Eleven cents!

I found 11 cents walking thru a parking lot.  I saw the penny first then I saw the dime, then I looked all around to see if there was more. LOL

If/when I see a penny I always pick it up.  Money is money right. Once I watched people walk around and on a penny.  Nobody picked it up, like it was trash or something.  Well I picked it up. Thank you very much.

So what does that mean? Is there a meaning to finding not one penny but one penny and a dime. 🙂  Other then I found 11 cents, I want it to have more significance like its a precursor to winning the lottery or something. 🙂 I’m thinking it has more meaning then JUST 11 CENTS, you know.

I’m thinking good luck and more good luck.  I’m thinking debt free. I’m thinking financial independence.  When I grow up I want to go to the mall and buy whatever I want with cash. So I’m wishfully thinking this 11 cents is a sign.  There is SHOPPING in my future. Oh yeah, its called Payday.

May you all find 11 cents and more….


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono


New Computer

At work I got a new computer.  OptiPlex 7060 – I have no clue what that means.  The one I had was old; like 2010 or 2008 old or maybe even older. It worked well I thought. I did not know it was old till they told.

I’m totally grateful and I love this new set up. Big 24 inch screens. Yes 2 of them. So professional.  Tempted to put on a K-drama. nah nah nah… I think that’s on the Equipment Agreement, no Korean Dramas, no NetFlix.   Use your phone. LOL

Its way modern and I’m old school. Still. LOL Ok so I know how to do stuff the way I’ve been doing it.  So with this new computer it has stuff I didn’t use before or its there but now where I looked for it.  Or I don’t see what I use to see, so its different and I haven’t figure it out yet. You know what I mean jelly bean.  Yeah, its called the help button.  OE = Operator error.

Like putting up MY screen saver pics. Where the hell…..oh ok I found it. How the hell, oh oh oh, ok I got it. So yeah its like that.  Brown, I didn’t want the screen brown, purple, lavender, light purple. LOL

Oh and passwords, SOB – I gotta put in passwords for different work vendors that I use. AND I had to reset passwords also cause the other computer remembers them but not this one so its been wiped out.  I always think I know the password but I don’t, I wrote it down some where.  Actually I use the same one.  That way I don’t forget right?

So I had to reset my password for a vendor site I use regularly.  I only tried 2 or 3 times.  The site said you will be getting a reset email password, 2 or 3 times.  Well I never did.  I’m suppose to check my SPAM folder. WE don’t have a spam folder. We don’t get spam; well we do BUT we have a super duper secure SPAM catcher.  So that was yesterday.  This morning I get an email from IT – were you trying to reset your password for 4imprint or is this not you?  Yes, its me and I need to do a reorder from this site.  Ok fine the reset password email will be released to you.  Told you, we have one of those SPAM Catchers hence we see zero spammers. 🙂

Anyway I need to learn me how to navigate this new and improved computer set up. I just figured out the screensaver part. LOL I’m so hilarious I crack myself up.

When I laugh at my Grandson – he says:  “Quit being hilarious to me!”


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono



This Weeks Random Thoughts….

I am not well. Ok, I’m better than I was but I have this bronchial cough. Bronchitis. Never fails, after I have a bad cold or flu it lingers into bronchitis.  It’s on the right side. LOL Why do I know this? Duh that’s where I feel the ache? I don’t know what it’s called, the irritation..whatever.  Should I write about my mucus/phlegm – no never mind. Its less, it thinner it’s not hunkaluggy?  I’m fine. LOL

I’ve been getting headaches. I think its related to the flu I had. An inner ear thing maybe cause I have a history of vertigo.  I don’t take pain killers, aspirin, tylenol or whatever unless I know I can lie down and go to sleep. Wake up and its all better.  Assuming I wake up, knock on wood…. I’ve been blessed, I do wake up…..

I have bills.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. In other words I’m not in that tax bracket. I was kinda feeling like I was caught up, then pow  right in the kisser….  I need tires! I need to pay for my fancy smancy test – Thyrogen scan that I had.  Yes insurance paid most of it and I just need to pay them $800.00. Yes, I can pull that out of my ass immediately. LOL It always amazes me that the bill comes with the credit card option. You can just pay it using your credit card.  That’s  assuming one HAS a credit card. Much less wants to use it to pay your medical bills. Well we all do what we gotta do.

I’ve been really busy, yet farting around procastinating. So bad.  You know; if you know you shouldn’t do that, than don’t do that.  BUT NAH, I’ll be fine I can do it later.  THAN I have to go chicken with out a head full speed ahead. Stop it! I read a book about Procastination, something about EAT THAT FROG.  I’m still farting around so I guess IT hasn’t sunk it.

I have a lot of sewing projects to do. Go figure.  I suppose I should do the side hustle paperwork and LLC me but again….. procastination. I’m behind in my project.  Only reason I know this is becasue I got paid to do an order and I’m only half done. At least I didn’t spend the money. LOL Yet? I will sew this week end.  I will eat that frog. eeewwlll Well frog legs aren’t so bad, taske like chicken. 🙂

I like Andrew Yang. Or maybe I just like saying Yang Gang. Yang 2020. He  speaks way better than whatshisface and he knows math.  I like AOC.  She is very articulate.  I don’t see a problem with her having been a bartender; in fact that a plus, it shows she knows how to listen to people.  We all do what we gotta do?  Anyway she rocks. Her line of questioning is way more educated & intelligent than those other guys. They are just jealous that she can out logic their particent  logic. Like I know what I’m talking about.

Its the weekend…… I’m outta hear….



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.



Unknown Callers

Sad to say but I have more BLOCKED contacts then contacts that I know. WTH? I think this is true with a lot of us. Robocallers stop it!

Also, NO I don’t have a student loan. I paid it off a long ass time ago, thank you very much. So stop phishing and telling me about MY student loan. You don’t even know me like that.

And, my car does not have a warranty. If it did it would have been long past expired or there never was on in the first place. Enough all ready.  I  blocked your call take a hint.

Dear Dude who calls me about the Police Fund, I lied, I am not unemployed but yeah I am not pledging money to you or any one on the phone.  I don’t even give my kids money, you want me to give you money. I understand the need but calling me is not helping your cause.

I don’t know anyone in Poland, Mount something or other Utah, or someplace/anyplace New Hampshire. Nor do I know anyone in Wyoming, Virginia or South Carolina.  Although I think one of my creditors is in Virginia, but I’m not behind or anything so I know they ain’t calling me. For now at least. LOL

I answer these unknown callers sometimes just cause…. and I don’t say anything. I just listen.  They do too, they don’t say nothing so why should I. Just dead silence, playing chicken; who’s gonna hang up first.  Its usually them duh?  Its a machine huh, I just told the machine that’s my number. Oh well. They still can’t get me to talk.

I answer these unknown callers sometimes just cause….. and I say HELLO. I can hear the background of cubicle city noises,  I assume other people talking on phones, all kinds of background chatter. AND this heavily accented person tells me his name is JEFF! I always want to ask “is that on your birth certificate?”  I highly doubt it but hey, I can be judgey on the phone if I want to be.  They called me I didn’t call them. Usually I hang up once I hear the bullshit name of Jeff or Steve or Mike with that thickass accent. I can’t talk to you if I can’t understand you. I’m pretty decent with understanding heavy accents.

Ending here as my cell buzzes with yet another call I need to decline or not answer at all.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono


Where Did I Go….

Other than crazy…..  and sicko…. and….. LOL

I spent a week in Washington, DC.  My one yearly travel out-of-state. I always enjoy going. It is work though. People think you are traveling so must be a vacation.  I think we work longer and harder off sight.  In DC anyways….

I am support staff so I don’t go do the hill visits and have a schpeel I need to say over & over.  I basically hold down the fort, get things done in house, and maybe do a delivery or two if need be.  I got to escort one person shopping. LOL One person did not want to go to Union Station alone and was looking for  souveiners to take home.  My boss was like “oh we got just the person to escort you” LOL Yes the good souveiners are at General Union or is  it Union General, that store at the end of the 3rd floor.

I got to go to the National Musuem of American Indians and the National Museum of African American Hisotry.

I’ve been to the NMAI several times, but only once did I get to go thru the whole museum.  That was many year ago.  This year we got  guided tour of their 3rd floor installation.

So from the NMAI we where going to the African American Museum.  Three of us caught a taxi and we had this taxi cab Black Lady that just cracked us up. We told her we were headed to the African American History museum, she was like;  “Oh I like that, from the Native Americans to the Africans.”  She proceeded to tell us all about the African Histroy musuem; telling us to start at the bottom and work our way up etc.  She told us some of the highlights of the installation.  I asked her “how many time have you been in there?”  She replied, “not a one!”  We just cracked up laughing.  I asked her how she knew so much about it.  She said “a customer gave her a book”.  She explained she picks up a lot of people from the African Histroy Museum and they have guilty feelings. One lady said she bought 2 book so she gave one to the Cab Driver lady. She said they tell her they never knew Blacks were treated so bad, blah blah blah.  She says:  “they all knew, puh-lese;  but its outta sight outta mind.’

She told us a lot of crazy stories of the passengers she’s picked up the there. She was so hilarious, Best story ever though was that she pick up 3 Chinsese guys who didn’t speak very much English.  The one in the front couldn’t articulate the name of the Museum they wanted to got to.  Finally he blurted out:  Niggah! Niggah museum. She said her eyes just got real big and she looked at the man sitting in the back; who was slapping the one in the front in the head.  He apologized and said my friend don’t talk good  English.  Then she said they all busted out laughing.

I always enjoy our interactions with the cab drivers, they tell you for real stories.  Washington, DC driver pop the horn at every little freaking thing, as if that sound is gonna help things go faster. Their traffic is crazy don’t know how those cab drivers do it, Its survival ain’t it?

Hopefully I get to go next year.  This year I was told I wasn’t going. Than was fine with me. Then two weeks before they asked, can you go?  Well let me check my calendar. LOL



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Where Have I Been….

I had a meeting in Flagstaff earlier this month. Watch the snow fall all day. It wasn’t “sticking”. As long as we got on the road while it’s still daylight we’d be okay.  Snow is real pretty, until you have to drive in it. It’s not bad if you are the only one on the road. It’s when there are other vehicles that it gets dicey.  People going way to fast, sliding, gliding, slamming their breaks. You can’t control other peoples driving. People think if they have 4-wheel drive they are fine.  Well, ICE does not care what kine of vehicle you drive and ice will make any and all vehicle slide or glide.

I went to Kona for a wedding. Kona, HI! Just for a week, a great good long weekend. Now I feel/look prego.  I ate and I ate some more. The portions are so big and soooo good. I don’t go to any franchises. Wait I lie!  I went to McD’s in WalMart because they have Taro Pie! Better than apple and its pretty purple. McD’s in Hawaii is way better than mainland because you can get Portuguese Sausage and eggs for breakfast. Enough said.

Most every morning I would walk to Fish Hopper and have breakfast. I had a fresh papaya for breakfast. Wow  – its been decades.  Flashbacks of when I was kid; you want a papaya got get one in the garden. So ono. Loved just sitting next to the ocean, feeding my face. I go early like when they open, so it’s rarely crowded. Great way to start the day.

FishHoppers, Kona

Went to visit Pele’s house. Part of it anyway. Went and saw the steaming  vents. That kind of freaked me out.  Because I think worst case scenario. WHAT IF Pele gets pissed off while I’m there. Earthquake, explosions, lava flowing….. My imagination precedes me. There was no Pele being pissed off and I’m okay.

We did a quickie around the island. Stopped at Rainbow Falls.  Note – Siri lied and sent us across the river to OK Farms.  The kids playing in the mud flagged us down.  They know rentals & tourist when they see them.  They told us the falls was across the river we were on the wrong side go back down the hill.  So we stopped and asked the lady at the farm for directions.  She gave us the down the hill, R, R. L, R directions.  Evidently you have to ask Siri for Wailuku River State Park to get the real directions.

The lush forest and hugeass trees always amazes me.  If trees could talk… the things the stories they could tell. The peace and quiet of nature is very therapeutic. UNTIL some bratty tired kids are screaming and not wanting to go where Mom & Dad wants to go.

We went to Akaka Falls in the rain. Rain in Hawaii is still warm, were a hoodie its all good. I was walking down about a quarter of the way and #1 says; you sure you can do this?  I’m like yeah. Oh wait, if I’m walking down that means I gotta walk up. Ok, yeah I will go back up now. LOL

I got to taste Honoka’a’s finest  Tex’s Malasadas.  If you are from Hawaii its either Leonards’s or Tex’s.  I think they are both good.  I like Punalu’u’s Bakery ones too. I eat what get. I don’t discriminate. One of each, its all good. 🙂

For the first time since the 90’s us four sisters were all there together. Amazing.  My sisters are hilarious. Like I didn’t know? LOL

I think I maxed out my credit card at the fabric shop.  Discount Fabric Warehouse aka Fabric Heaven. Didn’t realize how much fabric I bought until I got home and piled it up. A bit much but now I’m inspired to sew.  In fact yesterday I sewed to baby blankies, 4 sets  distowels and hemmed a pareau. Boom!

It was a short and sweet vaycay. I need to do it more often.  I hadn’t been home since 2011.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono




Party of One

Superbowl – Party of 1!

I was home alone. Everyone went to their perspective Superbowl viewing, somewhere or other. Me, I’m fine home alone.

I did have the Superbowl on but I watched sporadically. Ok I watched commercials mostly. LOL I know I’m not the only one. I sort of, kind of watched the game as I turned the belts of an apron inside out.  I was sewing. So I only looked a the TV, whenever.

I thought the commercials were kind of ok? The one I liked the most was the NFL one, Fumble! Other than that, I don’t remember. That’s what youtube is for. LOL

Half time was kind of bland. Not interested in his tattoos. I guess I was not entertained entertained.  Nothing memorable.


Be /Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono







Pain In The Neck

I must not know who to sleep because on Wednesday I woke up with this kink in my neck on the right  side. Usually no biggy until I started pressing on it massaging it and then it dawned on me its on the side I had surgery and I could feel my scar. And I start letting my imagination run with it.

Thursday I had a 7:30 am dentist appointment. A filling on the upper right hand side. My body really reacts to anesthesia.  Just a little fast acting numbing agent, a little pinch; as I get stabbed in the gums. The noise of the drill is headache producing in itself. AND I was hangry. Sucking on a straw after with your face half numb is hilarious, especially while driving.

So all day Thursday I’m feeling a lot of pain with a major headache. But I can function. Till I get home and take my drugs and pass out. My head hits the pillow and I’m out like a light. To me sleeping is healing so I always think I will wake up healed. For most part I do. I think the goal is to wake up so yeah, so far I’ve met that goal. LOL

I woke up at 3 am. Brushed my teeth, change clothes, took more meds and back to bed.  Wanted to stay in bed too but I only ran 30 minutes late. My neck feels way better. The anesthesia must be out of system. I feel a slight kink in my neck, nothing like yesterdays. The pain has moved down to my shoulder blades. Swear to gawd, I don’t know how to sleep. If it ain’t one pain, its another. Hey but at least I woke up. 🙂



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Hardship is an understatement when it comes to the government shut down. People with “good” jobs undermined by their employer. This is so sad and bad. I know the feeling of no paycheck coming. But at least there was another person working, so I didn’t have to worry about food & rent. Credit cards though, I am still paying the price. I was on the verge of bankruptcy, now I just have bad credit.  But I’m okay with that. 🙂

I can only imagine the stress of a household with two federal workers “furloughed.” Which is a fancy word for “no work no pay”. Then there’s the people who “have to work and don’t get paid” That’s F’d up.

The governmenT does not a give care! Because if you cared, this should have ended weeks ago and not dragged on till now…. BUT nooooo ego turns this into  – a Mexican Standoff!  WTH! Playing with people’s lives and lively hood.

And do the Suits who run the government not get paid also? Are they not Government employees. How come they can get paid and the real workers can’t?

This “standoff” will create more homeless, more stress, and no doubt deaths related to some shutdowns of critically needed services. Am I exaggerating.

For those who HAVE TO Work and not get paid; isn’t that somehow breach of contract? Your work you get paid, not your work and don’t get paid because you’re essential. Paying rent, groceries, daycare and  bills are essential!

And then its a trickle down effect. No workers, no people frequenting eateries; all business feel the pinch. No shopping.  No paycheck, no daycare. Daycare is a major expense.

My thoughts and prayers ain’t gonna help none. The powers that be need to step up and do what they gotta do, to make this right. Will it ever be? This disruption is cruel and unusual punishment for those who do not need to be punished. Punishment should be to those who don’t make their tax returns public when they are suppose to. Isn/t that incomplete vetting?

How much longer can people handle these egregious times?


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono


I’m Sleeping And I Can’t Get Up

I have a really hard hard time getting out of bed. I have alarms going off every 15 minutes and I just way too comfortable to move my behind out from under the covers. Is it the temperature, is it my laziness, it is all of that and then some.

If it wasn’t for going to the bathroom and having to go to work, I would still be snuggled in bed. 🙂  Then I remember times when I didn’t have to get up and I had my ass up and going with no place to go to. WTH….

I have insomnia and I love staying in bed. Not gonna lie. Ok I love lying around but not really.  I always realize IF I had started earlier….LOL  When I do, do the rise up early and do stuff I’m always surprised how much I got done. DUH?

I’m most productive in the mornings. assuming I get outta bed. LOL I’m just slow in the mornings. It takes a little bit and then some to get my rear in gear.

I always assume I’m gonna wake up. When I do think, “what if I don’t get up” – I think of all the things I shoulda done before going to bed. LOL Than again, if I don’t wake up I don’t wake up. There is no debating. There’s alive or dead, no either or ain’t it?

Part of my lathargicness is my DISease, I think. Good excuse anyway. I rarely pull the “cancer card” but hey there are days…..  Doctor is always asking me if I get depressed and shit and I always say no. But if I think about it; doing nothing, is a form/part of depression, hello! Then again its not doing nothing, nothing. Its doing something when I should be doing something else. Attention deficit like that.  Well anyway I’m okay. I function all right. A tad bit slow but functioning no less. 🙂

Speaking about attention deficit. I think we all have it.  It’s selective attention span. Back in the day there wasn’t a “lable” for ADD; especially in school. You’re either smart, average or stupid. The “stupid ones” where the ADD-ish one. Reading about ADD in children I was like, hey I did that, I turned out ok.  I got whooped alot too but thats another story. LOL You don’t listen whack, you do what you are told, whack, whack. Different times, dfferent solutions. I survived.  As an adult I always wondered, where was Social Service when I was growing up. Water under the bridge, I know.  I’m a better person because of it, maybe? 🙂 I like to think so anyway.  I could have turned out to be a psycho, right? WAIT, I’ve been called psycho bitch before. OMG !


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono