I love jewelry. Most women do ain’t it? A little BLING never hurts.

Way way back in the day, I use to think; men are suppose to buy ME jewelry. Whatever male person in my life whatever. WTH did I get that idea? I’m thinking it was a Catholic thought or something. The being raised Catholic thing & my Dad with the only boys do that and girls can’t or not suppose to do that. That always bugged me. So I’m thinking its from there. LOL

Fast FWD to now. I buy my own shit.  Okay so it’s mostly/all costume jewelry and not hundreds or thousands dollars a piece. But its shiny & blingy!

I have a lot of jewelry from Avon. Its affordable and trendy and I like it.

I saw something on Facebook where they sell jewelry via FB Live and its $5.00 a piece. Everythings $5.00. I watched it but I did not participate, aka buy anything. I can see where you can get sucked in because if you buy 5 pieces, its free shipping & handling. So you may as well buy 5 pieces right. Tempting but I’ll stick with Avon for now.

When I hit the lottery or maybe a Sugar Daddy with unlimited resources money is no object type, which ever comes first;  I have a whole list of jewelry pieces I would like to purchase.

I NEED one good diamond, nothing over the top just a simple serious real diamond. I like Tahitian pearls myself.  I like turquoise and silver, not the kind you see in stores but the ones directly from the artist, or the artists family.  The ones in the Galleries are way over priced.  Although I would buy from reputable sales establishments like Navajo Arts & Crafts and the gift shop at the Pueblo Cultural Center.

I use to wear a lot of rings. Total HS phase. I only wear 3 now.  I know I’m loosing weight when my thumb ring comes off easily or just slides off. Sad though it’s just my thumb that looses weight, not my body. LOL

I have a turtle ring that I bought from anarts & crafts vendor back in the 80’s I think.  I get a lot of compliments and lots of offers to buy my turtle ring. I think its made with tortoise shell and silver. Very simple and cute. I think it has a lot of fung shei or good vibes or great energy or somehthing…. don’t know what it is, perhaps it carries the good energies of the artist or something.

I know very few women who don’t like jewelry and I don’t think its so much they don’t like it. They just don’t wear it.  As oppose to me who puts on two necklaces, can’t decide and wears both of them. Some how it works.

Definitely though part of my lottery winnings is going to go to buying REAL Jewelry.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




First Impressions

Do you believe in your first impressions?

Its kinda a weird, even for me; met  a person and the first thought that came to mind was …. well I’ll not say for now.  It was just that, it thru me off and I wondered why did I think that.  It will take a while to prove if my “first impression” is for real or not.

I suppose it just thru me for a loop because it’s a rare occasion that such an impression like that happens to me. It’s usually this or that, but this one was like someones ulterior motive. Why would I know or feel this? Am I that perceptive? WTH? LOL

I just can’t shake the thought of having a “premonition”.  It probably take a few years to prove this “premonition” right or not. By then, will I remember? Duh.

Anyway sometime I get these I told you so feelings. But its with my kids so that’s expected. But stranger wise, stranger danger. Yikes? Well its nothing dangerous or mean or ugly. Okay maybe a little ugly, more kind of undermining.

AH,  WE shall see?  Yes, but will WE remember?


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I understand it, but I don’t. I think it depends on how you were raised. Or not. I understand it when it comes to survival; food and water for your family. BUT looting/stealing shoes in a flood? What are you going to do with these shoes; use them in the flood, sell them, what?  Crazy.

Embarrassing that the looters were on video;  and then to be locked up. During a natural disaster no less, what a waste of energy. They so could be helpful in more productive ways but no, hey lets get some free shoes.  Unreal. Like the cops didn’t have enough to do they had to deal with looters. Sad.

I grew up in a small community/village. One of those places where if you messed up, any adult around could/would reprimand (aka spank) you or twist your ear; then they would tell my parents and all hell would break loose on my ass. There was always that fear that kept us kids in check.  It takes a village to raise a child, right. But in being raised that way we thought of how our actions would impact our family and community.  How it would impact my ass!  Yeah so I got dirty lickens but hey, I turned out okay. I didn’t beat my kids but I let them know I would kick their ass in a heart beat. Okay I did kick their ass literally but that’s another story.

Unfortunately the world is a different place nowadays. Its an every man for himself kind of mentality sometimes. At the same time there are all the good human stories that offset the the ugly stories. Pray for humanity.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature


Climate change is the real deal. It’s not a freaking hoax! It’s not FAKE!

How are you going to look at the hurricanes and flooding and say its not related to the climate changes? Or the more then usual earthquakes?And the fires? Ok some of those fires are man made, or kid created, freaking kids nowadays. They cause havoc and say “I was only joking.” Oh Yeah; so were your parents when they made you, idiot!

If you LISTEN to the stories of the elders, Indigenous or not; all will tell you how the changes are very real. Anyone who lives off the land and intimately know their surroundings because their survival depends on it, will tell you there is climate change. It doesn’t take a scientist or anyone overly educated, its in the stories of those who know the land they live off.


What do the children born today have to look forward to? There are a lot of things that they will not experience because it won’t exist anymore. Sad thought.

To dismiss the changes of the climate as a mere man made hoax is ignorance. Have you even done some research? Have you talked to communities that depend on the cycle of mother nature? Is it because it does not effect you in your mansion and whatever it is you need you can buy because you have more money then most that you don’t think climate change does not effect you?

People only hear what they want to hear, ain’t it? If it ain’t effecting them directly, then it does not matter. Their bottom line is the almighty dollar. As long as they are raking it in, nothing else matters.




To me its whom ever has the clean drinking water wins.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




I dislike interviewing. Necessary I know but….

Nerve wrecking. Nervousness. Uncomfortable. Then again if comfortable there’s always that one on the interview ‘committee’ that looks at you “in that way” that makes you smile at them and in your mind ask WTH? Can be too bland and energy-less. Could be hyper – depending on interviewer(s), I think.

Sometimes there’s no telling.  It feels like it all went well but nothing shows for it. All that effort and zero. Chalk it up to experience. That makes me sad but you dust yourself off and do it again, and again when you have to.

“They” say we don’t discriminate by age, race or religion. But I think we all have our biases and maybe yeah, we do. I mean like age wise; who you gonna hire the young with the least amount of experience & cost less OR the older way more experienced, its gonna cost you? Yeah, budgets right?

I think there is age discrimination but no one will admit it, they’ll just say they hired the one that they felt best fit into what they had in mind. Code for: your boobs are not big enough and you ugly. LOL  OMG hope the company is way better than that, but you know what I mean, crap like that happens more times than not.

I think some bosses hire dumb ones just to make themselves look good. Just saying…. LOL

I think some bosses hire the  more experienced so they can do less work, you know what I mean.

Interviews are awkward I think, the third degree thing. You always think of better answers after you leave. Should have said this not that. Oh well, whats done is done.

I don’t do video or Skype interviews. I’m not from the “youtube generation” where doing a video is an everyday occurence. Maybe its me, and not wanting to be video for strangers. I have this idea the videos can be used against me. They could manipulate it, they could do I don’t know techno things that I am not aware of. Maybe its my guilty conscience, and I think they’ll have some psycho Dr review it and judge it for all that you can’t see, like pscho analyze  shit I said.   I’m  paranoid like that. Maybe I just over think it. It could happen. LOL

I think the paranoia about the video stuff is from watching too many crazy videos by people and knowing it can and maybe will get used against them some, one day. It maybe 20-30 years from now after they totally forgot about it, but yeah….

I think I don’t interview well because I go into an interview thinking all the weird things I don’t need to think about. Look at what she/he’s wearing? They should redecorate. This is a closet not an office. Thats not a good color for you. Nice jewelry. Nice manicure. You don’t want to be here do you? LOL

Appearance. Yes older. Experience. Yes decades worth hence older. Boobs. A handful. LOL


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Pray For Houston

I pray the weather will get better in Houston but I fear it gets worst before better.

Holy mother of whatever, that is a crazyshitload of rain. OK God, we get it; but your man Joel Olsteen ain’t helping much or at all, but he’s planning to so he says.  I think its funny that, that many is getting called out – shamed out – about not opening his church up to shelter those in need. God forbid wet, muddy people walk into his Stadium For God & His Money; not those who are in need shelter.






How embarrassing. But hey, karma ain’t it.  Kinda like the Senator or Representative that said something to the effect that; natural disasters will get rid of Gay people.  That persons house flooded big time, hmmm.

It was interesting to read about a Mosque that opened up as a shelter but the MegaChurch didn’t. Even more interesting to read and see the Mexican Military come up to help irregardless of the Mr. Mexicowillpayformywall. Always great to read how helpful and caring people are. As oppose to all the negativity of race and beliefs, political retardedness blah blah blah.

I believe that in general people are kind and caring and helpful. But its the assholes that get all the publicity you know.

The bottom line is be respectful,  be kind and be helpful.

Also Always Pray.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.




The Pres speech was playing on my phone. I wasn’t paying attention to it. The 8-year old walks in, puts her hands on her hips and says “WHY are you listing to that?”

“Because I want to know what people are going to criticize and maybe be I want to criticize too.”

She snubs me and walks out. I’m like, WHAT she has a political opinion? Kids know a whole lot more then we did at that age ain’t it. Information overload maybe. At 8-years old I just wanted to go out and play. I would have rather been outside sitting up in a tree if no one was around to play with. At that age I had no clue about who was President, much less have any kind of political opinion.

I do know that what I was listening too did not sound Presidential. It did not sound inspiring. It did not sound motivating. It did not sound like a leader. Other people may think other wise and I wonder, sometimes are we listening to the same person. It’s interesting how people listen to the very same thing and come up with totally different opinions. That’s what makes life interesting.

It’s okay to  have difference of opinion, it’s not okay to act like your opinion is more valid than others. Your opinion is right, therefore the others must be wrong. Yeah we should all get along like kooombayuh. That is the right thing to do. But that’s not how life goes huh?

There is always contrary people, the negative ones, the violent ones, the ignorant ones, the clueless ones, the crazy ones, the sicko ones, the overly zealous, bigoted et al. Humans are so predictably unpredictable.  AND then you put a bunch of like minded (fill in the blankety blank) a lot of time all hell breaks loose. So then the authorities are there to “keep the peace” and they have their marching orders and they have a job to do. AND sometimes they get over zealous, blah blah blah…. they are trying to do the right thing, but humans being humans, the predictabley unpredictable happens. AND the good guys get into doing bad things because bad things are happening all around them…. AND so goes the vicious cycle….

Me I’m home watching it on TV. Asking questions and getting no answers, oh right I’m by myself. LOL  Like, why weren’t there any pictures/shots of the crowd in the Convention Center? Uusally at least one camera does a panoramic of the crowd, right? Hmmmm Why was there only one Black guy sitting in the peanut gallery behind the speaker. Did he not have a date, his friends didn’t want to come, what? Another story there. Google him. Interesting. 🙂


Where was all the torch carriers? Maybe the TV stations did not cover certain sections of the crowd. I only saw what the TV stations want to show. I saw one interesting video post on Facebook where the Native Bird Singers were singing and others dancing. The News did not cover that either or I just didn’t see it.

While people are hemming & hawing about this that or the other, I’m still waiting for tax returns and golden shower videos.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Eclipse-ing Thoughts

Did you see it, did you see it…. I saw it. Nothing beats Mother Nature, the moon and the stars and all that man can not create but they sure can destroy.

I would have loved to experience the Totality thing. That would have been awesome, but I live off the beaten path of this eclipse. Maybe next time, I will travel to it. Assuming I’m still on earth, other than that I guess I watch it from above. LOL

My own thinking is it’s a sacred moment to be able to experience such a rare occasion. So I would not do the watching with the masses thing. I watched on TV as the masses ooohed and aahhed.



I found the noise level or just the noise distracting and interrupting of thoughts and prayers. Maybe its just me, I think of it as a blessing of nature so it should be held in reverence not so much a party atmosphere. I know party pooper huh. But thats me. I think if you are blessed with something so rare you should be absorb it with your quiet mind so when needed you can go back into yourself and remember that feeling of blessings.


I think with the masses thing, its me…. I THINK: traffic – both getting in and out; where’s the closes bathroom, is there a bathroom and why is it I attract the weirdest people (you know the people either next to you, behind you or in front of you; famiy included LOL). Perhaps its becasue I am easily distracted and I am a people watcher. How can I watch the sky and when there are a sea of humans surrounding me? I don’t want to have to listen to a bunch of peanut gallery conversations, opinions, thoughts, could be, should be, would be comments from strangers around me. Most of all when in super crowded masses: how do I get out of here in an emergency, where is my escape route to safety?



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




Monday Monday

How could I forget it was Monday? Had a brain fart, today is ……. DUH?

Monday’s have a bad wrap. It’s just cause it follows two unwork related relaxing days, then BOOM need to switch gears, back to work.


Monday’s are not so bad. It’d be better if it was a payday, but hey, beggars can’t be choosey. Payday will be here when it gets here. But yeah Monday, Monday….


Its not so bad. Its not bad if you’re alive and well; doing the best you do. Life could be worst…. you could be sick or dead or deadsick whatever…..just have to count your blessings.


There is no point not liking Mondays, waste of energy really because regardless, it happens. No changing it. No fixing it. It comes and it goes you just have to deal with it. Such is life, yes. We should be blessed to be doing it again and again in a healthy way.


Suck it up buttercup; lets do this.  ❤




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



Dead Phone Brought To Life

So my phone died Tuesday night. Could not turn it on. At first I thought it just needed to be charged. Didn’t think much of it. After an hour or so I tried to turn it on again.  Push two button together at the same time whatever. Still nada.  I know it was charged.

Gave it to Son to try and kick start it.  He did all he knew, went on for some references and tips and tricks. Did all that. Nothing.

I guess its off to the AT&T Store tomorrow. At work I told everyone I had no phone. One co-worker said let me try. She did what she knew. Went on for some references and tips and tricks. Did all that. Nothing.

So on my way to the AT&T Store I had to pick up the 4th Grader.  She usually plays with my phone while I’m driving. We jump in the car and I giver her the phone telling her its dead, no one seems to able to turn it on, so we are on our way to the AT&T store.

Five minutes! She works her magic. Does what everybody else has done and BOOM the white screen with the apple comes on. We are screaming and yelling. We stare at the phone…. wait for it….. YES! it came on, I logged on, WE HAVE CONTACT! How the hell!

How did you did it? You just have to press this and this. Yeah well all the adults did that and it did not start. Woohoo.  I tell her to text her Mom & her Uncle; let them know my phone is working. So happy. LOL

So I guess I owe you a reward. What do you charge for fixing phones?  $30.00! I was like, you are going to have to wait till payday for $30; how about $20 at WalMart, we’ll go there right now? DEAL.

Lesson learned. Give the kid the phone when it malfunctions. 🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.