December 13, 2018 Random Thoughts

I was thinking of writing about something or other then I forgot then I thought – random thoughts. So random thoughts it is…

I’ve been feeling RUSHED. Like hurry up and wait rush. This has to get done now BUT. But THIS can”t get done unless another piece is done first and that is what I am waiting for.  My RUSH is not the same as other peoples rush. Just like 5 minutes means 5 minutes or less, that is my idea of 5 minutes. NOT 5 minutes and 15 minutes later, some how its still is 5 minutes. What? No. I think some people just have a lateness built it to them.

Undercover:  I DISlike getting out of bed these days. Its all warm and cozy under the covers. Even to go to the bathroom, I wait as long as I can not to get outta bed. Unhealthy I know. LOL Love staying in bed, hate knowing how much time I wasted doing nothing BUT I was comfortable. 🙂

Shopping Cart:  If I’m not grocery shopping, I don’t get a shopping cart when I go into the store because I don’t want to fill it up. If I can’t carry it I can’t have it. LOL  I see people who just throw things into their cart and I wish I can do that but I am not in that tax bracket. Once upon a time I use to average $60-$100.00 every time I walk into WalMart. I stopped that years ago. So nowadays I’m always surprised when I spend $20 or less there. I like WalMarts in Oklahoma maybe because they are closer to Bentonville. I think they have better or more stuff.  Like I need more stuff.

Reading:  I need to read more. I have a stack of books waiting for me to read. The thing is when I read, I read.  Don’t do nothing else till I finish the book. Kinda of like binge watching Netflix. 🙂

Sewing:  I sewed 4 aprons and 5 table runners. Now I have 3 aprons to do before Christmas and I have an order of 5 to do before January something?  I keep buying fabric. Then I get my scraps and make something else, so why do I still have tons of fabric? Oh yeah cause I bought more. LOL I have Grandsons travel blankies to finish, duh? Before Christmas, hello? Note to self:  SEW.

Running off to sew……


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono






Today’s Random Thoughts

It’s December! Duh? Seems like just a few weeks ago I was complaining about heat and now its COLD. Can’t complain. Its fine, just layer. Can’t change the weather, just adjust. Yet I hear people going on and on about the weather. Nothing you say is going to change it. Shut up all ready. I mean every office has one ain’t it…. they go on & on about the weather. If not that its ailments. My cold is worst then your cold. Oh yeah, my cancer is worst then your cancer. Boom! Shuttup!

Feeling a bit crotchity grouchy this morning.  So much to do so little time. And then someone will give me something, with the “OH yeah I forgot to give this to you weeks ago so I need this NOW.”

I write in my head a lot, virtual blogging. LOL So I think I’ve written in here cause it feels like I did. Then I come in here and I’m like; sure thought I wrote it in here? Yeah and pretty sure you don’t remember because according to the post in here, “no you didn’t”!

I’m on business travel tomorrow. I don’t usually travel, I’m usually the person that holds down the fort. BUT its Christmas dinner time so yeah, I will be going. I like traveling. I don’t like catching up after coming back from travel. Its like I’m outta synch and I’m more then two steps behind and I thought I did that before I left. Guess not! I irritate myself with those feelings. LOL

Wrapping:  I love wrapping presents. Must be a childhood thing because I don’t remember ever doing that. So now that I do, do it; I enjoy it.  During Thanksgiving I wrapped a whole lot of gifts because Daughter Dear did her shopping so I could wrap them. LOL I remember when I was little there was a lady that worked at Sears and all she did was wrap presents all day and I thought that was the coolest job.  I know now that I probably wouldn’t want to do it ALL day but I wouldn’t mind especially if they were paying me. Well. 🙂

I read a book this past weekend. Surprise surprise. I surprised myself. I didn’t watch Netflix or K-Drama. I just read. Started reading it in the book store, clearance, bought it. Read 3/4’s of it Saturday and the rest on Sunday. Stuart Woods’ Sex, Lies and Serious Money. Easy reading. A Stone Barrington Series, such a man whore.

I have a pile of books that I need to read yet I bought a new book and read it first. What is wrong with me. LOL


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Black Friday-ing

I don’t do it. Sounds good. But no.

I’ve been to one Black Friday at the Mall once in my life time.  I can say I’ve done it once.  I can say I don’t like it. I don’t need it. Its hype and I’m jaded and cynical. So never mind. LOL

Lines…. I hate lines. I don’t do lines well. It makes me the click bait for the next rude ugly person who assumes I’m Mexican or that every brown person is Mexican or Muslim. Although I’ve not been mistaken for a Muslim. YET.  I bet if I rocked a hijab I would be.  Cause you know, IF YOU are wearing a hijab you must be Muslim.

Money…I’m not in the tax bracket  or credit card bracket where I can just buy now pay later. Or buy whatever I want in cash.  I’m working on it though. 🙂

People…. all the hoards of people and crying kids who don’t want to be there and shouldn’t be there anyway bring a certain amount of tension  to the air and that is too much tension. I like to be calm and zenned out when I shop.  Its called Retail Therapy for a reason.  If its not calm & zen it ain’t therapy its more like stressed out pressure buying.

Like most holidays these days Black Friday is holiday hype created by retailers.  It shows how “sheepish” we are.  Like sheep, we just follow the crowd sometimes, everyones doing it and we don’t want to be the only one NOT doing it.

With Amazon and other online retailers, WE can now shop from the privacy of our own home wearing what ever the hell we want or nothing at all. How comfortable is that? Now that is Retail Therapy  🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


It’s Next Year All Ready

As we wait to eat and shop till we drop then shop some more for Christmas; I’m like WalMart I got you beat.

I have been working on projects for February 2019 so as far as I’m concerned its almost Valentines Day.  Yes, I got you beat WalMart.  You ever notice WalMart has Valentines Day stuff out on December 26.  Way to rush us retail…..

WalMart must hate Amazon or anything online shopping.  I must do the Mom & Pop local retailer shopping, or Etsy. 🙂  There is some cool stuff on and for the most part the funds go to the crafter or at least its not some corporate pay your employees minimum wage company. Ok maybe I’m wrong but you know what I mean.

It was just this summer when I was thinking watch time speeds up and next thing we know Christmas is here.  Itsssss heeeerrreeee……

Three paydays to Christmas y’all. Kind of sad.  Christmas is about money & presents. Lets just admit its about the bottom line and happy birthday to Jesus is just an excuse to eat dessert. Jesus or not we all would eat dessert anyway.  Sorry I’m just jaded and cynical. I think the Happy Birthday Jesus thing is just to make us feel like yes we are grateful; BUT!  Always a but!

But I didn’t get what I want, so must be I wasn’t a good girl….

But I am a good girl and I buy my own stuff so never mind….

But didn’t you say you were going to buy me that….

Let me be first to say to y’all:

Happy New Year – Happy 2019 – May the new year bring you increased wealth and decreased weight!  ❤


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

House of Cards

I binged watched Season 5 & 6 of House of Cards this past 3 day weekend.

I think FRANK will pop up outta the grave.  Don’t they always do  in these types of dramas. Although didn’t Keven Spacey get canned? Doesn’t mean jack, money talks & bullshit walks.  I don’t think its Frances baby. When did they fuck sleeping in seperate rooms?  I think its Writer Toms baby, they at least were in the same bed.  I think it was creepy when Frank was sitting in the room with his wife & the other guy in bed. I thought it was creepy a President getting hit on by another guy too. ‘Cause I’m judgemental & superficial like that; so UNPresidential. I think its cause I think “cute” or “handsome” counts and I did not see none of that.  But hey, different strokes for different folks. None of my business ain’t it? Oh yeah and its just a TV drama, not reality.  Although you know fact is stranger then fiction sometimes. LOL

Even though its Hollywood, I think its closer to the truth then not. Ok the truth maybe worst but the series is not that far from the truth.  All the cut throating, back stabbing and scapegoating and crap like that…. you gotta be thick skinned and have no scrupples. Who can work in that kind of environment?  With me, Vibes count and  seems like a lot of bad Juju going on. Oh right, its just TV. Or Netflix. 🙂

Low man on the totem pole gets thrown to the wolves. Every person has a “fall guy” in mind from the get go somebody they are ready to throw under the bus to save their own ass.  Or everyone decides what is “good for the country” which bascially is code for “how much money am I getting.”

I’m thinking we all should have a Fixer, or a Handler,  or whatever you call it; at least one per family. Because you know we all have those days when we want that person that cleans the scene, spins the stories and get rid of the dead bodies. Oh I think you have to be in a certain tax bracket to have one. Never mind. LOL

You would think somebody in THAT HOUSE watches it and takes some cues or plays from it but then again you gotta be smart enough to do that and make heads or tails of the legalities. You have to read and do your homework. Operative word, READ.

Amazing how people can live like that. Justify crap with crap as long as its not them and they continue to make money. It is about the bottom line after all, why else; right?

I think I watch it, waiting for KARMA to show up.  As if its not written in the screenplay. LOL




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono

Now Will You Stop Texting Me

Not only was I getting political texts for me but I was also getting them for my husband and daughter.  Um’ did they use my phone number?

The first couple of times it didn’t bother me.  I have a high tolerance for you know.  But then it was happening like every hour. Text for me, text for DH, text for daughter.

This is so and so. The Senate race is a virtual tie, your vote may decide the winner, find your polling place blah blah blah…

Ok the blah blah blah part is mines.  But you get my drift. My thought was virtual tie, why? Is it virtual voting? No, so what up with that?

Hi I’m Dori with the Dems. Tomorrow is Election Day? Its going to be really close…..

No shit.

It’s Ed from SaveOurSchools “Empowerment Scholarships” are unaccountable private-school vouchers that rob public & charter schools. Vote NO on  blah blah blah

These TEXTs they don’t expect a reply do they? I mean why would I engage with strangers texting me?

Hi Daughter!  This is Terri volunteering with Indivisible.  This is it – Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 6 and we voters have the chance to save our public schools…. blah blah blah

I understand the need but I don’t like getting them.  I don’t know you, why are you texting me.  Oh ok you are a volunteer. So how come you have my number but not my name? Duh.

Anyways the texting has stopped. Until next election.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono





I’ve Been Scanned

I got scanned this afternoon. MRI? CRT? Bigassdonut? I should ask more questions and know correct terminology. LOL

I was a little anxious. My stomach kinda queasy. Ok, maybe thats a lack of fattening food or the feeling of feeling lean. Just a little ner-jess but not really.

So I know the drill since I’ve done it a few times. I always wear socks. Wear nothing with metal & no jewelry. Make sure you shi-shi before they put you in da machine.

I lie on the sled and the thing I notice is the music; soft and classical, violins……. and it reminds me of a scene from Soilent Green – the movie. Edward G. Robinson watching the screens of beautiful fields before he becomes Soilent Green. Yeah well that kine of music.

The Tech is telling me about the camera is going to be really close blah blah blah. I don’t want to know because I’ve learned to keep my eyes shut the whole time.  The first time I got thrown into one of these machines I made the BIG mistake of opening my eyes, just out of curiousity. Wrong move…. it was 2 inches from my face and I about had a panic attack. Claustrophobia attack, I started hyperventalating, I wanted to jump out and I got really scared. I think if not for my “sublimal tapes” excuse me healing APPS now, I would not have figured out to focus on my breathing. That and pray.

Praying is always good. Cause it is really, Let Go and Let God. I mean you can stress and worry all you want, it just makes matters worst and it takes a lot of energy.  You don’t need to be wasting energy on stuff like that.  With that said…..

About half way through…… I futted! LOL I farted! I almost started laughing but I’m not suppose to move.  That messed with my mind. I started thinking:  I wonder if it captured a picture of the fart. Can gasses be filmed. What color would it be? A white cloud, a black could or radioactive green? Is it a cloud or a bubble?

I’m so easily amused like that. LOL

I get so focus on my breathing, I think I fell asleep. Took a nap.  I tell myself I’m meditating but I snore myself awake. My style of meditating is very questionable. LOL I’m thinking its from all the APPS I listen to when I go to bed. I may have insomnia but when I sleep, I sleep hard because “the voice” is giving me instructions on how to relax and “the voice” or background music truely makes me  crash out.

The APPS I use the most:  Self Healing, Sleep Easily and Health Hypnosis.

The way I see it; when you get put into a “scanning” machine after taking radioactive meds; its 50-50 that they will FIND something. If there is something there, they will find it.  Which in this day and age is a good thing right, early detection. I’ll find out in two weeks what the results are; good, bad or indifferent. I’m never surprised when the Doctor tells me of my “anomollies.”  It’s that “we can’t tell if you were born with it (or without) or if its related to your thyroid or lack of thyroid issues.”

I once asked my Doctor, so how did they handle it in the “olden days”  before all these synthetic thyroid medications, xrays, ultrasound and MRI machines.  He said “it was not treated because it wasn’t known, so you die.”  All righty then…..


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono

Not Glowing In The Dark

Took my radioactive iodine pill yesterday – RAI-133 or is it 131?

This is maybe the 4th time I’m doing this? Every couple of years? I really need to writes theses things down cause I ain’t remembering it. Outtasite outta mind you know. But anyway it ain’t my first rodeo. Yeehaw!

It doesn’t make you glow in the dark but I always check. Ya’never know.

The first question they always ask is: are you pregnant or is there a possiblility of you being pregnant?  Yes, if you believe in the Immaculate Conception. I could be Part II. But not really. So thats a NO. Check.

Then there’s all these other rules:

Don’t cook for any one but your self. Not a problem, I rarely cook. 🙂

Sleep by yourself.  Ok, fine.

Stay away from pregnant people and little kids. Ok, I can do that.

Stay at least 6 feet away from people.  Ok, I can do that too.

Drink lots of water, until our your pee is clear drink plenty of water. Ok, I will do my best – I still see a tinge of yellow, am I a failure at this – must drink more water.

Flush the toilet twice after you use it.  I can do that, I just have to remember to do it a second time.

Wipe down the surfaces that you’ve touched, like the bathroom sink etc.  I knew I forgot to buy some Disinfecting Wipe; but yeah got some now, surfaces wiped.

The funniest thing about this “treatment” is that they made me put on gloves. Nothing funny about that I know. The thing is THEY don’t want you to touch IT but THEY want you to put IT in your mouth. Now if that doesn’t say a man invented it, I don’t know what does! Just put it in your mouth….. Don’t use your hands….. You have to swallow…..



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono


Survivor Mode

I think this will be my 4th or 5th round of “Thyrogen Therapy” over the past 15 years.  I call it: ShotInTheAss Therapy but that’s me.  One of the first times I got it; the nurse said, “it doesn’t hurt its just a shot in the butt.”  I was like “you say that cause its not your butt.”

But yeah its, Day 1 – Shot#1 & Day#2 -Shot #2, Left side then right side or vice versa.  Why I couldn’t tell you. I was like while I’m here just do the otherside, but no must come back in the morning. On Day #3 I go in for Nuke Meds – I take a radioactive pill, tracer meds. Day 4 – must be a day of rest or something, I do nothing.  Day 5 – Friday; they throw me in a machine and scan my whole body.

Thyrogen (thyrotropin alfa for injection) contains a form of human thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and is used as a diagnostic tool in patients who have had thyroid cancer and needed a thyroidectomy (thyroid surgery), to detect any possible remaining thyroid tissue.

Common Side Effects of Thyrogen (Thyrotropin Alfa for Injection) Drug …

This past Tuesday the Imaging tech asks me are you doing the low idoine diet? Who me, no; do I look like I diet. LOL  Anyway I am now. Google Low Iodine Diet. It might as well say be a vegetarian; which is not a bad thing.  Been there done that. It’s just that its filled with NO’s. No salt, no soy, no diary, no chocolate, no ice cream, no fish or shellfish, nothing from the ocean,  no bread unless you make your own, no eggs buy egg whites are okay. Basically I’m not suppose to eat what I like. But you can have soda, WTH? 🙂
I think Wednesday will be the hardest. My appointment is at 1:30 pm, so I need to be fasting 4 hrs before the appointment and two hours after. WTH – bitch bitch bitch –
I’ve done this before and I can do it again and will probably do it in another couple of years.  I think its every other year . I need to write these things down I’m really bad at when or where or whatever. Oh yeah, its call Hangry.
But you gotta do what ya’gotta do. I always have this fear they will discover the ravages of my lack of dieting. My innards all outta whack in one way or another. Because machine wise – MRI, CAT Scan, whatever however all these full body scanning business; they will find shit you don’t even know exist along with the shit that you know exist. So yeah, scary! But not really, yeah really….. its psychological. LOL
Be Blessed (\O/)
Malama Pono

It’s A Bread Thing

I love bread. Good bread. Homemade bread. The smell of fresh baked bread. hmmm

BUT I’m not suppose to have bread. Like rice, pasta and ice cream and anything that has sugar, you know the good stuff that I need to avoid. But you know when the doctor tells you; you can’t HAVE that, you kinda of fudge it and say “well just a little bit.” 🙂  Hmmm and that little bit makes you crave it more. Such is my life. LOL

I keep telling myself; I’m killing me. And me responds, “yeah just a little bit.”  I’m kind of slow like that. I think I’ve improved. I don’t go HOG wild. oink oink! Yeah I’m just a baby pig now, as oppose to the big pig that I was. 🙂

It doesn’t help that I work in a company that bonds over food and people bring food to share. If its on the kitchen table, its first come first serve help yourself.  Which is dangerous for people who have very low will power.

We have people who come from communities where they bake bread in outdoor ovens and make more then enough bread for the whole community.  My friends bring bread all the time. Their bread is healthier than store bought I think. No preservatives.  Ancient recipes from way back when.  Bread and buttah! I love bread and butter. ❤

I don’t think anyone has died from eating bread but I don’t think it helps the blood sugar thing, so eventually yeah it could lead a person to expire from the intake. So I should stop.

I write this while having a thin bagel and cream cheese. I was thinking THIN bagels are better/less bread then regular size bagels right. But I’m eating two thin bagels and I think that equals one regular size bagel.  FAIL 🙂  Note2Self:  YOU should not eat it all!  Okay fine, DO NOT eat bread, pasta, rice and sugar but everything else knock yourself out. LOL

Note taken. Okay after I finish this last bagel:)



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono