I haven’t said the rosary lately or in a long long while really. Though I know I should. Well I kinda do it but not in the order like the rosary beads. I just do one Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be? Is that what its called. 🙂 I just repeat those 3 prayers, over & over in that order. Especially when I’m sitting in traffic.

I was born raised Catholic. I say I’m a non-practicing Catholic because the only time I go to mass is for a funeral or marriage ceremony. I use to go to mass back in the day when girls had to cover their head. Hat or veil. Us kids all had either the little round veil or the triangle one. Mantilla? One did not go to mass without ones head covered at Immaculate Conception. In those days kids also did not sit in the back rows, you walked up to the front section and filled the pews. If a girl went to mass with no head cover, one Grandma or Aunty would place a kleenex on your head. Then afta mass ALL the kids would tease you kleenex head, kleenex head. That taught me to always bring my veil to church.

I stopped going to mass after Confirmation. DH asked me what is Confirmation? I said that is when they have a special mass for us teens and the Bishop is there so you can kiss his ring and he can slap you in da face. Don’t sound right but that’s my selective memory. LOL

I suck at memorizing stuff. So I’m amazed I still remember these prayers. Funny how I say I’m non-practicing; then when things get crazy or scary or “needy” I buss out the Our Fathers & Hail Mary’s. That’s kinda junk, I need more consistency. Then again, prayer is basically talking to God and that I do daily regularly.

I have 4 rosaries. If you have more then 3 that makes it a collection ain’t it. I did not know I have 4 of’em because they were just randomly stashed here and there. But the one I carry around/not necessarily use is one I’ve had since high school. Just your basic black bead rosary.

When ever I go home I always bring my black rosary with me. I hang’um on da rental car mirror. That way the rental car looks less rental. Look moe Mexican. nah nah nah – Ok Catholic. LOL But you know what I mean with the fleet rentals. I Tita out my rental – Tshirt ova da chay-ya. Its not a tourist driva frikas, ok in Waikiki & town side I am cause I everytime in da wrong lane. LOL

Two of the rosaries I have are hand crafted, hand made. The turquoise one is heavy and long. The red seed bead one needs to be re-strung. The wooden rosary, I think I got it just cause its little.

I had a red sparkle-lee bracelet one. I put it in Sandra’s casket. Sandra was way more Catholic then I ever will be. LOL

As a kid I truly believed I was going to hell – where ever da hell hell is – for all the stuff I was told I was going to hell for. I remember being told if I go into another church it would be a sin & I would go to hell. Who da hell told me that? Catechism class yeah. Maybe that’s not what they said, but that’s how I understood it. I remember walking into the Protestant church wondering if I was gonna get struck by lightning, knowing I had to go to confession. Then when I got older it dawned on me God don’t care what church you go to or if you go at all. Fathersky – Motherearth is my cathedral. ❤

Ma ke aloha – until I write again bumbye.



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  1. “Fathersky – Motherearth is my cathedral. <3" Love this. The building isn't the church; people are, yeah? And yeah, our cathedral is outsai in the beauty that ke Akua wen make foa us. Mālama pono, sista.


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