Who doesn’t like Fridays? OH –  if you have to work weekends than, ok never mind.

My second favorite F-word is Friday. Friday means weekend. It means sleep in. It means stay up late. Well I do that anyway…. but yeah Fridays have a better reputation then Mondays. LOL


Funny how I have all these plans in my head but in reality I totally do  something else. But for sure I need to do laundry. That’s just a given. I don’t have any hot dates or fun activities or plans in general.



I want to say this should be a no spend weekend but if I’m go to JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby, I’m spending. IF I leave the house I’m spending money. WTH lol

I just sort of fly by the seat of my pants. That’s code for “I’m home.” I have a bunch of projects I need to finish. That’s code for I’m going to JoAnn’s and or Hobby Lobby, most likely both. I have lots of cleaning to do and obviously that’s code for “no you’re not cleaning!”

Well what ever it is I do this weekend, I just hope I finish it.



Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




We never got spanked; we got “dirty lickenings.” LOL

I can laugh about it now, but at the time of the ass whooping I was crying like hell. As an adult I’ve always wondered, “where was social services when we was kids??”


Its true that times have changed. But brattyass children are still bratty ass children. I would have never ever acted or spoke to my parents the way I see & hear kids do today.  If my kids had pulled that shit with me in public, I would drag their ass to the car & go home and they knew it. Now that my kids are parents they understand why I did what I did, they know I  would so pinch them. I still do. LOL They know if I’m within reach and they get “stupid” I will pinch them. Now as adults, its more playful though. LOL


All kids are different. My parent didn’t go by that. If you were in the same room as the misbehaved person, you must have contributed to it or you did not stop it; therefore you are guilty. Being the middle child, I got it both ways. WTH I’m older I should know better I should of stopped IT, whatever IT was. I should know better. I always wondered what that meant. Better then what? I did it because that’s what I do and….. LOL

As an adult I figured out I was “attentions deficit-ish” back then it was called, “why don’t you listen?!” I listened, I heard it but sometimes it didn’t register the way it does the way it would with other children.  So I just did what I did and evidently that was the wrong option. LOL

As an adult and a parent, I understood that not all kids are the same when it comes to discipline. With my 3stooges; the first one you could just talk to & she got it – she’s my good baby, very easy going and does good things. #2 you had talk to then reinforce it with spankings, and my son, you had to hit first and talk second.


Was advised by DH to put the fear of God into the Boy because he is going to grow way bigger then me. So I did just that. AND I threatened him with bodily harm, weapons, and tag team. He understand those terms. I told him I would wait till he’s asleep and beat him with the broom. He argued I couldn’t do that, blah blah blah. I argued, Test me? It came a time when I couldn’t use my had to slap that child in the butt. It hurt my hand. So I would pick up the broom and that child would run. As a grown man now, I will pick up the broom and stare at him and he’ll say “now what?” LOL

Spanking is a personal choice. One that too many people don’t choose. When hearing a brat child having a tantrum in WalMart, I’m always the first person to say “will someone beat child.” Yeah yeah yeah there’s a difference between discipline and abuse. If you took care of it at home, it shouldn’t happen in public. Just saying….






Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Dry Heat

Heat is heat, dry wet whatever. Excessive heat is killer. Don’t know how they handled it back in the day before A/C was invented.

I could bitch and moan about the weather but it ain’t gonna change jack. Ya’just gotta deal with it. Bitching & moaning just adds to the discomfort of being uncomfortable. Just stay inside.


Or you could run from your A/C home to your A/C car then to the A/C store/mall.


I think excessive heat is a sign of climate change. Then again there’s a difference between climate and weather; but you know what, its all related! Can’t have one without the other.


If you are out in the heat, be vigilant, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You know what, just stay inside.


To me, you should always get to cooler air, then you wont have to experience heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Stay hydrated!





Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Gotta Do But Don’t Do

Weightloss, it’s a never ending struggle but not really.  You either do it or you don’t.

I don’t a lot, hence the weight issues. I am as fat as I think I am. This morning I’m skinnier. Just came from my doctors appointment and I really trust that scale.  I am down 3 pounds. Cheehoo! So walking everyday or 5 days a week really does help? I must keep walking.


I always have this idea that when you are sick, have cancer, whatever; you are suppose to loose weight. Well luck has it, I have the fat one. There is hyperthyroid – you can’t gain weight AND hypothyroid you can’t loose weight. Well you can but you gotta work at constantly and step away from the junk food, fast food, blah blah blah. I eat. I’m not scared. Ok sometimes I am.

IF I was smart I would stick to my LID diet, ok modify it. No chocolate sounds so severe. I should be more vegan-ish with a side of bacon. Something like that anyway. I know what I need to do but I don’t do it. We all have something we know we gotta do but we don’t do.


My thoughts exactly. My self image is all messed up in my head. I always think I’m fat.  I’ve looked at some old pictures and I’m like “whoa I was that big” – duh? So how did I get littler? Obviously, stopped feeding my face. In high school I always thought I was fat. But hey that’s the smallest I’ve ever been compared to now or the past decades.

I don’t need to be skinny. Don’t think I’ll ever be skinny skinny. The goal is to be healthy right? The goal is to be less fluffy, less lumpy and comfortable in my own skin. Right now my own skin has a hidden inner tube. LOL

I know NOW that walking is something I gotta do to maintain not getting huger. 🙂


So note to self: walk as much as possible, eat less, eat better, walk away from the desserts.

Really hard to do for a “dessert first person.”


May you be blessed with ideal weight.


Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Cultural Appropriation

Or is it misappropriation? Either way sometimes its just a plain old rip off.  Sometimes people don’t know no better. Sometimes people don’t give a ratsass.  Sometimes people are too sensitive or those insensitive ones too. Sometimes its all about the money. Then a lot of times its about pride and culture.

Natives have been making and using cradleboards and mossbags since time and memorial and  in fact they still use them today.  Dominant society may not think so or know so but yeah its still being made and used.

So todays RANT LOL is about a company that I saw on where else Facebook.  Its suppose to be a new and innovative THING that THEY invented. And THEY want to patent. NATIVES beg to differ, they did not invent it as its been around since time and memorial perhaps not it that color but yeah different tribes different designs, different material but all for the purpose of keeping baby safe and swaddled.

I was taught that  you are suppose to keep the baby swaddled at least for the first three months. Making a baby burrito is not hard, you wrap baby in a blanket like a burrito.

Anyway a certain FB post made me aware of this “new invention” that is not new and I was reading that it had a patent pending. So WHEN you get said patent you will sue all the Natives from time and memorial for using a cradleboard and or mossbag? Or do they get to get to sue you for cultural misappropriation/appropriation whatever?

Is not the concept the same? And you can do this with a blanket you don’t need straps. Anyway it just irked me when I saw “new invention & patent pending” – seriously?  Just saying. All you gotta do is search it on Pinterest right?

Native people are very creative and excellent artist.  It is pure art and one of kind creations. Cradleboards, mossbags, or whatever they create its not something that’s mass produced. It is done with good intentions and prayers and songs. The individuality is so unique.

I’m so amazed at all this bead work.



These are heirloom pieces. Not something you find at Wal Mart or Macy’s or any department store.

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Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono






It’s like Facebook and/or the internet in general has given people a pass to be publicly rude & ugly, interjecting what THEY think, even though they have no clue what the true story is. Some people do not see the ugly hurtful stupid ignorant clueless crap of their comments. Do you know what I mean?

Maybe its me because I read way too much comments but I myself don’t comment. BECAUSE I fear my comments will come off rude, ugly, hurtful, stupid, ignorant, clueless. Even when I do know the INFORMED CORRECT story I don’t say shit because there is always ONE or more Gawdforbid people who will be contrary! That is the nature of the beast. How sad is that?

It amazes me how many think if it’s on Facebook it must be the truth and etched in stone and it couldn’t be any different. We all joke: Its true I saw it on Facebook.  We all also see the ignorance of it all.

It’s amazing how much shit is still  Obama’s fault, how much stuff IS NOT Whatshisface fault, how every other thing is a conspiracy, how my party is better then your party, how only old dominant society men are making decisions on women’s health issues; you couldn’t find some cute guys?

Even when there is tragic and sad incidence; there is ONE or TWO or more assholes coming up with crap – well maybe they deserved it, well maybe this or that. WELL maybe you should shut TFU. That’s why I don’t comment. I would start using the F too much. If I can’t say nothing nice I should STFup, do not type crap like them. LOL

It just amazes me how much people can just blurt out their ignorance. Although half the time they don’t think of it that way. Its their opinion, therefore they are entilted to it. And in that there is the issue ain’t it, people think they are “entitled” however sad, stupid, misinformed untrue BS it maybe, they are entitled to their FkdUp opinion. Two FU opinions don’t make it right, so ok I should shuttdafkup, too. LOL

Its amazing how people interject their own stories into other peoples situation. Yeah and woulda, coulda, shoulda but didn’t so what if and so then blah blah blah. Always amazed how people will call out one another on stuff that is not even related to the orignal post. Oh is it cause they have no life?

Sometimes I get the impression there are people who have nothing to do but troll around and be contrary, commenting negatively on everything, suggesting otherwise, making up shit, just BS-ing around because that is the only pleasure they get. In the real world, people have their own lives to deal with. Right?

So anyway, that is my vent of the day.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


When Did I Grow Up?

LOL I ask that because as I type this; I also am listening, semi-watching the Comey Senate Hearings on my mini.

Since when do I watch Senate Hearings? I feel so grown up doing this. I’ve watched Senate Hearings before but that was because I knew people who were testifying. But this political craziness, WTH? I find it hilarious – me watching/listening to these hearings.

I’m glad this is going on because its a whole lot more credible then TWITTER! Everyone speaks in complete sentences. I understand it more then the Twitter feeds.

I’m glad this is going on because it is a step in the right direction. The direction of stopping Twitter crap. Maybe its just me because I’m an oldfart; but I find the Twitter thing juvenile. There are somethings that “older” shouldn’t do, even though they can do. Kind of like “old people” driving and talking on the phone at the same time, God forbid if they are texting.

For the record, I don’t know how to text and drive. I just learned how to answer my phone while I’m driving. That’s is IF I answer the phone when I’m driving, and IF I can find my phone in the grand canyon of my purse. I only answer if its spouse or my kids, and the first thing I say is; “I’m driving!” And knowing the way I am, they yell “OMG call me when you can” and they hang up. LOL

There are bars offering free drinks for every Twitter response the Twitterdude does in response to the hearings. Drinking and Twittering, how grown up are we huh? At least we are having fun.  🙂

Ok, I’m getting bored. I should do work. I will read this stuff on Facebook. Twitterdude bust out your tapes.

Myself I’m waiting for the his tax returns. Does anyone remember that, if WE have to, why doesn’t  HE have to, too?  I’m also waiting for the Golden  Showers videos. I have no doubt something exists. LOL


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



No Nightmare, Different App

The two apps I use most often to send me off to sleep world are Cancer Fighter & Self Healing.  I had a bunch of others but these two are my regulars. I also had a bunch of Loose Weight ones and I deleted them, don’t remember why, I still need to. LOL

I use to have about nine of them and obviously did not use all of them. It was just using up space. There are a lot of meditation ones and chakra ones, and they all start and say the same thing in different ways or maybe the same way:  BREATHE!

It is all about breathing. I know for me its been very helpful when getting thrown into machines, MRIs, CRTs, whatever imaging machines there is. I think its taught me how to calm TF down. LOL Other then my kids saying: Ma’am Calm down, Calm Down Mom!

I don’t pay for apps although there are a few I’ve been tempted to but I haven’t.  Maybe I’m a cheapo, I don’t know.  Free apps is how I roll.

Before me becoming an owner of a smart phone, I listened to CDs to go to bed. My favorite & only one I had was: FIGHTING CANCER FROM WITHIN. It had 5 CDs and I listened to mostly #5. I first bought the book and it was kinda boring, then I found the CDs and to me those were helpful.

This should be an app. This I would purchase. I have these CDs, I can’t find the player. I can hear my Granddaughter now:  “What IS THIS?” Need to go look for the player.  🙂 I can download it into my phone right?

I’m glad they have this selling on Amazon. At one time we couldn’t find it online even, and so my friend copied all of mines to give to his friend.

I really think these CDs have helped me in my healing even if nothing more then reminding me to breathe. I have no clue what the CDs say, other then for the first 15 minutes or so because I always pass out and sleep well. Once I tried to listen to it while I was awake and doing something, and I ended up taking a nap. So don’t know what it says. I think its all written in the book but I was attention deficit with the book.  Listening was better for me, even if I do zonk out. It sinks into my subconscious or unconsciousness. 🙂 It all good.


Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Was it a nightmare or panic attack? I was asleep! So nightmare? Whatever it was  so freaking scarey. Kind of an alien abduction from my own bed kind of experience. Scarey crap is all I know.

A little background; I’m a partial insomniac. A lot of times I go to bed with some hypnotic healing meditative kind of app going on. Most times its with earplugs, but if I’m by myself I just let it play softly. I have no clue what it says as I usually pass out after 5 minutes or so and I sleep well.

So last night I went to bed with one of those apps playing softly in the background. I assumed I zonked out.

I had this overwhelming feeling I had to follow some instructions but I didn’t know what the instructions were. Then I was like, oh the moon? I had to follow the moon, it was at the foot of the bed up in ceiling and it was headed towards my head, I watched it till it passed over my head. Then a bunch of ORBs, bright white balls  circled around me, maybe a dozen or so, not sure but a bunch of them circled my body and I began to shake, I felt like I was convulsing or getting electrical shock and everything was vibrating. My first thought was I need to turn off the app, turn off the phone. But I couldn’t move I was trapped in a bubble of electricity and I could see waves of light encircling me. I could feel the vibrations in and around me.

I was trying to turn and get to the phone but my body was held captive by the shock waves or whatever it was. My mind kept telling me to turn off the phone turn off the phone. I kept fighting the force field and after feeling like forever my body slowly could turn. But I was still fighting against “the force”.  Finally I reached over to the phone and turned off the app.  My body sank back into bed and I was almost hyperventilating. I calmed myself down and I heard that freaking app still talking!

I thought I turned it off. Ok I dreamed I turned it off. Whatever. I turned off the phone. I lay back down wondering, WTF did all that mean?

For part of it I blame my radiation oncology treatment. I know I have PTSD from that and this is part of it. It wasn’t till after my treatment that I started to have weird disconnected nightmares. Most I don’t remember play by play; but I remember the feelings. The panic. The anxiety. The am I crazy feelings.

By far though, last nights night terror was epic. Alien abduction in my bed feelings how bazaar. Then agian, what if it was just pure energy energizing me? What if it was positive terrors. LOL Is there such a thing? It was scarey because it felt so real so my first reaction was crazy alien abduction thinking.  I did not think I was gonna die, but I was scared shitless in shock afterwards. What if it was healing energies being zapped into me?

I know at first when it started to happen I was like, ok this is cool the moon, the orbs. But then the convulsion part scared the crap outta me.

Now I’m thinking maybe its one of those surpressed thoughts I had while being zapped. I am “pinned” to the sled by a  mask, it covers my chest all the way to the top of my head, then they slide me into a bigass radiation machine. Everybody vacates the room, the Techs watch from the other side of the protective walls. The machine has a constant buzz or hum, you know the machine is on. I remember thinking a couple of times during my six weeks treatments; what if the machine blows up! Would not even be able to kiss my ass good bye cause I’m captive to this machine. Hmmmmm.

These are the things my nightmares are made of. Guess I won’t be listening to that app anymore. LOL Glad that I’m writing it out. Good free therapy. 🙂


Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Climate Change

One does not need science to SEE, that climate change is real. People who live off the land, people who pay attention to their environment can all attest to it. It does not take science, its common sense. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who don’t have common sense but the have money. So money trumps environment! Yes MFpun intended. 🙂


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Nicaragua, Syria and United States! How embarassing can this be. Y’all voted for this? I didn’t. And so I pray. I am so going to hell becasue I  pray with cuss words. WTF AMEN!

It does not take a rocket science or any kind of science to see, to feel, to experience the change of the in the air, the rise & fall of sea level, the extreme weather patterns. It is not a conspiracy, ok maybe it is; Mother Nature’s/Gods conspiracy to check and see who the hell has common sense. What about that!

You cannot tell the Indigenous people of the world that climate change is a conspiracy muchless blame the Chinese. People who live off the land will tell you al lthe changes that have occured over the generations. The snow or lack of in the artic, the rise of the ocean levels, and extreme weather are kind of a sign don’t you think?  I think we should listen more to the elders and peoples who live off the land.

It is so disheartening for this country. We are so on the wrong list, on a list with Nicaragua & Syria, really.!Ok I can understand Nicaragua & Syria, fine. BUT U.S.! (yes pun intended although I didn’t think it till I saw it written LOL) What does this say to the rest of the world? Even worst, they know its not THE COUNTRY per se, its the leadership, or lack of or the ignorance of.

So moving FWD we must pray and do what we can as individuals to help keep what we have and not let thing get worst. We must stay positive and not be put down  by moneyhungrygreedysonsofbitches.


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Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono