Hoarder Tendencies Wannabe Minimalist

In my heart I am a minimalist.  In reality I think I  have hoarder tendencies.  Okay, I have hoarder tendencies.  Why else would I have a  stack of old ID’s that I can’t get rid of.  If you deal it real fast its like a cartoon reel of my face going fat skinny fat skinny. Okay, skinny, fat, fatter.

I have too much stuff. How many T-shirts does one need?  We’re not even going to talk about fabric and fabric scraps.  I’m going to make something with it someday.  Good luck with that.

Clearing up space, getting rid of stuff will open up my life to better ways. Right? Right, or so I’ve read – over & over again. 🙂

Everything should be in its place and there should be place for everything. But when you  have more  things” then place ahhhh its a mess. I always realize this when I’m looking for “something.”

You know you are a hot mess, when its faster to go to the store to get  an item; use it then 10 minutes later find the original item you knew you had.

I’d like to think I’ve improved but  who am I kidding. LOL



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.





verb (used without object), pro·cras·ti·nat·ed, pro·cras·ti·nat·ing.
  1. to defer action; delay:to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost.


I do this daily WTH; bad habit, putting off stuff…..

I have this perpetual virtual list running in my mind…. need to do this, that, and thisnthat and and and….  And I do everything else. I need to get my rear in gear. Swear to Gawd…..

I think that’s one of the reasons why I write in here, so I have an excuse not to do what I’m suppose to be doing. Instead I’m writing…..  It’ll just take 5 minutes…

Along with procrastinating, I lie to myself alot. Thats ok though cause nobody knows it but me. LOL At least I know. Now if I was lying to myself and did not know? Houston we have a problem. LOL

So I know I procrastinate and lie to myself; so HELLO SELF – suck it up and lets gitterdone. 🙂

Ok I am off to NOT procrastinate and lie. Life is that simple, why do I make it harder on myself? Especially since whatever I’m putting off, I need to do anyway and will do anyway so why not do it NOW and be done with it? Because…… MENTO? Excuses, excuses – stop it!

Need to do work!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono



Being tired is nothing new with me, its part of the DisEase. It my normal since 2004? Something like that. Some days are better than others. Can’t complain. It just is, I deal with it.

I sleep. I pass out. When I take a  nap. I TAKE A NAP.  My naps are by the hours. LOL

For some reason I noticed my tiredness this weekend.  I usually ignore it. 🙂 But on Friday I was offsite at a meeting from 8 am to 4 pm; an hour drive to the site and an hour home. So I was burnt. Saturday hung out with Granddaughter; went to the Library, World Market Place, Halloween Store, Michael’s, ate a big lunch at Ghengis Grill and went to the bookstore for a long time. On Sunday I was just going to one store to get something which turned into 3 stores to get what I needed and then some.

After these excursions I got home and pass out.  Then I can’t go to sleep till 1-ish and I automatically wake up at 5ish. In general I go to bed late because I’m an insomniac that has a hard time falling asleep when I need to be asleep. But I will pass out in a heartbeat when I don’t need to be sleeping.

I realize I’m not getting enough sleep and I try my best to get to bed by 10ish but I don’t fall asleep so I think playing a Match 3game on my device will put me to sleep and it doesn’t. I just stay up even later.

I guess I need to go and listen to my subliminal apps. I have no clue what they say cause I always truly pass out. Which is a good thing. So I will once again go to bed with my headphones on. Headphones or earbuds? I like my noise canceling headphones but sometimes earbuds are less cumbersome. Will try both. Again. Not like I haven’t done before LOL

Sweet dreams to y’all!



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Today’s Random Thoughts

Is it Friday yet? LOL Short weeks feel long to me. Although if it was a regular everyday four day week, all the time; I’d be fine with that. 🙂

How is burning your shoes you’ve all ready paid for a boycott or protest or whatever the hell its called.  You are loosing  your own money. The shoe company already made their money remember you paid for it. It is now your shoes now not theirs, so YOU are loosing money not them. Just saying….  You did not think this through did you?  How about you don’t buy their products at all, that would be a boycott ain’t it?

I don’t think Nike gives a ratass if you burn your shoes or not. They got your money. What do they care about what you do with it. Like they keep tabs on you and what you do with your shoes. All this burning shoes business just give them more free advertising. You think you have that much influence in the world or on social media that the masses are going to follow your lead?

You know if you don’t want your Nike’s – give it away to someone who needs it and will put it to good use. Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army, homeless shelter, or a family member,  your neighbor maybe.  Better yet, recoup your money and yard sale it! Can you say Ebay?

Y’all pay hundreds of dollars for shoes and you burn it because ……. do you even know why? Because that man kneeled? Whose brilliant idea was it to burn shoes in the first place?  Burning rubber, plastic, whatever shoes are made; isn’t that bad for the environment? Sounds toxic.

OH and socks! How is cutting up YOUR good pair of NIKE socks even relevant to whatever the hell you are protesting. Now that it’s posted on Facebook, everybody & their Grandma will jump on the bandwagon and post burning shoes and cut up socks pics & video. Ok maybe not Grandma cause she got more sense than alla’y’all; she will yard sale them suckers.  Good socks, what!   Wait, she is going to keep and use them, winter is on its way.

I’m thinking only certain models of Nike shoes are being incinerated. If you are a true Nike aficionado and burned a pair of shoes; I bet you have a mint condition pair still in the box in your closet.  So y’all just need to stop it and quit being a fool on Facebook.





Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



The Road Not Taken


In fourth grade I was forced, made to memorize this. I think I failed. 🙂 But I have always remembered the first four lines; okay the first two. I’ve always remembered “Robert Frost.”

Little did I know that this poem is a reflection of my life.  Everyone’s life for that matter.  We have all made our choices as to which way to go. You choose and you go with it. No sense wondering what if. Although sometimes your imagination goes there. LOL

I think the way things are is the way its suppose to be. You can make yourself crazy thinking woulda, coulda, shoulda, WTH. LOL No sense second guess what has been done.

Whatever has happened, whatever your choices; it is what makes you, you! No do overs. Well you can try but it has to be moving forward not backwards.

We all have a road not taken for whatever reason. Such is life. You can’t have everything your way. I think life is about compromises. We all compromise in one way or another, some of us more then others. You know, for the greater good and all that. 🙂






Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Friday Thoughts

Its kind of sad that we/I work to look forward to Friday and am partly saddened when its Monday. You know what I mean. Me of all people who suffered through unemployment and the lack of funding….

I am grateful to have a full time job, I love my job. I love that I have a job. So whats up to looking forward to Friday?  It just is.  That is a signal for the weekend and who does not love a weekend.

I don’t know anybody who says they hate Fridays. People hate, excuse me dislike Monday’s way more then Fridays right?

Fridays at work is whole lot calmer then Mondays.  Probably because a lot of people are on leave or on travel.  There is the least amount of people around.  The people who are at work are doing what they do and anxiously  a wait for the end of the work day.

I’m a big fan of four day week myself. I worked for a company that did 4-day weeks. I enjoyed that 3 day weekend weekly, like every weekend is a holiday! Don’t know why more companies don’t do that.  Then it would be TGIT! LOL


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono



Lost Poetry

Once upon a time, decades ago I use to write poetry. Write like everyday sometimes twice three times a day. My brains constantly thinking in verse. I filled blank books. A lot of blank books. Then, I don’t know; life happened or reality set in or my brains changed gears or something and I stopped writing. I stopped writing poetry.  Maybe it was a binge?

Now, I just sort of just write. Randomly like this. LOL What made me think of poetry today? Hmmm, I just thought this morning, I haven’t written any poetry lately. Last good piece I think was 2 years ago.  Although I think I’ve thought of some “great” pieces, I just never wrote it down. If it’s not written down, it just evaporates back into thin air where it came from in the first place. 🙂

I think I am more critical of my writing now. Critical of myself perhaps. Back in the day I thought every other piece I wrote was a Pulitzer prize contender.  A legend in my own mind no doubt.  Now when, if I write a piece I’m like where’s the rest of it, I know there is more.

Words get stuck in mind. Need to unclutter. Hoarder mind. LOL I imagine literally words piled up every which way, stacked and dishelved. A junkyard of words not in anykind of order just jumbled up and compressed. My mind is a word compactor as oppose to trash compactor.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Food Diary

I did a food diary for 27 days. Homework. 🙂 Then I had to turn it into my Endocrinologist. I flunked my A!C last time LOL so I had to prove I could bring it down. Actually I am trying to avoid needles.

So I have been very mindful about my eating because I was writing everything down. Ok almost everything.  I ate salads/greens more, regularly for lunch. I tried my best with the fruits and vegetables. I thought I was on it.  Evidently not enough, need to work harder at it.  Yeah well I knew that too.

The crazy thing that happened; is that I lost 6 pounds! WHAT! I thought the scale was broken.  Even on a low iodine diet, even after surgeries; I’ve never lost weight. Gain yes, but lose never. Till now! Cheehoo.

I am so encourage. Borderline ecstatic. That’s all I had to do to lose weight? Eat salads for lunch! Hell yeah, I can do that…. bring on the greens & tomatoes. 🙂

I continue to do the food journal thing.  It helps my mind realize the amount of stuff I feed my face.  The thing is I have to write it down that day of  or poof – I don’t remember. Or I sort of remember but not really.

I will continue my journey of food diary-ing & eating my greens like a good girl.  We will see in October if the pounds drop. If I did 6 lbs in 27-30days; I’m thinking 12 lbs after 60 days?

Hmmmm we’ll see she says; as she stuffs her face with a breakfast burrito. 🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



Thinking It

Although I haven’t written; I’ve been thinking it. I think of writing all the time. Just didn’t do it. Kind of like house work; I think I need to do it and I’ll get to it when I get it. Such an attitude or lazy or lethargic or all of thee above. 🙂

I want to write about “that man” but never mind. Not worth my energy and what can I say that hasn’t been said. How did our country get to this point? Apathy? Stupidity? I ‘m tired of reading all these nonsense calling the cops cause a person of color was “being person.” Call the cops cause people are: BBQ-ing, they walked into their own home, they studied in their dorm, they used the pool in the the neighborhood etc etc etc. WTF People?!  WTF happened to “you shouldn’t judge” or “treat people the way you want to be treated” or “mind your own F’en business”….. Y’all know what I mean…..

But its okay if you go smooze with Putin. Its ok to call people names. Its ok to talk trash about McCain because he’s dying anyway.  Its ok to screw around while your wife is at home with the baby. Its ok to pay off a porn star or two.  Its ok to call a black woman a dog. Its ok  to grab women by their pussy! It’t ok to not make your taxes PUBLIC!

MF if we have to do it you need to, too.

Oh wait, what happened to not worth my energy. Duh – I lied. Kinda like you know who.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


This morning is going slow! I’ve done a lot of stuff yet it feels like the time has moved as much.  Don’t you just hate that.  Then when you want things to go slow, time will just fly.  What is that… perception?

I had all these task written down, did them and thought, Must be lunch time now? NOT. Still another hour. Well wot the hay, you mean I have to do something else. Yes, I should take a break. LOL

I’m not the I need to take a break type. I just work and if I feel like breaking, then yeah, I do but I like to finish up stop first, I have to have that stopping point.  Or not.  But you know how some people; 10am sharp boom break time. Especially smokers, yeah you know who you are.  10 & 3 break time.

I don’t break by the clock or do 10 & 3. I break when I want to, and FB-ing is a break so yeah. I break more then I think I do. LOL

Some days just feel slow, like all the stars, moon, sun and earth are lathargic.  Then there are days when things feel like its going full speed. I guess I’m just having a larthargic day.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono