Eclipse-ing Thoughts

Did you see it, did you see it…. I saw it. Nothing beats Mother Nature, the moon and the stars and all that man can not create but they sure can destroy.

I would have loved to experience the Totality thing. That would have been awesome, but I live off the beaten path of this eclipse. Maybe next time, I will travel to it. Assuming I’m still on earth, other than that I guess I watch it from above. LOL

My own thinking is it’s a sacred moment to be able to experience such a rare occasion. So I would not do the watching with the masses thing. I watched on TV as the masses ooohed and aahhed.



I found the noise level or just the noise distracting and interrupting of thoughts and prayers. Maybe its just me, I think of it as a blessing of nature so it should be held in reverence not so much a party atmosphere. I know party pooper huh. But thats me. I think if you are blessed with something so rare you should be absorb it with your quiet mind so when needed you can go back into yourself and remember that feeling of blessings.


I think with the masses thing, its me…. I THINK: traffic – both getting in and out; where’s the closes bathroom, is there a bathroom and why is it I attract the weirdest people (you know the people either next to you, behind you or in front of you; famiy included LOL). Perhaps its becasue I am easily distracted and I am a people watcher. How can I watch the sky and when there are a sea of humans surrounding me? I don’t want to have to listen to a bunch of peanut gallery conversations, opinions, thoughts, could be, should be, would be comments from strangers around me. Most of all when in super crowded masses: how do I get out of here in an emergency, where is my escape route to safety?



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




Monday Monday

How could I forget it was Monday? Had a brain fart, today is ……. DUH?

Monday’s have a bad wrap. It’s just cause it follows two unwork related relaxing days, then BOOM need to switch gears, back to work.


Monday’s are not so bad. It’d be better if it was a payday, but hey, beggars can’t be choosey. Payday will be here when it gets here. But yeah Monday, Monday….


Its not so bad. Its not bad if you’re alive and well; doing the best you do. Life could be worst…. you could be sick or dead or deadsick whatever…..just have to count your blessings.


There is no point not liking Mondays, waste of energy really because regardless, it happens. No changing it. No fixing it. It comes and it goes you just have to deal with it. Such is life, yes. We should be blessed to be doing it again and again in a healthy way.


Suck it up buttercup; lets do this.  ❤




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



Dead Phone Brought To Life

So my phone died Tuesday night. Could not turn it on. At first I thought it just needed to be charged. Didn’t think much of it. After an hour or so I tried to turn it on again.  Push two button together at the same time whatever. Still nada.  I know it was charged.

Gave it to Son to try and kick start it.  He did all he knew, went on for some references and tips and tricks. Did all that. Nothing.

I guess its off to the AT&T Store tomorrow. At work I told everyone I had no phone. One co-worker said let me try. She did what she knew. Went on for some references and tips and tricks. Did all that. Nothing.

So on my way to the AT&T Store I had to pick up the 4th Grader.  She usually plays with my phone while I’m driving. We jump in the car and I giver her the phone telling her its dead, no one seems to able to turn it on, so we are on our way to the AT&T store.

Five minutes! She works her magic. Does what everybody else has done and BOOM the white screen with the apple comes on. We are screaming and yelling. We stare at the phone…. wait for it….. YES! it came on, I logged on, WE HAVE CONTACT! How the hell!

How did you did it? You just have to press this and this. Yeah well all the adults did that and it did not start. Woohoo.  I tell her to text her Mom & her Uncle; let them know my phone is working. So happy. LOL

So I guess I owe you a reward. What do you charge for fixing phones?  $30.00! I was like, you are going to have to wait till payday for $30; how about $20 at WalMart, we’ll go there right now? DEAL.

Lesson learned. Give the kid the phone when it malfunctions. 🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.


Death & Dying

Found out today that one of my coworkers aka friend; her husband died. Just outta the blue. I don’t know the circumstances. One of those, one day they are here and the next they are not. I can’t imagine the sadness NM is feeling, heart breaking.

Life has not been easy for them. I know just recently one of the adult kids, stole their vehicle and left the baby there. Stupid shithead kids, I swear. That was very depressing for her as Baby cried for his Momma. Now this. Such sadness. All the heartbreaking things those kids have done and now what? Sorry doesn’t even cover it.


If it happened to me, today; financially I couldn’t travel to my DH’s funeral out of state. Sad to say but such is life. I’m suppose to have a stash fund for stuff like that. I think I did and I Christmas-ed it. LOL Truth hurts like that.


Perhaps I’m at “that age” where friends dying is a common thing. I remember my parents always having to go to one funeral or another.  So duh, I guess I’ve reached that age. In a denial phase maybe, but none the less “that age.”


What can we do but offer prayers and hope and support. I have a lot of tears to give too.  Did you know that flowers are the one thing we buy and we know they are going to die.  Just stating the obvious.

It saddens me that there are a bunch of emo children, doing the some kind of whale challenge, Blue Whale challenge? Its not a fking challenge, its flat out killing yourself aka suicide. Challenges  have winners & loosers.  Call it what it is. There are no winners in sucide, stupid kids! How ungrateful! Bratty kids. It just pisses me off to know and hear these stories. Its the kind of anger that you want the dead to come back alive   so you can beat them within an inch of their life, but you wouldn’t kill them.  People if you are not going to talk to your kids, don’t have them.  I know its not your fault but as the parent, its always our fault, ain’t it?



Once upon a time way way back in the day before suicide was called any kind of “challenge.” My 16 year old nephew put a gun to his heart and pulled the trigger. Till this day, no one knows why. Till this day the family still speculates. Its caused  chaos. Chaos that still lingers. Along with the unanswered questions.

I pray life gets better but I know it gets way worst before better and its how we handle the worst part that brings us to a better day. That is a challenge!



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



Spirits In The Building

I work in a historic building. Its on the Historical register  list or whatever. When the company bought it was an old delapidated building that would have been bulldozed. It got rescued.

I’ve heard the “spooky” stories that people have experienced here. Spooky is defined differently by different people.  This building has a courtyard, an old Spanish style type. It is secured by fences and alarms and what not when we are closed.  Yet sometimes you see small shoe prints here and there.

I’ve always thought the “spirits” were kids. Just because, that was  my first impression. They do “playful things.” It is non-threatening and it ain’t scarey. Not to me anyway.  For years I worked in one of the offices where I was by myself alot since my boss traveled most of the time. The water cooler would gurgle  like someones getting water. The air bubbles would make me look towards the back of the office.  The first time it happened I didn’t think anything of it. Just air. I ignored it.  Later it would happen again and I looked over towards the water cooler and just yelled “y’all need to quit it” and started laughing. Just because I thought it was funny. Me yelling at “nothing.” Then I had the feeling of two or three little ones running past me. You know the wind created by running children. I knew it wasn’t just one.

Then there were times when things would just fall off a shelf or stuff moved around.  I always blamed the “playful spirits.”

It got spooky, in a good way; during Halloween when I had one of those motion detector candy bowls with the hand in it. When you got close to the bowl it would say “Have some candy” and when you reach into the bowl the hand goes down. Well a couple of times I’d be by myself and nobody wiykd be close to the bowl. The bowl would say “Have some candy” and the hand goes down. The first time it happened I thought, maybe the wind or something triggered it. I let it go. Hours later it happened again.  And again. So I went to the bowl to turn it OFF.  It was OFF. That’s when I had to yell “y’all need to stop it!”  I would always laugh after I say stuff cause I was by myself and I would think “crazy lady” yelling at nothing.  My boss worked late one night and the bowl went off on its own. Again. It scare the crap out of her. She took the bowl and put it back in the cubbard. LOL When she told me the story, I told her  “its just the kids you just gotta yell at them STOP IT.”  She was like ok you “crazy lady”.

Now I work in a different part of the building. I usually get to work early because thats how I do. LOL I’m usually by myself for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I hear paper rustling or sounds like someone is in the next cubicle and I know its just me there. I just talk like I’m talking to my own kids. I have a calendar hanging that every now and then is tilted to one side. The first couple of time it happened I  was thinking it was just unbalance  and then I remembered oh,  “the kids”.

For my birthday I got this helium balloon and it was tethered to the shelf. There was also this stand up tall banner poster – the kind you use for tradeshows. Got it new so I put it up and it looked good and we just left it. So two weeks go by and the balloon is still floating and the banner is still up. I go on vacation. During vacation I get a call saying they had to take it down becasue it was setting off the motion dector alarm system. My first thought was “those kids.” I was telling a coworker this and she said, ‘balloons, kids!’ 🙂

Its nothing threatening. It just is. Don’t know how true it is but one person told me that a long long time ago this place was an apartment building, there was fire and kids died in that fire. That made me sad. But at least I know that they still are having fun, pranking me!



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Lost & Found

Misplaced. Spaced out.  Where the hell?

I was looking for a file. I knew it existed, hello I created it and I put it over….  (searching every where on my desk).  Looking in between stuff. So I last saw it…. and I started reading it… and I put it over …. which pile?  Searching piles. Its current, it shouldn’t be buried. Yet! Searching. Searching.

Ooooohhhh it was personal work related, DUH? I took it home to read. Which I never do when I take home work stuff, hence no sense take stuff home. Which I shouldn’t any way because what if I croak and it is in my possession. Nobody would know but me. 🙂 Hate to upset the flow of paperwork. So yeah work stuff should not be taken home. BUT I needed to read up on this new system dilly we are starting and I figure homework. Teacher I lost my homework. LOL

I hate when I loose stuff. I’m very paranoid about my keys. OK OCD about my keys. Even when I have to travel. Even on vacation when I dodn’t even need it I make sure I have it.  For that reason I usually put it in the same place every time. Not! I try to. But you know how sometimes you get in the house and literally drop everything. Yeah that would be me. Than I have to back track. I got in the house so it has to be in the house, as I check if I left it in the door coming in.

I’ve been misplacing stuff a lot lately and my first thing is “alzheimers” – knock on wood! I need to be neater, is what it is. Way neater.  Everything in its place, a place for everything. LOL Easier said then done.  I am aware that I am loosing things so I’ve improved in finding things. You know how you’re looking for something but you find something else that you couldn’t find. Such is life. ❤


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



I haven’t been writing. Well obviously, but even when I don’t write, I think of writing.  Writing is a habit. One of those good habits, never a bad habit. Unless what you write is nasty bad or you write where you shouldn’t like the public restroom walls and such.

There are always excuses for NOT writing. Kind of like NOT exercising – LOL. Same difference, ones physical the other mental.  Writing really helps me mentally, uncluttered the cluttered mind.


I think FB and social media in general has everyone who is on social media become either more concerned crazy or totally desensitized. Whatever your opinion is on whatever topic its in your face. Sometimes too much, rarely too little unless of course you get the hell off social media.

I know a few people who have gotten off of Facebook and don’t miss it.  Me, I’m nosey. How would I troll my kids? But I have to admire the ones who have gotten off of FB and don’t miss it.  They have given themselves so much more time, useful time. Time not to read all the crazy opinionated BS, political pissing contests, stranger than real like videos, oh wait that is real crazies. LOL

If you area a social media/smart phone addict, like me, like many of us; not having your phone within reach causes anxiety.  Who would have thought? But there’s that consistent checking of updates of whatever and sometimes, too many times I have to same something. Not as much as I’d like too, but at least and emoji. 🙂


Being a part of social media is a choice. You can’t be bullied on social media if you are not on it. playing on my phone has taken time away from writing. I am a closet Candy Crusher. I suck at it but hey it kills time standing in line. It also makes me late sometimes but that’s another story. I don’t play Candy Crush a lot, I just play candy crush types of games a lot. Like Yummy Cookies, Flower Crush and Tasty Treats. I know, lame huh? As much as I play, I can’t beat my cousin who is on level 2,324 or some crazy number like that. I got a new phone so I’m like on 97 maybe. Who knew there were that many levels?

But yeah, I should write more.  Good for the soul. Even better for my mental health. Right?




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Fragrance – The Smell of You

via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

I saw this daily prompt and it reminded me I need new perfume or I want a new perfume.

I tend to buy Channel or Este Lauder just out of habit. Although I really like Burberry’s Body. BUT DH does not like the smell of any of it. So I told him buy something you like & I’ll wear it. So of course he doesn’t so fine. I’ll buy what I like.

Men’s sense of smell and women’s sense of smell are different. It just is. When you initially smell a fragrance it may smell nice but then when you actually wear it, the chemistry of your own smell(s) and the fragrance does not smell the same, yeah.


I just buy what I like. Then after a while its like “I dont’t like it” after smelling it all the time the feelings change. LOL


I thought sillage had something to do with being silly.  So is it pronouced: sill-LAAAHGE? I think its a not so good thing, when you smell someone coming. Physically not sexually. LOL Like when they enter a room/office their whiff preceeds them. Signature scent is one thing, having a trail of scent before & after you is another.

I need to invest in Scentbird –  Seems like a good idea and I like the size.

As long as you have proper hygene, take a bath and are clean, THAT scent matters the most. Clean. Why does there have  to be a “smell” to camouflage clean?  Follow the money.  One of the best smells is a man right out of the shower.  Perhaps the best smell is a newborn baby, they haven’t started sweating yet. LOL




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Little Vacation

We left of Tuesday and was back on Saturday. We got this trip down to a science. Leave at 6am and at our destination at midnight. Give or take some.

Went to visit the Grandsons, ages 6 & 3. Fun age. Most of the time. As long as they’re not throwing a hissy fit or whining. I have a whiner Grandson. He cracks me up. I just laugh at him. The he says to:  ‘Quit being hilarious to me.’ 🙂  And I crack up more, so of course he has to tell his mom. And she cracks up. So we are cracking up except him, who says “you guys are being hilarious to me.”  LOL YES we are.

Its time away from work, so its a vacation. My children have traveled AZ to OK all their lives.  They know I-40. Most of our vacations, springbreak & Christmas break was to Grandma’s. As adults now they can do the drive like its going to work.


The reality of vacations is you have to go home and go to work still. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but the catch up part at work. It takes a while, hard to switch mindset some times. Moving a little slower, when it should be a little more faster.  LOL

Vacations are good however short it maybe, It refreshes are mindset and relaxes our soul.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




Fake Reverse Parking

I am the first to admit I suck at parking. I suck even more at reversing into a parking space. I’m okay with nobody parked on both sides, but I have no confidence if there are two cars on both sides. Or even one for that matter.

I come from a state that people generally reverse park. I in general don’t reverse park in because I’m afraid I hit the other cars. My sister always nags when I’m parking, “reverse park, reverse park” and I always tell her I don’t know how when there are cars on both sides. It freaks me out, so I don’t do it.

One day we she was nagging me as we drove thru a parking lot looking for a space; “reverse park, reverse park!” Soooo I turned into a parking space where there were no cars at all and I pulled all the way into the front unoccupied spot. “There! Fake Reverse Parking! you happy now!”  LOL We spent about 5 minutes just cracking up laughing.

I did my fake reverse parking this morning. I started laughing…..   🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono