Sew Sew Kiss My Toe

I learned to sew when I was really little – physically & literally; back in the day when I was 7 or 8 –  in those days we did not say I do not want to do that. You were told you are going to do this and you did it. My first ever sewing was during a summer fun program run by Ewa’s Catholic Church, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. I was an adult before I under stood “conception”. LOL

I remember Sister Rosalani and Sister Rosalee, nuns in full black nun attire. The Sisters ran the program and the older kids helped teach the little kids. Our class were all give a calrose rice bag – minus da rice – and we had to do embroidery. Outline the rose picture using needle and thread. Even the boys did it. So we learned a basic running stitch.

Then in 7th grade home economics class I sewed my first dress. In those days you bought the material, pattern, and all the notions. All the girls sewed a dress and the guys sewed a shirt. My 2 older sisters sewed also so I had a lot of tutoring or there was always someone to show me how to do sewing stuff. I’ve been sewing since.

In high school I sewed alot of my clothes. It was cheaper to buy material and make clothes then to buy. In those days I think I was more adventurous in my sewing, trying to be all designer original kine. LOL I remember this one pattern it was one piece, 3 armholes, you just connect the shoulders part & you put your arms in two armholes then wrap it around back & stick you arm in the third armhole, so it wrapped around you. Why am I thinking of this now? Does anyone remember this. LOL I sewed some really cool clothes back in the day, if I might say so myself. I once sewed this plain white dress then I got this psychedelic material and made a whatchamacall it, a banner? No. But you know like the girlscout/boyscouts they have that strip of material that they sew badges on, yeah dat. But psychedelic-ish. OH and I made this one pair of Jams that was reversible. It was one of the most professional piece I’ve ever done because my oldest sister was home and she told me how to do it. I thought it looked store bought myself. nah nah nah

 These days I don’t sew much clothes either. Unless you count a pa’u skirt. Which reminds me I need to sew a practice, da kine you tie on da side.

Today I sewed 3 sets of 18″ pillow covers for my SIL’s giveaway. Its a powwow thing, he is going to be headman dancer. That is a great honor, so the head staff do a giveaway, thanking/honoring people. I have 3 adult aprons to do next.

I have a ton of unfinished projects. I need a new sewing machine. ❤


Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again bumbye.


6 thoughts on “Sew Sew Kiss My Toe

  1. I rembember the three armhole wrap and buying material from Coronets. Love your writing Lika, thanks!


    • Mahalo much. Material & Coronets – you must be from Waipahu! LOL That was the best place to buy material yeah, or Arakawa’s but Coronets was da cheapest. \00//


  2. Ho, I remember Home Ec.. 8th grade, I had to sew a skirt. I hated it. Red and white material. All I wanted to do was ride my horse or go sailing with my dad. I couldn’t put it the zipper; my mother did it for me. I did wear the skirt, though.


  3. So…..VP, u still can sew owah wot? Moki wen send me hea cause i wen ask whea u stay. Love readin’ yowah stuff das why. Hope u doin’ ok.\m/


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