Thinking It

Although I haven’t written; I’ve been thinking it. I think of writing all the time. Just didn’t do it. Kind of like house work; I think I need to do it and I’ll get to it when I get it. Such an attitude or lazy or lethargic or all of thee above. 🙂

I want to write about “that man” but never mind. Not worth my energy and what can I say that hasn’t been said. How did our country get to this point? Apathy? Stupidity? I ‘m tired of reading all these nonsense calling the cops cause a person of color was “being person.” Call the cops cause people are: BBQ-ing, they walked into their own home, they studied in their dorm, they used the pool in the the neighborhood etc etc etc. WTF People?!  WTF happened to “you shouldn’t judge” or “treat people the way you want to be treated” or “mind your own F’en business”….. Y’all know what I mean…..

But its okay if you go smooze with Putin. Its ok to call people names. Its ok to talk trash about McCain because he’s dying anyway.  Its ok to screw around while your wife is at home with the baby. Its ok to pay off a porn star or two.  Its ok to call a black woman a dog. Its ok  to grab women by their pussy! It’t ok to not make your taxes PUBLIC!

MF if we have to do it you need to, too.

Oh wait, what happened to not worth my energy. Duh – I lied. Kinda like you know who.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



This morning is going slow! I’ve done a lot of stuff yet it feels like the time has moved as much.  Don’t you just hate that.  Then when you want things to go slow, time will just fly.  What is that… perception?

I had all these task written down, did them and thought, Must be lunch time now? NOT. Still another hour. Well wot the hay, you mean I have to do something else. Yes, I should take a break. LOL

I’m not the I need to take a break type. I just work and if I feel like breaking, then yeah, I do but I like to finish up stop first, I have to have that stopping point.  Or not.  But you know how some people; 10am sharp boom break time. Especially smokers, yeah you know who you are.  10 & 3 break time.

I don’t break by the clock or do 10 & 3. I break when I want to, and FB-ing is a break so yeah. I break more then I think I do. LOL

Some days just feel slow, like all the stars, moon, sun and earth are lathargic.  Then there are days when things feel like its going full speed. I guess I’m just having a larthargic day.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono

Where do you get off trademarking “Aloha”?

Where do you get off trademarking “Aloha”?

So evidently this Chicago based store trademarked ALOHA POKE. Sent cease & desist letters out blah blah blah.

Both words are common everyday words in oleo Hawaii. And yes Aloha is more then just a word meaning hello, goodbye and I love you. If I have to explain then you would never understand. If you understand, I don’t need to explain.  Its the mana of the word, the essence of its being and the spirit that binds the culture of Hawaii.

I find this action disrespectful and very unAloha. Not to mention “stoopidhead” – this person knows better. And if he doesn’t then yeah stoopidhead.  How do you get off trademarking the word ALOHA POKE?  I mean really… I want to know who this guys parents are or his grandparents, did they teach him this? I no tink so. They not alive az why he stay make la dat.  I know I know getting all up close and personal. But you know, so mainlandish yeah dat. Da haole guy da one you tink?  Hoooo make me buss out Pidgin. LOL

Its like trademarking “hula” or “hula halau” if that makes any sense.  Which reminds me, remembe just lilowhile ago; one Japanee lady wen try try trademark one halau name. Her said was to “protect” da halau in Japan. But if trademarked, den da person who the halau is named afta, as her name; her no can use her own name? WOT!  Don’t know what da outcome of dat case was. Last I heard dey wen go Ho’oponopono.  I think in English that would be like dakine um’  “mediation”? Somting la dat.

But I digress…back to da un-aloha person…. if you in Chicago – do me a favor and boycott this store. Let all your Chicago friends & family and strangers, don’t go there! I am outraged. Ok acutally I am hungry, HANGRY; I like some poke’. Not haole style doe, why gotta put white sauce on stuff.  I’m da basic shoyu & vinegah kine type as why.

I think the Poke in these eateries are overrated.  You no need all that veggies and what not, Poke with Beer. Dats it! Lilobit shoyu if you like.   Good Ahi is good Ahi, no need all da bells & whistles and white sauce.

I seen some places called Poki Bowl or Poke spelled with and “i”  – Just so y’all know – Poki in SAmoan is testicals huh. Like testicals balls…  Go head trademark POKI – some sole uso going come karrang yo’ala’s bumbye.  Try like trademark Samoan testicals. Try try. No can da kine.  🙂

IF you are in Chicago – BOYCOTT Aloha Poke Company.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono






A Dream Or Borderline Nightmare

I rarely remember my dreams; especially since after I’ve had 6 weeks of radiation oncology treatment.  I know I dream, I remember the feelings the dream give me but that’s about it.  Well the other night I had dream and I remembered it. It was memorable and I thought it was for real. Yikes!

So Saturday night, Sunday morning there was a storm going on;  thunder & lightning…

The dream is:  I’m driving along and from my right peripheral view I see two people step onto the road I’m driving.  I swerve hard to the left to avoid them and the car keeps going towards a cement wall or building, I brace mysel for imminent impact knowing I’m going to smash into this wall. At that very moment: BOOM – really LOUD THUNDER!

My eyes opened wide, both fist at my chest and I’m shaking……IT FELT REAL AF! I really thought I had gotten into a car wreck.  I just lied there frozen, listening to the storm outside and telling my self it wasn’t real.  Because it felt for real for real.  Wow, that scared the crap outta me!

Just thought it was crazy that I finally remember details.

Sweet dreams!


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

About Stuff

About the Diet Thing:

I’ve done the “salad for lunch” gig now for a week. I’ve been bringing lunch to work.  What a good girl I am. Haven’t fast food or gone out to eat for lunch. Imagine the money I’ve saved.  I’ve been more aware of what I eat, since I really have been writing  it down and I’ve see the difference in the “numbers”.  Its taken this week of salads to bring it down. That and not eating junk or late at night.  I also figured out if I don’t eat I get low numbers. Duh. But I gotta eat.  Oh right, its whats you eat. I’ve kind of figured it out, now if only I could be way more disciplined.

About People:

Have you ever met someone that  you don’t know why you don’t like them or there is something “off”.  There is this one person I just met and for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is.  Not that I need to know, ok yeah I want to know.  I was thinking maybe in a past life we clashed or something. There’s nothing wrong that I know of. We talk, we are cordial blah blah blah. Its just that lingering question in the back of my mind – “why is it I don’t like her?”

About the HEAT:

It’s SOFA KING HOT! Like walking around with the blow dryer heat surrounding my whole body.  Although I do like heat better then freeze ass cold. As long as there is A/C, I am good to go.  It’s just that part in between: from house to car, parking lot to work or store, and back that makes me sweat & feel over heated. LOL  With out A/C I would croak no doubt.  Always wondered how they did it back in the day before the invention of swamp coolers & A/C. The cowboy movies made it look easy; when in fact they must of stunk to high heaven.

About Weekends:

Love weekends. They feel so short, just when I get comfortable; oh yeah work tomorrow. Time goes so fast when I’m not at work. LOL I think its sad we/I work looking forward to the weekend.  I love my job. I love weekends. I love my paycheck. If I had ALL weekends and no job and no paycheck; I would be sad.  Been there, done that. I am grateful for what I have; knowing how it is without. Short weekends are better then NO weekends. It means I’m employed and blessed like that.

About Money:

I need to learn to be more thrifty. Learn to not over spend or hell not spend period.  I need to save more.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono

The DIE in Diet

Apparently I am killing myself by the I way eat. It’s a sugar thing.  Ok I knew that; but now Doc is cracking the whip.  I’ve been knowing this all these past months yet still I feed my face all the “good” stuff that is not good for me.

Discipline! I lack discipline. Bad eater! 🙂

You know how, IF it hurts when you do that then don’t do that.  Food wise it doesn’t even hurt until the doctor goes over your blood work with you. I’m like I knew that. So why do I do it? Because its ICE CREAM.  Because its PASTRIES. Because it taste so gooooooood! Because it doesn’t hurt – at that moment – euphoria? 🙂 ‘m thinking it doesn’t hurt till you die. Then its too late in my last moments, I’ll be may as well have that ICE CREAM! You know what I mean, jelly bean. Love jelly beans BTW. LOL

Maybe I need EATER ANONYMOUS, Over Eaters Anonymous? I am a Food Addict – its been two days since I last ate ice cream!  Some kind of 12 step program.  But the most important thing is that ONE step! Don’t EAT IT!  Or STOP eating!

Wait, wait, wait, the thing is I have to eat. But I guess I’m eating all the things that could end life as I know it. Not EVEN being dramatic; just stating the obvious.

For the past year or so or more its been thyroid, hypothyroidism,  thyroglobin and trying to balance out my meds because it was either over correcting or not correcting, too low, needs to be higher. Okay so that has sort of kind of even out. So now its the sugar thing. You know if it ain’t one thing it’s another, ain’t it?  Such is life.

So now I gotta do the Dear Diary thingy. Ok its a Food Diary. And no lying!? LOL

We’ll see how this goes. I got this. Don’t eat sugar. No rice, pasta, bread. Think vegetarian-ish. Fruits & vegetables.  Just by writing this; I feel like I’m loosing weight all ready.

Diet right and I don’t die! My new mantra.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.




Today IS Friday

So Tuesday felt like Friday because we had Wednesday off. Then Wednesday felt like Sunday, just another lazy day doing laundry. That made Thursday feeling like a Monday. The most Monday feeling Thursday ever.

So today if Friday, feeling Tuesday-ish?! 🙂

It’s a real weekend, that’s what matters.  Happy Aloha Friday!






Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Remember when I use to email jokes, everyday? You member! 🙂

When I first getting email I thought it was the greatest. Funniest. Happiest. Instant gratification- est. LOL Loved love my email. Shared the stupid jokes with everybody. Everyday.  So much so that if I didn’t send a joke or two every couple of days people would think I was sick or something bad happened to me.

That was then, this is now…..

I rarely check my personal email. So if you know me, need me, have something important to tell me you know to text or email me at work.  My work email I pay attention to. It’s in my face. Reply in a timely manner, like now! I don’t ignore my work email. I don’t leave emails unopened, I go thru them; read, response, file or delete. Done.

FYI vendors, you get deleted until I need something then I will email you. Stop it all ready.  Don’t think the vendors have figured out that I don’t chose stuff to order I am told what to order. Yes I have influence but bottom line is I am the messenger. LOL

I have a love hate relationship with email. Love it for the instantaneous. Dislike, hate it getting sad news. So and so died….. 😦 Remember the days when we didn’t find out for weeks or months that a classmate or relative had died? Those days are gone huh? Now we find out before some of their families do.  Its not even email no more, its Facebook.

When it comes to my personal email, people text me; HEY check your email. LOL


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



I love my iPhone BUT……

When its on, its ON! When it frkng has issues, it pisses me off…. then again it might be me but experience tells me its the phone….

My first iPhone ever was back in the day when it was the 3? I just got it cause everybody else had one. I bought into the hype and all that; gullible me.  Had it for a long time, no problems ever. Did not upgrade to a 4, why fix it when it ain’t broke. Broke down and did get a 5.

Then they made it bigger, love the bigger. LOL So got the 6s/plus and I’m good. Don’t need 8, 9, 10 or whatever number its on now.  Love the 6s/plus BUT…. always a BUT!

So a year after I got my 6s/plus, literally 9 days before my warranty was going to expire; my phone died. Flat out dead, can’t turn on, nothing. Took it to the store blah blah blah, oh you still have warranty we’ll just give you new phone. Fine.

Got the new 6s/plus and 11 months later its half dead, its on and that its. Can’t do nothing else just look at a screen. Take it to Apple store and yeah, we’ll just give you a new phone. That was March 2018! It died on a crucial  weekend that I really needed my phone. Took it to the store, OH YEAH its your phone, we’ll just switch it to a new one.

This morning I wake up and my phone is DEAD. Blank screen. Can’t turn on. Nada!  So after work it is off to the AT&T store, who will probably send me to the Apple store. WTH!

But I’m not as pissed as I was in March because in March I bought a backup burner phone.  🙂  So I’m not totally outta contact accept I need to learn to use an Android. I use to have one before I started with the iPhone.

With me the iPhone thing is probably an addiction/habit thing, so use to it and dedicated. But its hard to be dedicated when it malfunctions. At that point its a piece of shityes. Then it gets fixed and it oh nice phone. LOL Like anything else a love hate relationship.

I’ve pretty much usually have two phones. One work phone and one personal.  Then I just had one phone for both. My kids always ask why do I need two phones?  So I can call myself when I can’t find my phone. 🙂


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


Fremont Street Experience 2018

Got to experience Fremont Street and it was way different from 2007 or was it 08 when I was last there. The last time I was there I went out at 6 a.m. and got coffee at Starbucks in Golden Nugget.  I like taking pictures in the early natural light. I’m sitting there minding my own business. People watching what little people are around. Mostly homeless, mostly people working to work or breakfast.

Sitting quietly when I see a tall scraggley guy and he walking straight towards the Starbucks sitting area. He yells: EH YOU ONE TITAH HAH? I going come talkstory witchu! OMG I just cracked up laughing. We chatted a bit, da way locals do. Wea you grad, you know so and so an what not. Then he says, oh I gotta go, you get quatah? Toldem no only plastic. We hug, ok latahs.

Fast FWD this past weekend and I’m like: Where did all these naked (or half naked) people come from? Don’t want to sound like a prude but maybe I am if I’m so taken “a back” by every ones back side and tittees and balls hanging out. Ass hanging out must be the lastest trend, saw a lot of that; young, old, fat, skinny, all shapes sizes and colors butt cheeks hanging out.  Or maybe its the clothes, also saw a lot of very large females in very small dresses or shorts. I’ll just blame the clothes.

I have to give these large not all that attractive looking people credit for great confidence. I mean there were some pretty large female with most things exposed. They also had a lot of the wannabe skinny ass showgirls there. I’m assuming they are getting paid by someone or people are giving them money because why else would you do that.

The Homeless looking people are now entrepreneurs making palm crosses, roses and bouquets or whatever, very crafty. There was one guy just pounding a bucket; with no rhyme or reason, just pounding to a beat only he enjoyed.  Then there was the other buy who could really drum and he was good I thought. There are some good entertainers out there; the guy playing accordian, one person playing the oil can drum, the magician guy. I got confused with all the Elvis sitings. Is more than one Elvis considered Elvi? You know cactus, cacti. LOL

The naked body of a man looks good when its in shape; other wise a tshirt & shorts would be more appropriate.  But there was the guy that wears a sling shot that kinda freaked me out. It wasn’t pretty. There was also the guy with the speedo bikini playing guitar that reminded me of a comedian who I can’t remember his name. It was amusing and funny. There was lot of half or 3/4s naked  people that naked isn’t there best feature, you know.

There were all these women with pasties that you can take your picture with. My first thought was these are not our future lawyers, politicians or governors anyway right? I just think worst case scenarios you know; you are young and need the money, I get that.  But at the same time all these cutsey sexualized pictures could come back later in your life and bite you in the ass. But hey what the hell do I know.

I met my elderly Aunt there and we were at dinner and we were talking about how different Fremont Street is now compared to how it use to be. I said “get plenty naked mans.” And she yelled at me laughing “OMG don’t tell me you took naked men pictures.” She only said it loud enough so that half the buffet peeps look over at us. I was like “no I didn’t take their picture, but I took this one….”  It was one of  the spray painted guy on the bicycle. But my Aunty was like, I don’t want to see. Then my cousin who was sitting next to me asked, “you took piccha da naked man?”  No its da green guy. And he was laughing and my Aunty was like “are you guys looking at naked man picutres?”  “No Aunty, remember you guys told us if we look at stuff la dat us going get STAH-eye.”  We were just all cracking up.  I was like we must be family. LOL

Oh and I swear to Gawd, I wanted to deck one of those foreign vendors/the girl that gives out free packets of moisturizer. They are also at the mall. They offer you a freebie packet of moisturizer, “Can I ask you a question?”  I always say no thank you and just keep walking but this one chick pulls my arm back and says “I have some collegin to put on your eyes”…. OMG I wanted to deck her. YOU touching me!  Boundaries people!  3 feet away at all times, stranger danger. I don’t know you and you think I want a random stranger on the street rubbing stuff on my face? WTF, stop it!

May be its an age thing or whatever but I found Fremont Street over stimulating, the loud noise level with two band going at the same time or the music for the light show. The thick crowds of alcoholics,the noise level and smoke was a big turn off.

With that said, I’ll probably go back look see if there are any decent naked men around. 🙂




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono