on how focus I am. Whether I stop to eat or not?  🙂 has been fueling my want to sew feelings.  People are so creative. I need creativity to kick me in the ass to get me going.

Time:  Time flys when you’re having fun or when you aren’t thinking about it.  It was like yesterday we were all complaining about the summer heat. AND now it’s past Christmas. HTH!  Kind of like Y2K ain’t it?  Now 18 – 19 years later I’m wondering if those PREP People food stash is still eatable. Me thinks they should eat what they have and start a new stash. They at least need to check expiration dates right.

NY Resolution:  Who’s idea was that? I don’t make them.  Well I do but I don’t tell nobody.  I don’t need people telling me “I told you so.”  LOL New Year resolutions are mostly the same right? Lose Weight, Save Money, be more tolerant, be less of an asshole. 🙂 Just because everyone HAS an asshole, does not mean one has to ACT like an asshole. What else kind of NY resolutions are there? Drink less alcohol. Good luck with that alcoholics. LOL I can talk trash cause I don’t drink. Now. But I use to. Every weekend. Then I had kids and I drank every day. Nah nah nah, just kidding. Their father did. LOL Just calling the kettle black.

Happy New Year:  Has anyone said have a Sad New Year? I know there are people who are having a sad time or hard time. Telling homeless people Merry Christmas and a Happy Year is kind of a double edge sword.  We only wish for the best. Respectfully so.


Happy New Year to Alla’y’all.

Hauoli Makahiki hou!  Hana ho tomorrow maybe.  🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono



White Elephant Gift Exchange

I attended a dinner that included a white elephant gift exchange.  Those are always fun until you get something you like and it gets stolen!

So the first thing I chose was a Pioneer Woman Crockpot! Nice right? From the get go I knew it was gonna go… FINE!

The next item I chose a bigger better Pioneer Woman Crockpot! I really wanted the first one and choosing this one meant to me that I was meant to have one; if not only briefly because YEAH – it got stolen.

So then I chose a set of Faberware knives. You know that colorful set sold at Sam’s Club. Yeah – it got stolen.

I thought White Elephant Gift Exchange was about gag gifts and stuff.  Evidently not this one.

Ok so the knives get stolen from me so I pick, drum rolllll please: A Griddle! A full size I would have cooked breakfast if I had it kind of griddle.  And the lady next to me says, “Oh you know that one is getting stolen too.”  No shit. So after several more people it’s that ladies turn and YEAH, she steals it.

Then I pick a nice fleece Native design blanket. YES it gets stolen.

Then I pick a Mini Humidifier? WTH…. And the Lady next to me says: “I think you’re safe now.”  WTH nobody wants a mini humidifier?

I have a Christmas luncheon to go to that includes a White Elephant gift exchange.  Guess what gift I’m bringing? 🙂

Merry Christmas, happy gift exchanging and a Happy New Year!

2019 all ready…. I thought the world was gonna end at Y2K – 19 years later and are still here! WHAT!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono

December 13, 2018 Random Thoughts

I was thinking of writing about something or other then I forgot then I thought – random thoughts. So random thoughts it is…

I’ve been feeling RUSHED. Like hurry up and wait rush. This has to get done now BUT. But THIS can”t get done unless another piece is done first and that is what I am waiting for.  My RUSH is not the same as other peoples rush. Just like 5 minutes means 5 minutes or less, that is my idea of 5 minutes. NOT 5 minutes and 15 minutes later, some how its still is 5 minutes. What? No. I think some people just have a lateness built it to them.

Undercover:  I DISlike getting out of bed these days. Its all warm and cozy under the covers. Even to go to the bathroom, I wait as long as I can not to get outta bed. Unhealthy I know. LOL Love staying in bed, hate knowing how much time I wasted doing nothing BUT I was comfortable. 🙂

Shopping Cart:  If I’m not grocery shopping, I don’t get a shopping cart when I go into the store because I don’t want to fill it up. If I can’t carry it I can’t have it. LOL  I see people who just throw things into their cart and I wish I can do that but I am not in that tax bracket. Once upon a time I use to average $60-$100.00 every time I walk into WalMart. I stopped that years ago. So nowadays I’m always surprised when I spend $20 or less there. I like WalMarts in Oklahoma maybe because they are closer to Bentonville. I think they have better or more stuff.  Like I need more stuff.

Reading:  I need to read more. I have a stack of books waiting for me to read. The thing is when I read, I read.  Don’t do nothing else till I finish the book. Kinda of like binge watching Netflix. 🙂

Sewing:  I sewed 4 aprons and 5 table runners. Now I have 3 aprons to do before Christmas and I have an order of 5 to do before January something?  I keep buying fabric. Then I get my scraps and make something else, so why do I still have tons of fabric? Oh yeah cause I bought more. LOL I have Grandsons travel blankies to finish, duh? Before Christmas, hello? Note to self:  SEW.

Running off to sew……


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono