Arizona Aloha Festival

If you are ever in Arizona around the 2nd weekend in March – its Arizona Aloha Festival time at Tempe Town Lake.  Even doe us guys say Tempe Beach Park. No moe beach. LOL

Its one of the largest  Polynesian/Pacific Islander festivals in the country, if not the biggest. There is 3 stages of entertainment. Tons of shopping/vendor booths, a bunch of food booths and a keikis/kids section for make & take stuff, informational booth and  a music area where you can learn to play the ukulele etc.

It is a free family event. It don’t cost you to walk in. The Ostrich Festival – going on the at same time in Chandler,  cost $20 to get it. It will cost you to eat at Aloha Festival. Lots of families bring their coolers and pack their own food. Then you just have to spend money on shave ice. 🙂

I have been going to this festival off and on for couple of decades.  It has grown crazy big. It use to be held at Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix. The out grew that place. So I think in 2010 they moved it to Tempe.  And now, yeah it feels like they’ve outgrown that area. Wow it was uncomfortably crowded. Glad we get there early, throw down our head quarters/blanket. I like having my space. LOL

This is what it looks like at 8 a.m.


Then the music and dance begins. The audience (2017) – talk about choke peoples. There was more people this year.


View from the Lakeside stage (2017).


There are all kinds of food booths. The lines are super long. 10 am is the best time and sometimes the lines start before that. Especially the malasadas line, there are several malasadas vendors. If it says “donut” thats a clue – thats not the one you want to go to.  There’s one vendor’s malasadas that I think she puts cinnamon in her sugar. There’s a hint of cinnamon and I’m like, NO, there is no cinnamon involved with malasadas. LOL

My favorite one is Bruhdaz Malasadaz/Kamaina Grill from Seattle, WA. Bruh come down every year. This year first thing I go over there at 8:45am and ask him: Bruh wot time malasadas? He says: Oh NT, I only get Philsbury dis yea!  I tell him: Oh you mainland now you all haole-fied. Us was all cracking up. He says: nah nah nah 9 o’clock. I go back at 9 a.m. and there’s a dozen people in line.

There are all kinds of food booths. Hard to choose. I just go with whoever has the shortest line or none at all.


I love this event even though its so freaking crowded. But I have my space and I’m okay. I don’t see people all year but walk into each other at Festival, talk story anden yeah see you next year den. A hui hou!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



When I first got email I was so addicted. Love the jokes and shit.  NOW,  not so much. I even use to print all my favorite email, etc.

Now we have Facebook & text. What email? 🙂

Just so y’all know; I rarely check my personal email. When I do I have to delete and unsubscribe to a couple of hundreds of email. I have no recollection of subscribing to. Oh yeah I gave the store my email. Whatever. Those who know me know me, will email me at work or text me.  If you don’t know me, know me; you Messenger me and I’m like and I know you how? LOL

But if you know me, know me; you can text me.  If we “friends” on FB you can message me. BTW I hate Messenger. I don’t know why. Private messaging on Facebook was just fine, why you gotta FIX what is not broken.

Maybe I don’t like Messenger because all I get are the “chain letter” stuff. So I think I might die soon because I haven’t FWD it to 5 people. I know its not Messengers fault, don’t kill the messenger and all that. LOL All though messenger does come in handy when real friends who don’t know my work email or cell number need to to contact me. So that’s a good thing.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



Almost Hit

On Monday – March 5th, I did my regular lunch routine of  walking a mile around the local neighborhood.

As I was walking across the entrance/exit to our parking lot, I was half way across and from the right corner of my eye I notice a flash of red. I stopped and FROZE! A foot in front of me, literally 12 inches or less maybe; I was looking at the backdoor of red car. I was in shock but not really. A coworker – MF – ALMOST – ran me over! SOB!

He stopped the car and jumped out, “I’m so sorry are you ok are you okay!”

I was so pissed, I justed yelled, “I’m FINE” and walked around the fkng vehicle and kept walking.

It pissed me off because of his carelessness & inattentiveness as a driver; I could have really gotten hurt bad, or I could be a drama queen here and say I could have died! God forbid.  Was this a warning God, what?! Or is it a sign that I have angels walking with me, what?!


I can see if I was jaywalking or doing something illegal whatever. But this guys was speeding, not paying attention; anger old crotchty person that he is was probably yelling at some one on the phone. He had his earbuds on.

I kind of don’t like this guy, I don’t know what it is. Maybe its his salesman persona, too overly nice, too something. We talk we’re cordial. But there’s this gut feeling. Stay away.  Hmmmm so maybe thats why he almost ran over me, he knows I don’t like him. Whatever.


This incident scared the Bejesus outta me.  I didn’t see my life flash before me or anything like that but I felt heart attack-ish for the rest of the day. I had to keep myself from hyperventilating. Sucking it in and telling myself to calm the fkdown.

I had the right of way – but if a driver is not paying attention or don’t give a shit, right of way means jackshit once you are hurt or dead. You can’t unsorry, sorry.

Pay attention to life! Not your FkingPhone.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



via Daily Prompt:  Fabric

I have way too much! I keep saying “I’m going to cut them all up and make a quilt.”

A blankie, coverlet, covers. 🙂

Technically I don’t know how to quilt. Well I basically do, but it looks like drunk person did it, and I want it to come out looking like the Amish did it.

I go thru theses sewing binges, where I’ll sew all kinds of stuff & actually use up the fabric I have then go months without sewing. So half ass like that. I have good intentions. People who sew, have border line hoarder tendencies. They/we hoard fabric.

I’ve cut out SOME of the fabric. I have bags of 5″ inch squares & 8″ squares that I’m going to put together. Soon. I’m so good at lying to myself. I will put together, eventually. Hopefully in this lifetime. Better be in this lifetime. LOL

I found a bin in storage that has a bunch of fabric. Not scraps, but 2-3 yards of different fabric. It triggered my memory; oh yeah I was gonnna make this or I was gonna make that. As of this date, still not made.

I friend of mine asked me if I had some scrap fabric that I would like to donate. She makes this little shirts for preemies. I’m like oh yeah I bring you some. So I went thru my stash and gave her trash bag full of fabric. Some as big as 2 yards and a whole lot of smaller pieces. It was a ton of it though and it wasn’t even the Aloha print/Hawaiian fabric that I have. It reminded me I inherited my MIL’s stash and one of the great Aunt’s stash; since I’m the sew-er. 🙂  One who sews.

I should use up the fabric that I have. I shouldn’t be buying fabric. But I do. Its the nature of the beast. I am one who sews.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

Pennies From Heaven

Tomorrow is freaking March! WTH I’m still trying to remember what I did in January. May as well skip that thought and on to what did I do in February other then work, sleep, eat & drive. Not necessarily in that order. Sleep, drive,  eat, work, drive, eat, sleep – yeah, more like that order. But its all good, it means I woke up, did productive things or acted like I did and am still here to write about it. Good sign. ❤

Pennies from heaven! Tenfold,  as I found a dime! Felt like I hit a jackpot. I must go and buy a lottery ticket. 🙂  This morning as I’m walking into Safeway at daybreak and I see something shiny on the ground and its a DIME! Winner winner, chicken dinner. Well in this case it was coffee!

I got my weekly coffee. I figure once a week won’t kill me. And if it does, it will take longer then having coffee everyday right? Whatever. Some days I just have to get that craving out of the way. And I call myself a tea drinker, such a liar liar pants on fire.

As I picked up that dime this morning, I thought of my Dad.  When I was little way way back in the day of Fernandez Village/Ewa; my Dad would scold us on weekends for not waking up early. Excuse me; 7 a.m.  on a weekend is early! But nobody ever dare say that for fear an ass whoopin’ aka dirty lickens. But he would tell us we missed the money falling out of the sky. We would laugh, run and  look out the window; tell him, NOT! He would explain;  “I wake up first and pick’em all up all ready, I get money, I can go tarate”(chicken fights) and walk out the door. We would think on that as we watched cartoons. LOL

Messages from heaven. Sometimes I feel like dead people send me messages. Well not just any dead people; I’m talking family and friends. When ever its money on the ground, I think its my Dad. Then there’s songs that come on on the radio and its sparks a memory of friends who have gone on. Or dreams that they called me and we talked and it pisses me off that I can’t remember what about, just that we talked!  Or that we cruised around in the car – Kunia Road and around the island; like cutting out times.   LOL My makediedead friends gone too soon but still making me laugh.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


We all have our addictions. Mines is sugar. 🙂

Never really looked at it like that. Its legal and all. But so is food.  LOL

I am a dessert first type of person who does not need dessert but SO ❤ it!

Never really looked at “the sweet tooth” thing being an addiction, a craving. Sometimes you just gotta eat that Ding dong! Just one, get it out of your system and that is the FIX till the next super duper craving comes around.  I justify it by telling myself: It was just ONE, not 2 or 3. LOL

I remember back in the day when I would have a Starbucks everyday. Then I cut it down to just a couple of days, to none at all. Yay! But every now and then I just gotta go and get it out of my system and have a cup of coffee.

The coffee thing is what brought me to the realization of being a Sugar Addict. Ok, the Ding Dongs too.  Now when I have a Starbucks fix, my body reacts with euphoria or is that my mind? My body & mind reacts like that. LOL

I’ve cut out a lot but I could do better. At least now I’m aware of its not good for me. Well I kind of knew that, but whatthehell.  Now its like, just oh hell; I seriously do think of the consequences.

I can’t say I’m Sugar Free, I’m more less Sugary. Like I said everything has sugar of some sort or other, so the addiction-ness is there!

You would think there would be a Sugar Free  & Salt Free area on the store shelves. That would be helpful for an addict like me. LOL



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Friday morning I woke up not feeling to well, kind of headachey. Didn’t think much of it. Then as I started to get ready for work I felt a little queasy and I thought, “oh- oh?”

Yeah, not my first rodeo with Vertigo. I happens every now and then. The first time it happened I thought I was gonna die – everything but me was spinning. I couldn’t even walk, that’s how bad it was. Its been a few years now and I’m more aware. I know that I should remain horizontal at least for 24 hrs.

Anyways…..I got to work about 7:10 am, parked, open the door and puked. Dry heaves. No food involved. LOL I sat back up and thought IT was over and BARF – water. Or stomach acid or liquids whatever, all over ME! Twice! Guess I’m not going to work. Text my boss and headed home.  I was home by 8:30 am and  did not get out of bed till the next morning.

It was kind of  like having a migraine on steroids. Awful ugly feeling. Must have been bad, I threw up. I don’t usually throw up.  But yeah it happens. One time is too many. It happens to me 2 or 3 times a year. Part of it is me, I know I’m not suppose to literally  pop outta bed, but sometimes I just do and hence; you know there is no cure for “hud head”.

A friend of mine checked my neck and all that; she use to be chiropractor but she says I need adjusting. Noshit. LOL I’ve always known I’m “lopsided”and all my issues are on the right side for whatever reason.  Something about my T2.  But I think is just my T-ME. 🙂

Anyways I have no budget for a chiropractor at this time and will have to stash some funds for it but in the mean time I’ll live and try to remember to quit popping outta bed.  Need to be more Sloth-like.


Note to self: Exercise.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono



So really?

I have questions:

Is having sex with a ghost the same as or different from masturbating? Well, first off is there sex involved in the physical sense, I sure there’s the mental aspect there I mean since it’s a marriage and all that.

I find it kind of confusing, or maybe cookoo because to me there is no substitute for a warm body, a warm body getting hot & heavy with;  you know what I mean? Yeah you do. 🙂

We all say we shouldn’t be judgemental; but we all  are in our own little or big way.  LOL

I’m not so much “judgey” as I am curious. Why am I laughing? Because I thought of a dead person I’d like to get jumped by – or something to that effect.  I was thinking if he had any friends or you know normal people stuff – as oppose to “spirit” stuff. Oh wait, all this is “spiritual” right? Dealing with spirit stuff is spiritual – so okay yeah.

I wonder if “Spirit Husband” is bragging to his friends: I got me a wifey 300 yrs younger then me.  Wonder if all the things she is saying, he is saying to his friends too. Like maybe there’s a club or organization of Ghost, excuse me; Spirits With Live Wives, or something like that. I mean if live people do it then wouldn’t “spirit” peeps do it too? Oh wait, there’s a different between ghost & spirits. Learn something new everyday.

He’s energy. So is there MORE energy? You know, compared to the human in person type of dude. This sex is like totally in you mind on the next level way past tantic?   I must be hung up over the “physicalness” of this ‘spirit marraige”  ❤

Interesting. Told you I had a lot of questions.


Be Blessed

Malama pono


I love weekends. The bad thing about it like everything else; it comes to an end. Oh well…

Just when I was getting comfortable, sleeping in & staying up late and not thinking; Sunday evening comes with the realization that, “I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Not complaining, just stating the obvious. I’ve been unemployed when every day is a weekend and there was no payday. For me the choice between being employed and unemployed is always employed. I love having a check every two weeks. It beats getting zero. If somebody paid me every two week to just stay home – I would.  But no Sugar Daddy in sight, so I work.  I think Sugar Daddy’s are over rated. LOL I just made that up, what the hell do I know – I’ve never had one.

I cherish my weekends because it means I have a job. But like with everything else; when you don’t have it you want it and when have it you think uh? Its another love hate relationship. You have to not have it to want it more. Then when you have it you have to be grateful regardless. Grateful is always good.

Weekends go so freaking fast. In a blink of an eye or couple of loads of laundry later its Sunday.  The “I can do it tomorrow” excuse of Friday & Saturday doesn’t work anymore. Uuuuh – I knew I should have done it yesterday. Hmmmm 🙂

It’s Monday and I made it safe to work – Thank you Jesus. Traffic can be such a bitch. I bet there’s some one it traffic who called me that.  Probably the person I called a MF! LOL

Gotta go and earn my paycheck. Its payday week! Hurrah! WalMart funding. I need to stay out of there. Yeah I should go to Target!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


I always have my keys.  I always know where my keys are. I throw it into my purse. Always my ass.

I had one of those I can’t find my keys morning. You know when you are all ready to leave, you pickup all what you need to take and you grab your keys… BUT there are no keys. I searched my whole purse, you never know what can be found in the depths a big bag. Where the hell are my keys?

My mind back tracks, I came home & I didn’t go anywhere THEREFORE its in this house! My bedroom! I do have a tendency to throw it on the bed sometimes and forget about it. So I search all around the bed, high low, you never know. LOL

My work bag; equivalent to a backpack but its a just bag with work homework and stuff I don’t put in my purse but I take it to work just in case. The work bag was filled with junk, I mean stuff I wanted to take to my work world aka desk. No keys in the work bag.

I finally think to physically back track and walk back to the front door. Walking walking and wah-luh. FOUND IT on the couch. WTH Always know where my keys are? LOL

I get paranoid when I can’t find my keys.  🙂



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono