Glutton Time of the Year

I’ve been eating pumpkin pie since this past Saturday. Dang you Costco! 🙂

On Monday we had the company Thanksgiving potluck. Homemade pumpkin pie! Mmm

After 4 days of pumpkin pie, I’m eating yogurt & fruit. Probably all day. In preparation for the gluttoness days ahead. Like 4 more days of pumpkin pie. LOL

I eat a lot. WE eat alot. And yet there are so many who go with out – as I stuff my face with pumpkin pie. Its one thing to THINK about it, its another to do something about it. Sorry to say I’ve done nothing but eat.


I look forward to the gathering of family and food. I know with some people its more the food then the family.


I hope everyone has a great meal and remember everyday is Thanksgiving; just don’t eat like it is. I am very thankful for all that I have, and all that I may or maynot get. Such is life. You get what get. If its more great and if its less, work harder? Whatever.

I wish everyone a safe holiday season. I do not do  Black Friday. Everyday is cyber-Monday to me. I support the Mom&Pop small businesses. Eating and spending, two things I should not be doing but do anyway. WTH Yes, everything in moderation.  But we all have our own definition of moderation, right? My moderation is probably a tad bit bigger then your moderation. LOL


Happy Thanksgiving. Or more correctly: Happy Eating & Shopping!




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



It’s Not About The Turkey

Everyday is Thanksgiving. Thanks for giving.  Thankful for all that I have. Have had. Will have. Never had. Thankful I am still here when I thought I may never see my grandchildren but here I am still kicking. Thankful for still kicking, not as high but high enough. 🙂

Why is it turkey? Does it have to be turkey? Did the pilgrims roast turkey? Did the Natives teach the Pilgrims how to roast turkey? Who brought what? I bet there wasn’t any left overs. Did they have pumpkin pie – back in the day of the first Thanksgiving. I should do more research. LOL Nah – I’ll just eat.

What’s pissed me off this year is that after Halloween I could not find any Thanksgiving-ish decor stuff.  It was from Halloween straight to Christmas. ALL of the stores. A lot of stores had Halloween & Christmas out at the same time. Come November 1 and BOOM it was all Christmas, F’Thanksgiving. Grateful this, grateful that my ass. It’s commercialism, ain’t?

Christmas sells stuff, lots of stuff. Thanksgiving not so much. Thanksgiving is about groceries. Its the start of Glutton Season.

I work for a company where December is considered Goodies Month. Every workday a different goodie is shared with the whole company. People sign up for a day, and that day or should I say that month, we snack on whatever people have brought. There’s the a.m. group and the p.m. group. It started out as cookies or candies. That turned into pastries and cakes, that turned out to soup or posole, to catered pizza! Free food. we don’t judge.  We are totally spoiled. There are days when no one brings anything and we understand but we are also spoiled. LOL

So like the stores, I started talking about Thanksgiving and skipped straight to Christmas. My bad.

I don’t know what the big deal is about turkey. I’m just grateful to have meat. If its turkey fine and if there is no turkey I’m fine with that too.  A roast, steak, some kind of stew, I’m good. I do want the pie. Costco has some big ole pumpkin pies for $5.99! Yes I have done dessert first. I like pie better then turkey!



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




I have been being PRODUCTIVE lately. AKA getting stuff done. Dare I say shit, cause it is not shit, even if some stuff is shitty; like cleaning the bathroom. But you gotta do what you go gotta do and be done with it.

It always surprises me after I’ve done something, that I think: why did I not do it earlier?! But you know how you gotta NOT do things before you get it done. LOL Uh procrastination. I do that. Pyschological ain’t it?

But there’s a method to the madness. My madness being getting IT done, whatever IT may be. I try. I think it, but not necessarily do it and its the DOING that counts, right?

This week I’ve been DOING it. Hahaha or I think I have. Still a lot of undone. But I’ve done much. I just needed to write this to pat myself on the back for doing what I’ve done in a timely matter. Oh yeah, its called work. I’ve been working. I work everyday. Not necessarily finishing what I started but I’m working on it. 🙂

I’ve done my sewing projects. I even finished one piece. A table runner.  How hard is it to sew a rectangle? LOL Yeah so why was it sitting there all this time?  Becasue it needs to get delivered this week. Duh. Even though I’ve had the fabric for two weeks. It takes less then an hour to do it, but it takes 2 weeks to reach that hour!

Anyway off to do more productive things. Or at least start things, weather it gets done or not depends on the amount of distractions. LOL



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




Dear Driver Letters

Dear Driver Behind Me In Traffic This Morning:

I appreciate you not riding my ass in traffic. I like that there is space between us.

Yours truly, The Driver In Front of You


Dear Driver That Cut In Front of Me In Traffic:

1) you did not use your signal, 2) you just through your big ass Yukon in between me & the car in front me rudely, 3) notice our lane is going significantly slower then the lane you came from, 4) perhaps it was YOU who was creating the slowness!

Sincerely but not really, The Driver In Front of You


Dear Driver Who Knows The Lane Is Turn Right ONLY But Insists On Going Down That Lane Anyway So YOU Can Cut Into The Lane YOU Should Have Been In:

1) YOU are causing significant traffic because all of those behind you now have to WAIT, 2) this is not the freeway this is the surface streets,  3) YOU know this is a LONG light, 4) don’t act like this is your first rodeo & you did not know the lane your were in RIGHT TURN ONLY obviously you’ve done this before, 5) like the car you are cutting in front of has a choice to not let you in with your headlights crossed over into OUR lane, 6) the driver hastwo choices HIT YOU or let you in, 7) hitting you would mean staying there for hours, police & insurance claims and not getting home on time, 8)you need to learn not to be a rude asshole type of driver.

Yours Not Truly Because I Know You Will Do It Again, The Driver  Behind The Car That Let You In


Dear Freeway Rush Hour Traffic Driver:

KNOW where you are going. KNOW when & where your EXIT is! IF you are exiting, you should be int he right lane closes to the exit NOT in the fast lane trying to weave your ass across five lanes of the freeway. YES you WERE fast in the fast lane and now you are a dangerous piece of metal getting in every ones way. STOP IT!

Sincerely, The Drive Next To The Fast Lance




Wow this feels good. I need to write these more often. 🙂



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



More than several decades ago DH said: I should buy you a gun because you are home alone with the kids, a lot. I said: No I don’t know jackshit about guns & I do not want them around the babies. Fast FWD decades after that & the kids are out of the house. DH says: I should buy you a gun; you’re home alone by yourself a lot.  I say: No, I don’t know jackshit about guns and you know what could happen, we would use it on one another. (some of you may know that feeling LOL)

I am open to getting a gun provided I take a course on how to use it & gun safety & all the bells & whistles that go with it. But since I don’t know jackshit about guns I should stick to the bat behind the door.  Ok so I’m a bat person. Golf club too. That’s me. Some of my best friends are gun people. Ok maybe everybody I know is a gun people. But that’s beside the point. I’m the type that in an emergency would ask “what’s the number to 9-1-1?” So putting something in my hand that could blow up people or myself, is not a good idea. I get it!


The gun control thing is about money, ain’t it? Just like war is about money. Without war there would be no weaponry manufacturing. No gun trafficking, maybe. Gun control has a lot to do about lobbyist. My lobbyist is better then your lobbyist. The usual pissing contest. Can bigger dicks piss farther then little dicks?  Do guys practice? Rhetorical question on my part, I’m not competitive like that. LOL

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It is sad that those that should not have guns, have guns. Its even sadder for those who suffer the consequences of those people who should not have guns. It’s a double edge sword. I don’t want you not to have a gun, I want crazyass murderer types not to have a guns. But crasyass murderers don’t know how to police themselves, like crazyass bat users like me.

The mass shootings are more than a tragedy. Its damn right insane. Who thinks of going to church on Sunday and killing innocent people is ok to do, who raised you and what is your background story that makes you think what you do is normal & ok. WTF?  And the sad thing is, WE know it will happen again. because some other crazyass fuck is going to be inspired and think yeah I can do that.  The sadness is inconsolable, you know. 😦  Somethings gotta change.

All the finger-pointing and its them the ones. If it wasn’t for them this would not have happened. It was his, her, their fault. That does not do shit, but let the next mass murdered stock pile their arsenal. Gun control is oxymoronic because it is Out Of Control and nobody wants to piss off the industry blah blah blah. Oh now is not the time to speak of gun control & that industry because we are in mourning blah blah blah they gave gazillionmillions to him, her and them therefore  can’t say shit. In the mean time more people are going to die because some crazyass murderer is stock piling and plotting.  What does this say about our society? Am I wrong.

All this horrific mass shootings have desensitize us. When the shooting first broke on the news/FB, what was the first question you asked yourself…… Was it a Muslim? I did and I think Muslims did too. Then I heard First Baptist church…… Was HE Black? We/I never think SHE.  I’m sexist like that. Did we not ask ourselves the same questions about the Las Vegas shooting? I know I did. How many Black mass shooters has there been?


In the mean time, do you think our thought and prayers are going to heal the horrendous sadness of those who have lost loved ones. FN


But still we need to think good things and pray because it will help our own sadness and feelings of WTH can I do? Right? We could vote.  But in the mean time; please think good things and pray.  But if you are a potential crazyass murderer reading this; please get some fucking help.



Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono






Buh Humbug, But Not Really

It is 4 paydays to Christmas. Yes, that’s how I gauge Christmas. Kind of heretic, ain’t it. 🙂

I use to not like Christmas. Totally mental on my part. As a child I bought in to the “if you are a good girl you will get what you want”. I found that to be a total bullshit, flat out lie.  I did not get what I want, I got PAJAMAS!. I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas so I must not have been good, I was bad.   Didn’t get the toy I wanted. Totally didn’t get the memo we was poor. LOL I just thought, now what the hell did I do, Santa Clause does not like me. Ahhhh the mind of a child.

I think it was in JrHi/HS when I started to understand the haves and have nots. Rich people,  richer then poor, poor and dirt poor. We was just poor.  We had everything we needed food, shelter & clothing. No extras. One pair of new shoes each year.  If you had more then two its because you had hand me downs or you still fit in your old shoes. But that’s water under the bridge, I have now over compensated for not having multiple pair of shoes as a child. I’m okay with it. LOL

For a long time I was a December 26th kind of person. Could not wait till Xmas was over & done with. Even as a parent there was that lets get this over with feelings. The one thing I taught my kids about Christmas is that maybe you’ll get that one thing, not everything but be grateful for the things you do get because there are kids/people who get nothing. They grew up knowing that having Christmas presents in our house was directly related to paydays. LOL

Remember the Sears toy catalog or JC Penny’s toy catalog, before the days of ToysRUs; each kid had their own color highlighter and I told them to highlight everything they wanted for Christmas. Pretty much the whole catalog right? Then I told them to add it all up.  Which only came to thousands of dollars, which they know was not gonna happen. So then I told them pick 100 of the things you want most and add it up. Then it went down to 50, 25 and finally pick the 10 things you really really want. Ok, you MIGHT get one or two things.  That was the wish list.  And I bought them pajamas.

I always feel Christmas is fun with my kids & now grandkids weather you get want you want or not.  I rarely ask for what I want for Christmas because I have this childhood fear of not getting it. I hate setting up myself for disappointment. Although now its not such a big thing. I get what I get. I’m just happy not to get pajamas. LOL

My kids are big on list, about this time they all start sharing one another’s list of what do you want for Christmas.  I always say, “surprise me.” And they always say “you say that every year.”  Now that the kids are all grown & live in different states, any time all 3 siblings are together, that is Christmas to me.

Hmmm what do I want for Christmas? World peace? Fat chance.  I want a round trip plane ticket home, 2-3 weeks condo & car rental back home. I’ve not been home since 2011. How sad is that? Think Santa Claus will come up with that? Yeah, I think I have to do my own Santa Clausing on that one. LOL  Let me see, what do I need:  itunes card, gift cards form where ever  works for me, I need a pair of moccasins (like the real kine) .  I dunno its stuff, do I need more stuff. Yes, I want a SurfacePro. That’s what I want! If “everybody” throws in for that one thing, it could happen! ❤


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



Stick In The Mud

Some people are just a stick in the mud. Too rigid to move, alone in the mire. Stuck in their ways and their powers that be. Working has to be in dead silence. Those are the kinds of people that need their own office with four walls so they can lock themselves in silence but hello its cubicle city. LOL

Okay, so that’s why “everybody” where’s headphone/ear buds to tune out the stick in the mud. Duh? Yeah I’m old school, I always think wearing earbuds at work means/looks like I’m tuning out people. What you’re tuning me out? LOL

I wonder about people like that, those who demand silence to work at work in a cubicle setting.  As I pound on my keyboard extra hard! I think my silence is different from their silence. HTH?  LOL I mean, I can tune out people & everything going around me if I’m focused on an assignment or project. Oh, probably because I am the one making the noise.  In general I’m a noisy person. 🙂

I wonder about people who need that complete silence thing in working, the need to focus in silence; does that carry on at home with spouse & kids. Its like telling a child to keep still. When do kids keep still? I always said, “go in your room and play.” I can’t sit still sometimes so why would I tell a kid to do it.

I wonder about people who need that complete silence in working, do they need that kind of silence & focus when doing it in bed? No moaning, no screaming, no grunting, that’s distracting, I’m working here. OR are they just complete freaktards when it comes to doing the deed, letting all primal sounds release.

All this running thru a silenced mind……


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono




Why that came up as a title I have no idea. Subliminal. I just let my fingers do the walking/talking on the keyboard and that’s what came out. Hmmmm

What does that mean?  I’m ok with it, but that’s because I have a high tolerance for bullshit? What! Yeah you know you do. LOL

I’m not the disagreeable type. I go with the flow, whatever that may be. Even if I think otherwise, I think I’m the only who thinks that way so I don’t want to impose on others blah blah blah. Yeah, I’m a follower like that. 🙂

Maybe that’s is why I don’t mind being by myself. I don’t have to listen to other opinions. I do what I do and have no one to blame but myself huh? Goofy like that.

I think I just need one of those vacation by myself and I’ll be all right. I am all right but I’d be more all right then I am now. LOL



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Catching Up

The downside of being off from work – like 3 days worth; is catching up.  In other words I’m so behind.

Spent the the first hour catching up on emails. Lots of deletes. I know; I should unsubscribe, I know. But certain times of the year I need to know & I sort of use them & every now and then they do have info I need.

All this going green thing, I’m sorry I need to print certain emails so I can follow up on them in the order I want to, research etc. Maybe I’m old school like that. LOL

I’d like to take 3 weeks off next year, but okay maybe two. But the catching up thing bothers me. My mind would be blank, like starting a whole new job. 🙂

Yes but I’ve done it before. LOL




Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Monday Morning Coffee

I drink coffee but I don’t usually drink coffee. OK I drink coffee BUT only if I buy it. I’m phroo phroo like that or maybe a coffee snob? LOL

I love Dutch Bros but I’m sorry I am not waiting 10 cars in line or 10 people at the window in line. I know, no patience. Once upon a time I could drive up to Dutch Bros and be the first or second car. Not no more. I asked the kids there why is everybody here NOW. They told me ever since the Dutch Bros big boss dude went on Undercover Boss business has been booming. Ok fine, but I’m still not waiting in line with 10 or more cars/people in front of me. BUT if I see 3 or less, I’m there! So I did that the other weekend; saw three cars so got in the line for my small anialator. OMG the one person infont of me ordered like 8 drinks! WTH! I wish I had someone to do a coffee run for me.

In general I’m a tea person. BUT Monday mornings I need a kick start so I get a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Safeway. Only because its down the road from work, I go get something for lunch or breakfast anyway and just because its there.

My usualy order at Starbucks is a small white mocha misto. I refuse to say TALL because its  not. Its like calling Little People tall, they are not. Why are they/Starbucks changing the definition of size. Is that a man thing? Instead of a small dick its now a tall dick?  Yeah I want a tall dick! LOL

So this morning a barrista – fancy smancy word for person who makes coffe – made me my usual order. Its my first time ordering from him. Never saw his before. My coffee was exceptionally good. Or was it becasue it was Monday morning? Well not all barrista’s are created equal. Even though they use the same recipe it comes out different. My daughter brought home an order once and it tasted watery.  She complained about her hot chocalate not tasting right.  I told her mines tasted watery. She said thats what it is!

Anyway Monday morning coffee done, time to get my rear in gear and work!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono